How do i get ahead in life financially - 5 habits for the rich & wealthy

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    If you’re net worth is stagnating or even worse declining you must think about taking some sort of action. If you want to get ahead in life financially you have to change your habits and follow the way rich wealthy people think.

    If you’re really fed up with the rat race and want to increase your net worth as a way of escaping the wage slave label you need to start thinking clearly about money. When I say you need to think clearly about money what I’m saying is that you should think like rich people and not follow the masses like sheep.

    The reason for writing this article other than to make money is to share some of the habits that I’ve picked that has helped me increase my net worth by over 200% in 2013, I know this is not going to last forever however practicing these habits should put you in a position where your net worth rises 5 to 10%.

    There are 5 habits that you should consider carefully and practice daily, these might seem obvious and mundane but over the long term they can make a significant difference to your life.

    Habit 1: Find the Cheapest Place Possible to Live In

    Rent and mortgage are the expenses which prevent people from getting rich. If you want to live in style then you’ll have no real savings and can forget retiring early unless you’re exceptionally lucky. I know people who pay 70% of income on rent or mortgage and complain that they are not getting ahead in life, most of the rooms in their homes are empty and filled with garbage which they bought on credit.

    If you want to get ahead financially you must ditch the big expense and start living significantly below your means and then save every cent you can so that you can live significantly above your means later in life! What you are essentially doing is securing a better future by making small insignificant sacrifices now. Do you want to continue working until you die so you can have some extra bedrooms full of things you regret buying?


    Habit 2: Always Be Banking with a Long Term Goal

    Most people are programmed to think about spending, rich people program themselves so that they only thing about banking. Whenever you get a pay check or salary paid into your bank account your need to reward yourself by saving the money.

    You should not spend the money to relieve the stress of working, if you don’t like your job you should find something you enjoy and not use money to appease yourself as you’ll always be stuck in square one. Whenever you get a bonus you need to bank it, whenever you get a windfall you should invest it, whenever you get overtime it needs to go straight into your deposit account.

    Most people think of money as their friend who’s always there to have a good time, the trouble is when you can no longer work your cheerful friends will leave you and you’ll be miserable alone. Instead think of money as freedom fighters fighting to buy you a better future, fighting to buy you freedom do to whatever you want to do.


    Habit 3: Cut Costs Relentlessly Without Remorse

    Do you have a lot of expenses? Does your money leave before you can even see it physically? If you’ve answered yes then you’re stuck in a vicious circle of middle class poverty where you money is claimed by others before you can even see it. You must think of expenses as vertical steel prison bars designed to limit your freedom to roam this earth. The more expenses you can remove the more freedom you’ll buy.

    Try to limit your expenses to 20% of your salary and use the remainder to buy freedom in the future. If you’re worried about going without luxuries then think about the future, are you prepared to sacrifice luxury and instant gratification now for an amazing future in 5 or 10 years time where you’ll be free to choose whether you want to work or not! Your savings and investment will allow you to live lavishly without having to worry about getting up and going to work. Be smart, cut costs, buy freedom.


    Habit 4: Look for Opportunities

    Always look for opportunities to make money, always look at adversities as opportunities in disguise, that way whatever happens you’ll always progress. You should use your time wisely and hone your eyes and mind to look for opportunities. You’re time is split between sleep, work and free time.

    You should use your free time to look for opportunities to make money. The money that you make using your free time should be invested to buy you more freedom and time, eventually you’ll come to a point where you’ve made enough money with your free time that you don’t have to work again – it’s at that point you become financially independent. If you spend your free time using the money you’ve earned in your work time your financial position will not improve quickly.

    Habit 5: Do What You Do Best

    After a year of putting all these habits into practice you’ll embark on many things to improve your financial circumstances. Some will lose you money, some will make you money, and some things will make you rich. You need to reflect and find the things which give you the greatest return on your time. If you can find all the actions that made you the most money and then practice them more often you’ll become rich quicker, always look for the fastest and greatest return to your money.

    To get ahead in life financially you need to start thinking like a rich person and stop thinking like a normal person. Normal thinking will get you normal results, rich thinking will make you rich. The quicker and deeper you can practice these habits the greater your net worth will become.

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  2. SueStanton

    SueStanton Newbie

    After finding a cheaper place to live in I was able to make progress in my personal finances. It's really annoying when 70% or more of your income just disappears into the pocket of your landlord. I eventually came to the decision to downsize into a cheaper town which wasn't too far away. Now my rent accounts for 25% of my income and I am making serious progress with my emergency fund, savings, investment and even retirement. This action alone has spurred me on because of the huge savings I'm making.
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  3. Miles

    Miles Newbie

    I know some people who actually get into debt because they want to move into a bigger and better apartment which is crazy. Eventually when their credit runs out they have to find a cheaper place after getting quite deep into debt. They then have a mountain of debt to sort out which takes them years and they are further away from sorting their personal finance. Fortunately I've always lived well within my means which has helped me get ahead with money. I think the lack of personal finance education is playing a part in the downfall of these people.
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  4. Miles

    Miles Newbie

    I like the idea of Always be Banking. As humans we are programmed to spend, spend and spend more so it would be refreshing if we could change our paradigms to sock away money. Having a savings mentality means your always on the lookout to lock and bank money away so it works harder for you. Great idea.
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  5. Simrin

    Simrin Newbie

    I try to sock away 80% of my income and that's only because I've got an aim to pay off my mortgage and and live off my investment income. You have to make a lot of sacrifices but in the grand scheme of things wouldn't you like to retire early as opposed to having a few material items which give you limited happiness, I know which one I would choose.
  6. Simrin

    Simrin Newbie

    I moved back in with my parents when I became serious about growing my personal finance. All the savings I made in rent went towards my then consumer debt and student loan and I was eventually able to dig myself out of debt. I saved for a few more years and got myself on the property market and now I'm well on my way to paying off my mortgage and investing for financial freedom. Turning your finance is possible and requires smart moves like saving money on rent.
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  7. Simrin

    Simrin Newbie

    I've been cutting costs for over 5 years now and it always amazes me when I find another way to save money, just when you think you can't make more savings there's always another way. I've been cutting relentlessly and I'm so much more closer to my financial goals and don't mind giving up those extra treats so I can travel the world when I've paid off my mortgage and have enough investment income.

    One thing I found is how people judge you for your cost cutting decisions. I've had many people think of my as a miser just because I chose to eat baked beans instead of going out with them for a slap up meal, I hated it when they looked down their nose at me. 5 years later I have my own property and substantial savings and these people are renting and desperately trying to get out of their student debt.
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  8. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Admin Post
    I have come across these people too and the best way to deal with them is to explain your long term goals. If they refuse to understand just agree to disagree and get on with your life and focus on your long term goal. Eventually people see the value in what you are trying to do and they back off and sometimes even follow.
  9. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Admin Post
    If your parents allow it moving back in could be a great financial move because of all the money you can save on food and rent. Sometimes your parents might go as far as helping your with a deposit for a home or even helping you clear your loans. Spend time with your parents and they will help you financially.
  10. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Admin Post
    The way I overcame my spending was by focusing on making money and then banking the money. I guess when you're not making money you spend money so this shift in the way I see things really helped. Find ways to make more money and you're savings are bound to rise.
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