How I Save Time & Money on My Groceries and Food

Discussion in 'Frugal Tips For The Home' started by Shobir, Oct 7, 2013.

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  1. Shobir

    Shobir Administrator Staff Member

    Admin Post
    I'm always looking to save time and money, for me time and money are two assets that can make a real difference to your life. One of the ways which I've saved money and time is by using online grocery comparison sites in the UK. These comparison sites compare the prices of the 4 biggest supermarkets in the UK, these include Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury's and Waitrose, eventually more stores will be included like Aldi and Lidl. I have listed all the steps that I take below and how it saved me over £250 per month and 8 hours in time.

    Step 1: Make a List of all the Groceries You Need on a Monthly Basis

    What I usually do is make a list with two heading, on one heading I list all the items that do not perish and on the other heading I list all the perishable items. Perishable items would include milk, bread etc. Once I make the list I go through it again thoroughly to check if I've missed anything.

    Step 2: Use Comparison Sites To Find Cheap Groceries

    I then head on over to and then search for all the items and place them in my basket. My Supermarket compare all the prices for the four major supermarkets and then I get to choose which one I want to get it delivered from. One great thing about using a comparison site is it shows all the items which are on promotion, most of the time I purchase items which are buy one get one free which means I'm saving 50% every time I purchase these items.

    Step 3: Use Cost Per Unit Feature on My Supermarket

    I really love the cost per unit feature on Once you search for your items you can then list them by cost per unit. With this feature you'll find the cheapest and most cost effective item. If you're buying nappies and you use this feature it will work out how much one nappy costs which helps you decide which is the most cost effective.

    Step 4: Buy in Bulk

    Always try yo buy items of groceries which are on promotion or have a really good offer. Whenever there's a buy one get one free on detergent, fabric softener, tea, nappies etc I buy in bulk because I know I'm getting value for money.

    Step 5: Have Items Delivered During Mid Week

    Delivery fees vary, a delivery during the weekend might cost £5 however a delivery during mid week costs £2.50. Normally I would use a taxi or cab to get my shopping which would cost £10 so I'm saving money either way.

    Step 6: Have Items Put Away for You

    Most of the supermarkets offer a unpacking service where all the items are delivered to your kitchen storage area and then placed the cabinets, all you have to do is instruct the delivery person where everything goes and they do it for you. Most of the time you get the same delivery driver so you only have to instruct them once or twice.

    Step 7: Check for Discrepancies

    Always check for discrepancies between what you ordered and what you received. If there is a mismatch then you can complain and get vouchers towards your next shop.

    On average I use to spend over £500 per month on my grocery shopping, this included organized and unorganized spending with and without lists. Most of the time I bought the most expensive item that was least cost effective. After adopting this method I am spending less than £250 per month thanks to the cost per unit feature. Previously I went to the supermarket 4 times a week and spend an average of two hours per visit. I am now preparing and finishing all my shopping online in one hour.

    I've also set up an automatic transfer system. I have a budget of £500 for my groceries and anything I don't spend gets transferred to my savings account. So far I've saved over £750 in three months using this method. The money is now sitting in a bank account earning 3%.

    My Saturdays are now less stressful and I can now spend the time on more important things. I now have the time to take my son to the library, I am able to read him children's story books and he's improving his reading and writing tremendously. I also feel were bonding and forming a much better relationship.

    If you're thinking of giving this method a try please leave a comment below, if you've got a alternative method which has saved you time and money please share with us.
  2. Miles

    Miles Newbie

    This method is really interesting, I've always concentrated on saving money but I guess time is equally important. Thanks for sharing.
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