How rich is prime minister david cameron and can i ask him for money?

Discussion in 'Asking Millionaires for Help' started by LaughDontCry, Nov 23, 2015.

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  1. LaughDontCry

    LaughDontCry Newbie

    We were discussing world leaders at the table last week and were trying to think of rich leaders who give money to other people. Prime minister of Great Britain was one of the leaders we were discussing. Just wanted to know how rich the British Premier was and if anyone could possibly contact him for money? Also does anyone have his contact details?
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  2. Simrin

    Simrin Newbie

    First of all here is David Cameron's contact details. You can get in touch with the British Premier by filling out the online form below which allows 1000 characters.

    Contact the Prime Minister - Great Britain and Northern Ireland

    So how rich and wealthy is David Cameron? Some say David Cameron is the second most powerful man after Barack Obama. What is for certain is that the British Premiere is actually very rich and wealthy. The Prime Minister comes from a long line of wealthy fathers and has believed to amassed a lot of money as one generation has passed onto the next with interest.

    This does not sit very well with the British Public who are broke however many people who have worked with the Premier are coming out and letting the public know how much David Cameron is Worth. The David Cameron image is very important to him and sometimes money gets in the way. If you want to know How Rich and Wealthy Is David Cameron then read on

    David Cameron Inheritance

    It is believed that the British number one has inherited a fortune from one generation to the next, although the amount is not clear; the story is when his great-great grandfather who left Germany for Britain was bought up by a Rich Wealthy Jewish family; they had a lot of links with the banking sector during the Nazi war and he later became the Director of the Chartered Bank Of India, he also held many offices in Threadneedle Street in London and was filthy rich.

    David Cameron's Rich Jewish Banking Family

    David’s grandfather and great uncles were also financiers and stockbrokers and have been linked to many great deals, Sir Ewan Cameron; one of David’s great grandfathers helped the all powerful Rothschild sell war bonds during the war making enormous amounts of money at the cost of many Jewish lives.

    It is not clear how much he has but it has been speculated that it is around £100m or maybe even more. The premier sometimes hides his fortune because it tarnishes the David Cameron image of conservatism and looks very elitist.

    David Cameron's Personal Fortune & Bank Account

    One of the constituency members in Cameron’s home town has speculated that he has a personal fortune of £30m to £100m however every time he is asked he brushes the question aside with a silly smile, he comes from a great line of financiers and he has followed in his ancestors footsteps by becoming a senior partner in the prestigious firm Panmure Gordon. If you add all the land and hidden money it is estimated he has amassed a fortune of £500m. Not bad!

    David Cameron's Other Income

    Overall even though his personal fortune is speculated to be around £30m his other earnings from Panmure Gordon has steadily added to this £30m.

    How much is the PM paid?

    As a member of parliament he gets paid £65,000 per annum plus expenses and as premier he gets £130,000 the total amount comes to £195,000 plus expenses that are claimed, this gives you a daily figure of £534 which is not bad for a day’s work. David also has many properties in London and other locations where he has paid off the mortgage completely, all in all the Cameron’s are paid well and have created a great standard of living and a very desirable David Cameron image.

    Samantha And The In-Laws

    Samantha Cameron also has a family history of being very rich, her Father Sir. Reginald is said to be worth £20m and her stepfather Viscount Astor is said to be worth £130m, with all this money flying around Samantha is bound to be rich too!

    If you now combine all the areas the Cameron’s make money from it is speculated that the total amount comes to £150m if you add all the property and financial assets, this is something that does not sit well with the British public who are arguably coming through one of the toughest recession of our time while paying the Premier for his second home, there has been speculation that David would have waived his salary however this would have created even more speculation.
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