How to Ask Rich People for Money and Get it

Discussion in 'Asking Millionaires for Help' started by Eduardo, Sep 2, 2013.

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    Hi, @Shawna Buchanan, thanks for replying. I'm sorry you've not got a response. Have you tried creating a crowdfunding page through and then contacting rich people for help? Check out the following campaign asking for $5000 dollars for a funeral which has now been fully funded.

    Jamie harris' Funeral by Lauren Cole - GoFundMe

    If you can create a page like this and then share it with as many people as possible there is a good chance you'll get help. I wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart.

    I desperately need $100 dollars today what can i do | Find Some Money
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    Hi @angelgroupdonation. I have shared this page on my Twitter and Facebook account, please can you provide more information on how this works. I have noticed you have posted the same information on another post so there is no need to post again. Once again please provide information on the program. Many Thanks and all the best.

    I Need 1000 Dollars in a Week! What Can I Do | Find Some Money
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    My name is Hotma. I am a christian from INDONESIA. Now, i have so many trouble. I have a wife and 3 childrens. I have debt and i must give food to my wife and my children. I must pay the rent of house.Now, i am looking for a job.I am a Jobless. I do not know how to get money. Please help me to find a person to help me.
    Thank you very much. May Jesus bless you
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    I am in Ukraine, I have such a problem. I got into debt (the apartment is pledged) and I can hardly cope with payments. That same COVID-19 was sitting without a robot and went kicking, I have a total debt of $ 30,000, but I am not asking that they throw $ 100 at $ 1 each. Creditors of the skin day to call for me to return the money, I can turn quickly. Maybe there will be people here, as soon as 30,000 people will throw off $ 1 each, then even you will not feel it, but I will stay at the apartment and stop calling me. So I want to live in peace without calls and threats. Thanks to everyone who will help the skin, maybe in such a situation. Sorry, but I don't know much English, I use a translator.
    $ 5375 4188 0042 8534
    Є 5375 4199 0070 0830
    Help solve financial problems - Uphatter Raise Funds Free Fundraising & Crowdfunding Online Platform
  8. gg Bài viết của bạn hay đó
    ĐT 4142089600
  9. Remédio para Próstata up phụ bác chủ dùng khá là ok mua mấy cái rồi mai chuyển em cái nữa nhé
  10. nhịp tim là gì em ở đồng tháp vừa nhắn tin cho bác đấy có gì mai gửi cho em nha số điện thoại em la 0945678939
  11. Thông tin Lý Đức Trọng Thành phố Hà Nội Huyện Ba Vì Xã Yên Bài hôm trước vừa qua chỗ bác này mua xong dùng mấy tháng rồi vẫn thấy ok
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