How to earn more cash during your lunch break

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  1. If you think about it we are given an hour to have our lunch at work but do we use this hour productively? If we take into account the amount of lunch hours we get a year then we really need to use this time more effectively. Many people ask how to make money at lunchtime and there are a number of ways you can do this.

    Online Surveys

    You can fill in surveys online and make money. There are many websites on the internet that want feedback and they send you surveys frequently to fill in. Most of these surveys earn about 50 cents and takes about 10 minutes to fill in. If you have an hour to have lunch and you can eat and work then you can potentially fill in 6 surveys making you $3 per day. If there are 260 working days then you can make $780 per year just filling out surveys.

    Selling and Buying

    You can sell all your old junk on and and make money during your break. Try finding bargains on the internet and then sell them on by listing them. If you can sell 1 item per day with a margin of $1 then you can make $260 per year. If you can get that margin up to $10 then you will make $2600 per year.

    Writing Online

    There are many sites on the internet that offer revenue sharing for the articles you write. If you can write 3 articles in your lunch hour about popular subjects then by the end of the year you will have accumulated 780 articles. If you can get 2 views per day on each of the articles then you will have 1560 visitors per day. Normally on revenue sharing websites you can make $10 per 1000 views. If you receive 1560 views then you can make $15.60 per day giving you a yearly amount of $5616. This would seriously boost your income.

    Sell photos

    If you like photography then use your lunch hour to take as many photos as you possibly can and then submit them to websites that pay for these photos. Usually you can get about 2/3 cents per photos and it you can upload 100 per day on your lunch hour then you can make $3 daily. If you did this everyday for the rest of the year you could make up to $780 which is not bad for something you enjoy doing.

    Blog on something you enjoy

    Blogging is becoming more and more popular. If you really enjoy something and are really passionate about it then start a blog and build it up day by day. The more passionate you are the more quality content you can put on it. If you make a blog post every day for a working year you will have a blog with 260 posts on it and you will become an authority on that particular subject. If you then monetize your blog using Adsense then you will receive money every time visitors click on the ads. Depending on the level of traffic and commerciality of the subject you can earn a significant amount doing this.

    Online tutor

    If you are quite smart then you could try your hand tutoring pupils and students. There are many websites out there that really require teachers and if you can help someone by spending an hour with them online or in person then you can earn a significant amount of money. During a working year if you charge $20 per hour you can earn up to $5200 which would really come in handy.

    Find a better job

    If you think that your job has no future or prospects then find another one and use your lunch hour to really push yourself to better things. If you can increase your income by finding a better job then this would definitely be productive in terms of how your hour is used.

    Make a complaint

    If you have experienced some sort of failure in service then complain and let the company know. Nowadays many firms value customer retention and are willing to offer gestures of goodwill to really keep the customer happy. If you can get a gesture of goodwill in terms of vouchers every lunch hour then you can really push the boat out and go shopping. Make sure it is a legitimate complaint though.

    Save money

    Saving money is sort of link making money so use your break to find savings in your expenditures. Go to comparison sites to check if you can save money on car insurance, life insurance, gas, electricity, credit card balance and many more. The more money you save the more income you will have at the end of the month.

    The key to really using your lunch hour well is to stick to something you enjoy and become persistent at it until it works. Earnings will be low at first however with a little patience and perseverance you will be able to make money in the long run.
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