How to Get Money from Philanthropists

Discussion in 'Asking Philanthropists for Help' started by Flair1968, Sep 10, 2013.

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  1. Flair1968

    Flair1968 Newbie

    Just stumbles across this site, lots of useful information. I wanted to know how to get money from philanthropists. What I really want to know is where can I find a list of philanthropists who have a proven track record in giving money to individuals, I also would be grateful for the names and contact details of philanthropists who want to help and also the best way to contact these philanthropists, should I email them or should I write to them.
  2. Simrin

    Simrin Newbie

    If you're looking for lists of philanthropists then there are three reliable sources that you can go to, these include Forbes Philanthropy List, Business Week Top 50 American Philanthropists, and the Giving Pledge. Out of all three lists the best one is the Giving Pledge as it contains more than 100 philanthropists who are willing to give away more than half of their money to help people in need all over the world, these people include Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Goerge Soros etc, here are the bookmarks

    1. The Giving Pledge
    2. The Forbes Philanthropy List
    3. Business Week Top 50 American Philanthropists
  3. XenMoney

    XenMoney Newbie

    If you want to find the names and contact details of philanthropists who give money away then you need to do a quick Google search. If one of your philanthropist was Bill Gates then you would search for "Bill Gates Foundation Contact Details". What you will find is that every philanthropist has a charitable foundation and once you find it you can find the contact details, this will include email address and contact address. You could create a spreadsheet and then collate all the information together before you start contacting the philanthropists for help.
  4. Raymond

    Raymond Newbie

    I think the best way to contact them is via email, you will be spending a lot of money on post if you write a letter. Normally I send all my emails together by BCCing all the millionaires, billionaires and philanthropists, although this loses the personal touch it allows you to send to lots of people together. You can then send a personal email once these organizations respond. Good Luck
  5. Alistair

    Alistair Newbie

    When you write your email or hardship letter I would follow the format listed below

    1. Explain your hardship
    2. Ask for a donation
    3. Ask for help
    4. Explain how it would make a difference
    5. Thank the philanthropist for their time
  6. FavellaMan

    FavellaMan Newbie

    Hey Seng, Have you tried asking for money on Crowdfunding sites and Begging Sites? If you're really desperate for money then these sites can really help you.
  7. Father_Nature

    Father_Nature Newbie

    Have you tried asking Donald Trump for money? he's got a site called which allows people to post their hardship online and then ask for financial assistance. I hear that he's quite active on the website and regularly gives donations to help people in need.

    Donald Trump Giving Money Away
  8. Simrin

    Simrin Newbie

    This should really inspire you if you want to contact Oprah Winfrey for help. I read this article and was shocked at how generous the chat show host actually is. Oprah gave away a Pontiac Sedan worth $30,000 to every one of her audience. The total giveaway was $7 million.

    Oprah Gives Away Free Cars to Audience
  9. Shobir

    Shobir Administrator Staff Member

    Admin Post
    This is a great site called Millionaires Giving Money which gives contact details of millionaires, billionaires, philanthropists and celebrities who give money away. Have a look at the profiles and then contact the ones that might be able to help you. Also check out Celebrity Net Worth and Born Rich to find other rich people who might be able to help you.
  10. Tiplady

    Tiplady Newbie

    Check out the Billionaires Mailing List, if you're prepared to spend a few bucks you can get the mailing address and contact details on millionaires, billionaires, celebrities and CEO's. There are testimonials of how lots of people made money asking rich people for help.
  11. Shobir

    Shobir Administrator Staff Member

    Admin Post
    I've just checked the Billionaires Mailing List out, it looks rather interesting, here is an example of what you can get if you subscribe:


    Most people use these lists to drum up business but I guess you can use it to contact rich wealthy people for money. Something to consider.
  12. Jason

    Jason Newbie

    Has anyone tried contacting these people on this list? are these legitimate email addresses and contact details? If anyone has tried and succeeded please let us know. It would be great to have a centralized point where we can email millionaires, billionaires and celebrities for money, we could even have a league table to show which one is most likely to help.
  13. Bizzy_Lizzy

    Bizzy_Lizzy Newbie

    Has anyone tried contacting celebrities for help, I found this really useful site called Contact Any Celebrities, it is a subscription service and was wondering if anyone had tried it?

    Here is a video of the site.

  14. Tiplady

    Tiplady Newbie

    Have you tried contacting Sir Richard Branson for help? He's part of the giving pledge and has committed to donating more than half of his fortune to help people all over the world through Virgin Unite.

    Virgin Unite Foundation
    The Battleship Building
    179 Harrow Road
    London, W2 6NB

  15. Hide&Seek

    Hide&Seek Newbie

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  16. Juan

    Juan Newbie

    Has anyone tried asking Elton John for help. If you have any medical problems related to HIV or AIDS I guess you could contact him for help as his charitable foundation specifically helps to eradicate these diseases.

    Foundation/Website: Elton John Aids Foundation

    Elton John Aids Foundation

    1 Blythe Road

    London W14 0HG
    United Kingdom

    Telephone: +44 (0207) 603 9996

    Facsimile: +44 (0207) 348 4848


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  17. Shabba Ranks

    Shabba Ranks Newbie

    Thanks really useful information.
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  18. Tiplady

    Tiplady Newbie

    Here are 25 Philanthropists Who have a proven track record in helping people in need all over the world. I have included a link to their foundation or to an article which further information on how to contact philanthropists for help. Hope this helps.

    #25 Lee and Jane Seidman

    #24 Larry Ellison

    #23 Bennett S. LeBow

    #19 P. Roy and Diana Vagelos

    #18 Paul Ichiro Terasaki

    #18 Charles E. Kaufman

    #17 Bill and Karen Ackman

    #16 Pierre and Pam Omidyar

    #15 Henry C. Jr. and Jane Woods

    #14 David and Patricia Atkinson

    [SIZE=5][B]#13 Juanita Kious Waugh[/B]
    [B][SIZE=5][B][URL='']#12 Terrence and Kim Pegula[/URL][/B]

    [B][SIZE=5][B]#10 [URL='']Mark Zuckerberg[/URL][/B]

    [B][SIZE=5][B][URL='']#9 Meyer and Renee Luskin[/URL][/B]

    [B][SIZE=5][B][URL='']#8 T. Boone Pickens[/URL][/B]

    [B][SIZE=5][B][URL='']#7 Frances Lasker Brody[/URL][/B]

    [B][SIZE=5][B]#6 Leonard Blavatnik[/B]
    [B][SIZE=5][B][URL='']#5 Edythe and Eli Broad[/URL][/B]

    [B][SIZE=5][B][URL='']#4 Irwin and Joan Jacobs[/URL][/B]

    [B][SIZE=5][B][URL='']#3 T. Denny Sanford[/URL][/B]

    [B][SIZE=5][B][URL='']#2 Michael R. Bloomberg[/URL][/B]

    [B][SIZE=5][B][URL='']#1 George Soros[/URL][/B][/SIZE]
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  19. Shobir

    Shobir Administrator Staff Member

    Admin Post
    Great list Tiplady! Thanks for sharing, this will definitely help people who are proactive in getting help..
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  20. Gorcey

    Gorcey Administrator Staff Member

    Admin Post
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