How to insure your car for free

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  1. Miles

    Miles Newbie

    When it comes to insuring your car you might be forgiven for feeling fed up. Insurance premiums are always going up and even careful drivers are being penalised too. Many people ask how to insure your car for free and there are ways you can do this. If you follow the simple steps outlined here you too can save a bundle on insuring your car and might even get the policy for free.

    Use as many comparison sites

    The more comparison sites you use the cheaper your premiums will become. The main sites are,, and You must do searches on all these comparison websites to find the best deals as they will cover all the car insurers in the market so you will be guaranteed the best deal.

    Filling in the information

    Fill the information required as carefully as possible. This strategy is likely to work for drivers that have a lot of no claims bonus and those that have fewer will be able to save money. Make sure you put down exactly how many miles you are going to do in a year. Many people just estimate and because of this they are penalised on their premium. Remember the fewer miles you do the less likelihood you will get in an accident. The area you live in also has an impact on your premiums; if you live in a rough area then the premiums will reflect this.

    Cash back websites

    Now that you have lowered your premium as much as you can you need to check on all the cash back sites such as and Find as many cash back sites as you possibly can and then check if the 5 cheapest insurers you have got a quote from are offering any sort of a discount. I have read on the blog that a driver lowered their premium from £500 to £150 by using comparison sites and putting the right mileage in and then received cash back from a cash back website for £180 which meant he was given £30 in vouchers for insuring your car.

    This strategy will not work for everybody however it is certainly worth a try. If you can lower your premiums by using comparison sites then that will be a great result, find a cash back website which gives you money for taking out the premium will be the icing on the cake.

    There are many other strategies that you can use to lower the cost of insurance. The area you live in as discussed before has an impact on your premium. Find the areas and boroughs where the cost of insurance is low and try registering your car within that area by either moving or asking a friend who lives there if you can register your car at their residence.

    Try getting a quote on your car insurance by adding another driver. On many occasions if you are able to add another driver who has plenty of no claims bonuses you can reduce your insurance premium by up to 30%.

    Improve the security on your car and watch your premiums falls. If you don’t have an immobilizer then see how much you can save in insurance costs by putting one in. This will definitely help you save money in the long run.

    You can also take advanced driving courses that will make you a better driver. Many insurance companies reward you for taking these costs through lower premiums because you are perceived to be less dangerous on the road.

    There are many ways to reduce the cost of driving and taking some of the tips outlined above will definitely help you reduce your bills. Remember to haggle with your insurer as this may reduce your costs even further.

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