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  1. LaughDontCry

    LaughDontCry Newbie

    To get out of poverty I've calculated that I need to save an extra 1000 dollars a month. I'm fed up with my life because of my money troubles so I want to fix it once and for all. I need ideas on how to make an extra 1000 dollars a month. If I can do this for 24 months I will be able to pay off my debt and build a 10,000 dollar emergency fund.

    This site has been very helpful with the hints and tips to make and save money so any more ideas to make an extra 1000 dollars a month would be appreciated. Look forward to some ideas!
  2. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Admin Post
    Making an extra 1000 dollars per month will definitely help you get out of poverty. If more people thought along these lines poverty would cease to exist. One way I was able to generate an extra 1000 dollars per month was by taking a second job and renting out three rooms in my home. I converted my lounge into a bedroom and I converted the basement into a bedroom too. The final bedroom was the master bedroom which I rented out. I moved into a smaller bedroom with my family. All these steps allowed me to generate an extra 1000 dollars per month which went towards paying off my debts and establishing an emergency fund. It can be done, rising out of poverty is possible. I would definitely recommend renting out your main home if you can because its a great way to generate money quickly.

  3. Miles

    Miles Newbie

    Take part in clinical trials! If you want to generate an extra 1000 dollars per month to supplement your income then participate in clinical trials. There is a lot of demand for clinical trials volunteers who are compensated very well. If you participate in a 3 month study with hospital stay you could expect anything up to $5000 in compensation. This is a great way to get out of poverty but you must save all the money you make and avoid lifestyle inflation. I was tempted to take a holiday after my first participation compensation but saner thoughts prevailed and I saved the money.

    Keep thinking save, save, save! Also check out the video below on how much you can make participating in clinical trials.

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  4. JamWithMe

    JamWithMe Newbie

    You could try and maximize your existing income and make an extra 1000 dollars per month. You should work incredibly hard for 3 months and then ask for a pay rise or a better paid position. In addition to maximizing your existing salary you could take a second job to supplement your salary. If you are free in the weekends take a retail job working at Starbucks or Costco to make more money. Try to cut back in everything and try to cover all your expenses with your second job so you can save all the income from your first job. Implementing this strategy could help you make an extra 1000 dollars per month.
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  5. Ammo_Ram

    Ammo_Ram Newbie

    How big is your household. The more people that you have in your household the quicker you can get out of poverty. First off you have to start by getting all the help you can get. If you are on a low income you have a right to apply for benefits, this could be in the form of Food Stamps, Rental Assistance, Energy Assistance.

    Once you've got all the help you are entitled to you need to work your ass off to get a promotion, better job or over time. You should ask your partner to do this too, you can include your kids too if they are eligible to work part time. The more money your kids earn the more of your own money you can save. I was able to get myself out of poverty like this. I took responsibility for my future and then rallied my family members for help. We were all able to contribute and we made more than 1000 extra dollars per month which was saved diligently. Once we established an emergency fund and paid off debt we were able to pay off our mortgage slowly and now we all have more income. This really does work if you stick to the plan. Good luck making 1000 dollars extra per month...
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  6. Barking1967

    Barking1967 Newbie

    To make an extra 1000 dollars per month you could do what I did which was to recycle old cell phones and electronics and also buy and sell items on eBay. I make an extra 600 dollars a month on average and have made more than 1500 dollars during the holidays and Christmas.

    Old Cell Phones: Ask everyone you can for their old cell phones and then recycle them for money. The more phones you get your hands on the more money you can make. I go door to door and post leaflets asking for old mobile phones. I also ask for electronic items such as old laptops, electronics and tablets. I sell these items on eBay and my only cost is leafleting and posting the items once sold.

    Buying & Selling on eBay: I research to find out which items are popular on eBay and then I try and buy it for cheap and then sell it on at a higher price by making improvements. I bought an old iPhone with a cracked screen for 100 dollars. I fixed the screen and removed all the scratches (you can do this!) and put it in a nice case and then out it up for sale on eBay. I posted multiple pictures and gave a detailed description. I also put in a new battery and more memory. I was able to sell the iPhone for 350 dollars making a cool 200 dollar profit. If you combine these two methods you could make an extra 1000 dollars per month.
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