How to make money during university or school holidays

Discussion in 'Passive Income' started by JibberJabber27, Dec 16, 2015.

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  1. Many students have to pay a lot of money to get educated and unless you have very wealthy parents who are willing to provide you with money then it is really hard. Many students and pupils ask how to make money during university holidays and there are many ways to do this. The key to really maximizing your earnings during holidays is to plan beforehand and then as soon as the term ends you can start to earn some money.

    Full Time Job

    If you have just finished your term then you have plenty of time on your hands, instead of using this time to party like there’s no tomorrow consider propping yourself up financially. Make a list of all the businesses nearby and retail outlets as well as any restaurants or bars. Call everyone from the list and enquire if they have any vacancies and then have a resume and covering letter to hand if they are interested. Many business recruit during the holidays so it is wise to call them a few weeks before the term ends so that you can beat other students to the role.


    If you are quite good at studying then place an ad on the local newspaper offering your expertise. During the holidays many parents try to improve their children’s numeracy and literacy skills and this is when there is a lot of demand for tutors. If you can advertise a few weeks in advance then you will definitely be the first ones to be offered a position. Normally you can ask for about $15 per hour, if you can spend 5 hours a day then you can make up to $80 per day which will come in handy when you need study material, it also avoids you getting into debt.

    Online Poker – Do this at your own risk!

    Many students especially those good at maths make a lot of money gambling online. I have heard of students who pay for their entire studies without getting into debt by playing games online. If you are quite good at maths and can keep a good track of statistics then this could be a viable option. Make sure you only gamble what you can afford to lose and never take uncalculated risks.

    Start Musical Band

    If you are quite a good musician then you could try singing during the holidays. If you can play a musical instrument then you can make money busking at busy stations and bus stops. If you are really good and you get a great space with lots of people and can play the right tunes then you can expect to make anything up to $100 per day. If you do this full time you can make $700 per week.

    Online Surveys

    This is another student favourite, before the term ends subscribe to as many online paid survey sites. If you can complete about 50 surveys per day which approximately takes 8 hours per day then you can expect to make $25 per day if you are paid 50cents per survey. As you become more experienced and valued you can expect to get up to $2 per survey.

    Write Online and Blog

    Many students love blogging and creating websites for a particular niche. If you are quite creative and are prepared to be patient in building something then blogging and writing on the internet may be an option for you. The starts up costs are low and eventually once you get the traffic to your articles and blogs you can make substantial money. Many writers on revenue sharing websites are making more than $500 per month and if you are really patient then you could be part of this elite few.

    Overall there are many ways to make a living during the holidays. The key is doing your research early and getting a head start and beating everybody else when it comes to applying for a job. You have to be patient and persevere, never give up. It is better to make money and avoid debt so you can start your career with a clean bill of financial health.
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    Looking for online jobs can really help especially if you have a lot of time in your hands. You can finish a project after a day or two if for short-term projects.
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    right so does somebody want to give billy the good news and take the matter to Artists Facilities or should i just assume the money has been awarded and ask billy for his address?
  4. vo van Thanks. up tốp cho bạn này
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