How to receive money from rich people

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    If you’re experiencing financial hardship then it might be worth knowing how to receive money from rich people. If you’re got no savings, assets and don’t have a regular income coming and you’ve tried public assistance then turning to the charitable non profit foundations run by wealthy millionaires and billionaires could be a very practical option.

    The likelihood of getting direct help from a rich person is very rare, you’re chances of receiving help are greatly improved if you contact the charitable foundation run by the rich people once you’ve determined you’ve got a genuine need.

    Getting Financial Assistance from Billionaires

    Getting financial assistance from rich people is not as simple as it sounds and there are some very involved steps that you need to take. The most important step is reflecting on your circumstances to really determine if you’re experiencing a genuine hardship that entitles you to turn to a charitable foundation for help. There are so many individuals mostly con artists who make a living through deception of these non profit organizations, if you don’t have a real need then the likelihood of getting money is low.

    If on the other hard you’ve got no savings, asset and no regular income and you’ve been refused public assistance then it might be worth contacting these non profit agencies for help. A real genuine legitimate need would include help with financial despair, homelessness, poverty, unpaid medical bills, urgent medical treatment, education fees and disaster recovery.

    How to Ask Millionaires for Money

    If you’ve found upon reflection that your need is legitimate then you can start searching for rich people so that you can ask them for money. There are many sources where you’ll be able to find the names of the top 100 rich people who give money away, these sources include the Forbes, Business Week. In particular there is a very resourceful organization called the GivingPledge.Org which was first set up by Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, the non profit organization invites millionaires and billionaires all over the world to join and pledge half of their entire wealth to charity all over the world.

    The GivingPledge.Org has a great wealth of information that you can use when choosing which charitable organization to contact for help. You can read about the rich people and get a better understanding of the areas that they focus on; this could be education, homelessness, financial despair and medical help. If you can take the time and read all the profiles of the rich people and pick the ones that are most likely to help you then you’re chances of getting financial assistance is improved significantly.

    Rich People That Want to Give Away Money

    Once you’ve shortlisted some of the rich people that want to give away money to a hardship that you’re experiencing you need to visit the charitable foundation that they run and look at the programs that they offer which could help improve your circumstances, take your time to have a thorough look around and then make a note of the programs and contact details.

    You’re next step is to contact these non profit organizations asking them for help, you need to write a hardship letter which explains in detail your present circumstances and the hardship that you’re experiencing, try to be as descriptive as possible so that you can appeal to the foundation. You also need to inquire about the program that you’re interesting in or the amount of financial assistance that would help you. You should finish off the letter by describing how the money would make a difference to your life and then thank them for their time.

    Names of Rich People Helping People in Need

    I have included the names and contact details of rich people who help people in need. It’s important to understand from the outset that there is no guarantee that you’ll get any help and sometimes these requests can take up to ten weeks to process; you need to contact these charitable foundations one by one and remain optimistic that you will eventually get help.

    The John Burton Foundation
    235 Montgomery Street

    Suite 1142

    San Francisco, CA 94104

    Telephone: (415) 348-0011

    Email: info(at)


    The Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation

    10900 Wilshire Boulevard

    Twelfth Floor

    Los Angeles, California 90024

    Telephone: info(at)


    George Kaiser Family Foundation

    7030 S. Yale

    Suite 600

    Tulsa, Oklahoma 74136

    Telephone: (918) 392-1612

    Email: inquiries(at)


    Alternative Sources of Financial Assistance

    If you’re not having success asking rich people for help then you might want to look at alternative ways to get financial assistance. The first thing that you should do is revisit the USA.Gov website to see if you’re eligible for public assistance, you should look into unemployment benefits, rental assistance and even food stamps. You could also check some of the online cyber begging sites and put a post on the website with your hardship; if you can promote that page through Facebook, Twitter and really unleash the power of social media you could raise lots of money for your hardship.

    Knowing how to receive money from rich people can be very rewarding if you can do it properly, the most important factor to bear in mind is finding a charitable foundation which supports your hardship, if you can persuade them that the assistance will make a tremendous difference to your life there is a good chance you’ll receive help.

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