How To Save Money At The Grocery Store

Discussion in 'Frugal Tips For The Home' started by Nick, Aug 29, 2013.

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  1. Nick

    Nick Administrator

    Admin Post
    My wife and I are trying to save money at the grocery store every two weeks. We found by having a pre-written list to be one of the easiest ways to budget our shopping. Especially, in the produce section. Our problem has always been buying too much produce and having it spoil. With a list, we can plan out our meals. Furthermore, you can even use apps like this one to help you keep everything managed digitally. Although, we just stick with old fashion paper and pen. We use a magnet and keep the list on the fridge, when we get close to running out of something we simply make note of it. Trust me, it makes a big difference instead of going to the store with really broad ideas in your head.
  2. Ronnie_P

    Ronnie_P Newbie

    Good advice- I am often guilty of straying to things I want, but don't 100% need versus sticking to just what is needed, and a list probably helps with that.

    A little thing I noticed is that there is a certain kind of cheese I buy and the same cheese comes in shredded format or as a wedge. The wedge is either the same weight or a little more by volume but it is a little bit cheaper than buying the bag of shredded. We aren't talking massive differences here, but it adds up. I always buy the wedge now and sure I have to spend a little time if I need it shredded, but who really cares?
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  3. Shobir

    Shobir Administrator Staff Member

    Admin Post
    What I normally do when I have a list is shop using online supermarket comparison sites. I just make a list, then search for them one by one and find the cheapest item. I do this for all the items on the list. I then tally up how much I have in my shopping trolley and then make sure it's the same as the list. This way I get the best deals and don't overspend or over buy. There is a delivery charge but I'm probably saving so much that it's worth it, it also saves time when the grocery is delivered to your door.
  4. Nick

    Nick Administrator

    Admin Post
    Ahh, @Shobir We don't have that kind of service here.

    @Ronnie_P That's solid advice.
  5. Ronnie_P

    Ronnie_P Newbie

    Also, using the bins is cheaper if your store has them. Like I get nuts, rice, pasta out of bins at the store rather than buying boxed or prepackaged versions of the same stuff off the shelves. This saves a little as well and all you need to do is weigh it and label it where I shop. Not everywhere has this type of setup, but if they do, look to see if what you need is available in a bin before checking the shelves because it should be cheaper that way.
  6. Leo Ostapiv

    Leo Ostapiv Apprentice

  7. Gorcey

    Gorcey Administrator Staff Member

    Admin Post
    Another good idea here is to stock up on non-perishable staples when they go on sale.When you notice that something you use often (for me, something like olive oil or pasta) is being marked down, just bit the bullet and stock up. It's hard to do because you are expending more than you might ordinarily but when you think about the money you save by grabbing more of something you know you'll use in the long run, it will justify itself.

    Or depending on what it is/the price, you could even stock up on some things that are marked way down and then try to turn them around on eBay? Not all items are appropriate for this, but if you have the app, you can check to see what an item is going for and then make a decision.
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