I am disabled and need help with mobility please

Discussion in 'My Story' started by Tanya scott, Mar 19, 2016.

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  1. Tanya scott

    Tanya scott Newbie

    On March 5 2015 I was a passenger in a car that was involved in an accident the car I was in hit a tanker truck I received a broken right leg broken left foot that was repaired with rods and plates also broke my left hand and clavicle and received a full tear of my right rotator cuff and broken sternum a heart contusion which resulted in fluid around my heart and in my lungs and back injuries and a lacerations and brusing on my body, I was unconscious for more than twenty days and any surgery that I had had to be delayed due to my cardiac situation my surgeries continued until November for my fractures, after spending time in an inpatient rehab my rehab still continues till this day and I was told that I would be in rehab at least until July of this year, and I am now on O2 at night and when I lay down. Prior to this I had been adjusting to having to stop working due to Ms and nerve damage and foot drop and chronic pain and other illnesses that affected my walking by I was able to use my house that I worked hard for but now I am no longer Able to walk I have had a hardship since I was discharged from the hospital the first time after being told that I could not work anymore I am asking for help I live in a house that I can not use and I have no means of transportation my wheelchair I have been told that the pitch is too high for my house to have a ramp so that I can use my electric wheelchair but even if I could get it to the top level of my home it would not help me because I use a manual wheelchair and I can not wheel it around I have to be pushed and it does not fit into the bathroom doors and when I am pushed in the kitchen it gets stuck and does not roll through the kitchen and I am not able to get to the washer and dryer because it is down stairs, right now I ask them ems service to lift me down to the sidewalk and ask them to help me get into the car but they only help when I am going to the doctor and due to the fact that I can not sit up for more than twenty minutes with out changing position due to the increased pain going to the doctors with out my electric wheelchair is difficult, an ad not to mention that due to me being disabled I am struggling with my income just to keep a roof over my nine year old and my head all while I was denied assistance from some of the state programs. So I really need someone to help me remodel my home and someone help me get a wheelchair van donated to me this way I will be able to use my electric wheelchair and my home.thank you any assistance would be greatly appreciated those who wish to donate to my situation can also do so through algies house charities and please specify that it is explicitly for Tanya Scott and send me a copy of the donation to my email Scottiesplace@aol so that I can thank you myself.
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