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Discussion in 'Free Money for People in Need' started by Pattrick Connolly, May 24, 2019.

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  1. Hello,

    I'm Patrick Connolly from Moira, County Armagh in Northern Ireland, my self and my wife Frances Connolly, are the lucky winners of Euro Millions jackpot in the New Year's Day lottery draw (01/01/2019). We pledged to give away 25 percent of our winnings this year 2019. I have decided to donate £750,000.00 to you. If you are interested in my donation, do contact me for more info. I will also want you to be part of my Charity Foundation once you receive this money so we can join hands together to help the needy.

    You can also read more about me via the link below
    Frances and Patrick Connolly say they are 'overwhelmed' at their £115m win. - BBC News
    Contact me via Email for more details:pattrickconnolly@gmail.com

    Warm Regard
    Patrick Connolly .
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  2. Greek

    Greek Newbie

    People, be very cautious, too many fake accounts associated with this couple and their good fortune.
    Too many scammers have offered to help using their names and ask for a fee associated with the transaction.
    I spoke to these people over the course of a couple of days and too many red flags were raised. I sent him back
    an email with a number of associated scams posted on the email and did not get a quick reply back as before in fact
    I still have no reply and doubt I ever will again. If anyone EVER tries to give you anything and asks for money in return
    it's not legit. It made no sense why someone supposedly wanting to give millions away would be asking for a fee?
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  3. jaroslaw

    jaroslaw Newbie

    Hi Patric is nice from you all to trying help others .
    Me and my son need a 25000
    to cover new home rent and his school .
    in next few years,wee be werry happy and glad for any help from you and others

    thank you x
  4. Greek

    Greek Newbie

    This person is claiming to be Patrick but he is not, if anyone asks you for any money it's a scam did you not read my post about this person?
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