I cant pay for my medicine prescription what can i do?

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    Prescription drugs are getting more an more expensive and with so many Americans being unable to afford health insurance it is becoming a constant cost that many families cannot afford. Thankfully there exists help to buy medication for low income families in the form of Patient Assistance Programs and Prescription Assistance funds through the government and some pharmaceutical organizations. Such programs can help you and your family by subsidizing costs and providing cheap prescription medication in limited quantities.

    Pharmaceutical Companies

    If you are not covered completely by other government assistance or still can't afford medicine whilst on welfare you may be eligible for reduced-cost or free prescription medication directly from the pharmaceutical companies. In the USA there are around 75 different pharmaceutical companies that offer Patient Assistant Programs. Some of these companies offer different programs for different types of medication, so if you require a couple different prescriptions you may qualify for multiple programs.

    The Costs of Medicine

    The costs of the various types of prescription medicine can vary from case to case and program to program. Usually it is based on the severity of the patients condition and the importance of the medication being covered. Most patient assistance programs offer completely free medication, however some require that the patient makes a partial contribution such as a quarter of the ticket price.Waiting Times and Delivery of Medication on Patient Assistance Programs. Typically you will be waiting somewhere between one to six weeks for approval and for your first medicinal coverage on a patient assistance program. More crucial medicine is typically faster but there are no guarantees as it depends on the program you are in.

    Most PAPs deliver straight to the prescribing doctor or health care professional but some will deliver directly to the patient.How Much Coverage Can You Get?Patient assistance programs are primarily designed to provide temporary help to buy medication for low income families. As such, most programs range from 30 days to 180 days of medicinal coverage. In most cases you will also have to submit a new application to get a refill.

    Eligibility Requirements

    Requirements in PAPs vary a lot more than with government and other programs, some don't even require that you be uninsured. If you are insured but are exceeding the allotments for your insurance's medicinal coverage it is worth checking whether you can apply for a PAP. Otherwise, typical requirements are that patients be on benefits, meet a low income threshold check, or have a disability and be on a disability pension.

    How to Apply

    Applications can be tendered either through your healthcare professional or directly via post or fax. Some PAPs allow phone applications as well but usually require that follow-up information be posted. You should collect your financial details such as W-2 forms, bank statements and tax returns as copies of these documents may need to be submitted along with the application.


    People who are in receipt of Medicare benefits can qualify for the government 'Extra Help' program. This program can provide up to $4,000 per year in extra coverage for essential prescription medication.

    Eligibility Requirements

    To be eligible for the extra help program you must live in one of the 50 States or the district of Columbia and be limited to $13,070 in personal finances each year. This requirement extends to $26,120 for married couples and it includes all major assets such as securities and bonds but not cars and homes.

    How to Apply for the Extra Help Program

    Application is pretty simple if you are a Medicare patient, just fill out an Application form for 'Extra Help with Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Costs' on the social security website to get started. Alternatively, you can apply at your local social security office. Once your application is completed wait for a response from Social Security which will be in the form of a letter. If you are accepted, you can choose which extra help plan you would like to be on, or you can contact CMS for assistance in selecting a plan.
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