I desperately need $400 dollars right now!

Discussion in 'I Need Money Right NOW What Can I Do' started by admin, Oct 1, 2015.

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  1. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Admin Post
    I wanted to start this thread because I get a lot of emails asking for specific amounts of money from the reader of The Find Some Money Forum. It is possible to make $400 dollars quickly and legally. You can raise the money quite quickly too if you know the right strategies.

    If you know of any ideas or strategies which you have personally used or have seen others use to make 400 dollars quickly please post them below. As always pleases be as helpful and as descriptive as possible so other readers can follow the process. Please do not include any illegal or non compliant ideas as these will be removed. So here goes! I'll get the ball rolling with the first idea.

    Idea 1 - Ask Friends and Family for a Loan

    OK, this might seem like an silly idea but just think about it. The quickest way to raise $400 dollars would be to ask someone you know for a loan. If you have a good relationship with your friend or your family member you could even ask for an interest free loan.

    I have used this strategy many times to raise money quickly and so long as you have a track record of paying things off you will have access to money without paying any interest. I usually make a contract between myself and my family member which includes a schedule of all the payments that I will make and when I intend to pay off the loan. I also offer collateral just in case things go south, you could use collateral such as a vehicle or a laptop/tablet. As always when you take out a loan always make an wholehearted effort to pay off the loan because your reputation is on the line.
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  2. Simrin

    Simrin Newbie

    Idea 2 - Use Interest Free Credit Cards

    When I need money quickly and don't want to break into my Emergency Fund I use interest free credit cards. Before I take out this debt I always do a detailed income and expenses form just to be clear that I have enough disposable income to cover the debt. When I take out the interest free credit card I find one with the longest period of zero percent interest and work out how much I need to pay on a monthly basis to clear the debt. Suppose I need to borrow $400 dollars and I have a 12 month interest free period, I would then divide 400 by 12 which means I have to pay $34 per month to clear the debt in 12 months without incurring any interest. If my disposable income covers this payment then I am confident about borrowing the money.

    If you have a good credit score you could use the interest free money as a savings vehicle. Suppose you can borrow $1000 dollars for free for 12 month, you could transfer this amount to a high profit bank account for 12 months and then watch the amount grow, this is essentially free money!

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  3. Tiplady

    Tiplady Newbie

    Idea 3 - Set Up an Uber Account

    If you can drive and have a relatively clean driving licence and credit score you could try cabbing for money. Its never been easier to set up a cabbing business through Uber. You can finance a vehicle and then use the Uber system to get passengers. Uber does take 20% of the fare and everything is done electronically but you are likely to get a lot of passengers because the Uber app system is really smart and more and more commuters are opting for Uber because of the convenience and low-cost.

    If you are interested you should definitely go to the Uber site and sign up to see if the business model is right for you. You could easily make $400 dollars per week or even more depending on how active you are and how much time you spend on the road. As an Uber driver you could probably make even more if you recognize the peak times and the areas which have the richest passenger pickings.

  4. Miles

    Miles Newbie

    Idea 4 - Sell Premium Food a Lunch Time

    Selling food is a great way to make money because the margin is so wide and customers are willing to pay more if you can prepare and offer fresh quality foods. One idea I had which I am thinking of implementing is providing high quality premium lunch boxes to employees in affluent areas.

    The first phase would be to research several prominent locations which have high footfall of rich employees. I guess you would then have to check if its legal to sell food in that area from a stall or a tray. If it is possible you would have to choose a few dishes which have fresh ingredients which are low cost but can be combined to produce something that tastes and look premium. You could then set a high price and then gradually decrease it until a natural equilibrium emerges. My research indicates that you could easily make $400 per day if you choose the right location and menu and you are able to sell effectively.

    You could also take this one step further if you're confident by setting up a food truck businesses offering excellent food at premium prices. The experience you get may even set you up to run your own restaurant in the not so distant future which is something I'm thinking of doing.

  5. Alistair

    Alistair Newbie

    Idea 5 - Save $400 Dollars Somewhere

    I saw this idea mentioned in another thread and wanted to share it here. Making 400 dollars is very similar to saving 400 dollars. Its definitely worth the time and effort to go through your personal finances with a fine toothcomb to see if there are any ways you could save. When I went through this particular exercise I was able to save more than 400 dollars per month and this set me up and gave me a valuable lesson in keeping costs under control.

    My advice would be to start on the areas where you can make the biggest savings rather than concentrate on saving a buck here and there. I was able to make a significant savings by going through the following list which you could follow if you wanted to.

    1. Mortgage - If you pay a mortgage its definitely worth checking to see if you can refinance on a cheaper deal. Mortgages are now cheap and being stuck on a higher variable rate could be costing you thousands. If you can take the time to enhance your credit you could save even more money.

    2. Rent - If your rent represents a high percentage of your income you need to either downsize or you need to go to another area where rents are cheaper. I was able to cut my expenses in half after I moved to another area while downsizing because I really did not need a lot of space. This move alone helped my improve my personal finances significantly.

    3. Groceries - You need to learn how to batch cook. I buy cheap ingredients with coupons or when they are on special offer. I cook these items and freeze them so I can just defrost them and pop them in the oven whenever I need to. I try to make everything from scratch rather than sitting on my ass watching TV.

    4. Commuting - If you have a vehicle where costs represents a high proportion of your income you need to sell the car and use a bike. This move alone helped me save thousands per year on car finance payments, insurance and taxes. I either walk work or I cycle and when I need a vehicle I just hire one from a car club. If I'm feeling really lazy I car pool.

    These 4 moves alone helped me to save more than 400 bucks per month and set me up so I could budget more effectively. I think its important to get costs under control before you look at new ways of making money because you wont fall into the trap of lifestyle inflation which makes costs rise as income rises. Hope these ideas help :)
  6. james oduor

    james oduor Newbie

    Idea 6 - Get a Payday Loan

    I sometimes use payday loans to bridge the gap between running out of money and getting my salary paid to me. If you can use payday loans effectively they can become an invaluable tool to help with your personal finance. Before you take out a payday loan its really important to fill out a income and expenses form to see if you have any disposable income left at the end of the month to pay off the loan. You should never use a payday loan to pay off another payday loan because its a surefire way to get into debt that spirals out of control.

    Payday loans are convenient but you should always try to build an emergency fund even if that means depositing $50 per month into a savings account. After a year that 50 dollars becomes $600 dollars and that can be used in emergencies so you never need to use payday loans or credit cards again. Having an emergency fund also gives you the confidence to take more risks because you have a buffer just in case things go wrong.
  7. Quentin

    Quentin Newbie

    Idea 7 - Return Recently Purchased Items

    This might not apply to everyone but its worth mentioning because not everyone thinks about doing this. If you've made any recent purchases you could easily get a refund on these items if you still have the receipt. If you've fallen into arrears or are a little short this week with your finances you could think back on purchases and return them if they are not essential. Most retailers offer a 28 day money back guarantee and some offer a longer period. If you need the money desperately you could even ask the store manager to take the items back at a discount if the 28 days have elapsed or you cant find the receipt.

    Its really easy to fall into these finances traps and sometimes its impossible to make ends meet. I have used this strategy of returning items to bridge the gap until payday and it has helped me to distinguish between essential spending and impulse buys. Its worth considering.
  8. Idea 8 - Rent Everything Out

    Renting is a fantastic way to generate passive income. You have to think rental with regards to any assets that you have. When I was in a spot of bother financially I was able to pull myself out by renting as many assets I could think off. Here is what you should consider

    1. Rent Your Home: OK, this might sound a little extreme but if your desperate and need 400 dollars quickly you might as well sleep in your car or at a friends house while your rent out your property. I did this for several months and was able to turn my finances and pay off a debt which is killing me.

    2. Rent Your Room: Once I shored up my finances I was able to see the potential of renting and started to rent some of the rooms out in my home. I did not need a reception and the dining room was a waste of space too. I was able to rent these two rooms out and generate over 400 dollars per month.

    3. Rent Our Space: I also rented out my loft to people who needed storage space. I offered the space at a discount to the main storage facilities and there was a lot of demand. As long as you can demonstrate the space is safe and clean you will get people wanted to store things.

    4. Rent Out Parting: I have off street parting on my property which is located near a subway station. A lot of commuters like to use their vehicle to the subway station and then use the subway. I advertised my parking space and there was overwhelming demand for it so I took the plunge and drew up a yearly contract which was snapped up immediately.

    You can rent out most things which are in demand. You could rent out specialist equipment in technology, photography and even tools. Thinking about assets with a rental mind has really helped me to turn my fortune financially and I am now in a position where I have a significant emergency fund and savings in the bank. I hope to pay off all my debt soon so I can tackle my mortgage debt and hopefully be debt free with significant income.
  9. StitchedUp23

    StitchedUp23 Newbie

    Idea 9 - Sell Your Expert Service

    Everyone has some sort of expertise in some field. If you can find a way to market this expertise you could make a nice little side income and find 400 dollars quickly. Sites like Fiverr and Upwork allow freelancers to advertise their expertise so people can hire them. These freelancers are very talented individuals who charge less than industry consultants but can do an equally satisfactory job without the high pay. I offer a website design package on Upwork and I've had a steady stream of projects for the last 2 years. I've been making in excess of $400 per week and sometimes I make close to 1000 dollars per week depending on how much time I allocate. Seriously! Check out the site and you will be surprised at how other people are monetizing their expertise for money.
  10. Idea 10 - Participate in Clinical Trials for Money

    Not sure if this idea is already in the Find Some Money Forum somewhere but its worth sharing because I was able to make money when I was desperate for cash. You can make 400 dollars pretty fast by participating in clinical trials. Unfortunately there are a lot of bogus and fraudulent companies on the internet so you need to be careful when you find a clinical trial you want to take part in. I personally use the Government website for Clinical Trials to pick the right one for me. You can make about 400 dollars for taking medication to about 10,000 dollars for staying in hospital for treatments. This is really worth considering because not only will you be making money quickly you'll also help advance medical science. Pharmaceutical companies are awash with money so they will pay handsomely to get a drug into production.
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  11. Idea 10 - Become a Vlogger

    OK, so using this idea you wont make a lot of money quickly however over the long run you could make 400 dollars very quickly if you can put out a lot of video content on YouTube which is useful and entertaining with an aim to build an audience. I'm posting video blogs on my channel every few days and my audience is growing. I have advertised my channel with Google Adsense and a few affiliate links on my blog. So far i'm seeing some income and I'm confident of making more money in the future. Check out the following video on Vlogging which initially inspired me!

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  12. JenniferGo

    JenniferGo Moderator

    Idea 11 - Publish Books

    With this idea you may not make 400 dollars immediately but eventually you will get to 400 dollars per month, week, or day if you persist. If you have a creative mind or have a flair for sharing good research in a well presented way they publishing e-books on Amazon is a great way to supplement your income. If you desperately need 400 dollars today you could try some of the other previous ideas. Publishing books on Amazon is easier than it looks and if you write on a subject people really want to read about like making money you could hit the jackpot. Check out the video below on how to self publish books on Amazon and make money.

  13. Kambeer

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