I don't have insurance but i need a prescription - please help i'm desperate

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    If you’re looking for no insurance prescriptions assistance then you’ll be glad to know that there are plenty of large pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer, Abbott Pharmaceutical and GlaxoSmithKline which offer patient assistance, this sometime include no insurance prescription assistance.

    Normally there is an eligibility criterion which will determine whether you can get no insurance prescription assistance. If you’re on a low income, need help with money or are financially disadvantaged then there is a good chance that you’ll get help with medical expenses, unmet medical costs and much more.

    In this Featured Forum Post we look at some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies Allina, Pfizer, GSK, Abbotts, Genentech that offer patient assistance for medicine and prescription as well as help with medical bills.

    How to Get Prescription Drugs without Insurance
    Help Paying for Prescription

    If you’re on a low income and need a variety of medicine to remain healthy then there is a good chance that you’ll pass the eligibility criteria for patient assistance. If you’re unemployed or care for a person and you have a genuine reason why you can’t afford the cost of medical care or medical insurance then the chances are even better.

    The best way to find these pharmaceutical companies is to check each company’s website and look for any patient assistance that they offer; I have included the details for Allina, Abbotts Laboratories, Pfizer and GSK.

    Allina Prescription Assistance Program
    Free Prescriptions Coverage

    Allina Health is a financial assistance service that offers convenient access to medical care regardless of a person’s ability to pay for the service. Allina offers many programs to help patients who can’t afford to pay their medical bills; these programs include MedEligable Services, Partners Care Program, MedCredit Financial Services and much more. To qualify for financial assistance you must be financially disadvantaged, your income must be at or below 275% of the federal poverty level.

    Allina Health has been helping low income individuals and families out for over 5 years and this should be your first port of call if you’re looking for help with medical bills and prescriptions costs. If you do want to contact Allina Health for no insurance prescriptions assistance then here are the contact details.

    Allina Health Prescription Assistance
    Allina Health System
    P.O. Box 43
    MN 55440-0043
    United States of America
    Telephone: 612-262-900 or 1-800-859-5077


    GlaxoSmithKline Patient Assistance Programs
    Free Prescription Drug Coverage

    GSK for You is the department within GlaxoSmithKline that offers patient assistance, the most popular services are prescription assistance programs, medical coupons and vouchers and healthcare resources. If you’re without a prescription, need help with unmet medical bills or don’t have medical insurance then you can check in three easy steps if you’re eligible for any of the medical assistance program.

    GSK has helped countless families in America with financial assistance with their medical costs, if you’re on a low income and financially disadvantaged then you can ask them for help with money. If you do want to contact GSK for You for no insurance prescription assistance then the contact details are below.

    GlaxoSmithKline Patient Assistance
    65 Industrial East
    NJ 07012
    United States
    Telephone: 888-625-5249
    No Prescription: 866-728-4368
    GSK Access with Medicare: 866-518-4357


    Pfizer Foundation Patient Assistance Program
    How to Get Free Prescription

    Pfizer is another pharmaceutical company that operates all over the world; their aim is to apply science to global resources to improve health and wellbeing at every stage of a person’s life. Pfizer offer five medical assistance programs. Connect to Care: you can get free Pfizer prescriptions through the doctor’s office, Sharing the Care: helps uninsured patients get free treatment and medicine, Pfizer Bridge Program: to reimburse support service. If you want to contact Pfizer for no insurance prescription assistance then here are the contact details:

    Pfizer Patient Assistance
    Medical Bill Payment Plans & Assistance
    235 East 42nd Street
    New York City 10017
    Telephone: 1-866-706-2400


    Genentech Access to Foundation Patient Assistance Program
    I Need Help Paying for my Prescription

    Genentech is part of the Roche group and is leading the way in biotechnology research, the main aim of the company is to use genetic information to discover, develop, manufacture and commercialize medicine to treat patients with life threatening conditions.

    Genentech Access which is the patient assistance department helps low income people in three ways, Brand Specific Co-Pay Cards: helps patient with out of pocket costs for their prescriptions; Referral to Co-Pay Assistance Foundation: if uninsured patients have difficulty paying then Genentech steps in; Genentech Access to Care: helps patient with unmet medical costs. If you do want to contact Genentech Access to Care Patient Assistance then here are the contact details:

    Genentech Access Solutions
    Medical Bills Assistance Programs
    1 DNA Way
    Mail Stop #858a
    South San Francisco
    California, 94080-4990
    Telephone: 866-422-2377


    No Insurance Prescription Assistance
    Help with Medical Bills

    If you’re on a low income, in financial despair or need help with medical costs then you should contact patient assistance program for help with prescriptions. Prescription drugs and health insurance can be very expensive and if you simply can’t afford it you should consider the big pharmaceutical companies that offer free prescriptions. Most of the big companies offer Medlink plans especially if you need treatment for diabetes.

    There are many other medical assistance programs that are available; these include Johnson & Johnson Patient Assistance, Sanofi-Aventis Patient Assistance Foundation, The Bristol-Myers Squibb Patience Assistance Foundation and Novartis Patient Assistance Foundation. You can contact all these companies and ask them for help with medical bills and prescriptions.

    Make sure you keep a track of all the companies that you contact and then make a note of all the programs of assistance that they have, you will find that some offer prescriptions assistance while others help with treatment or offer advice and counselling on medical debt settlement. Once you have a list of all the big pharmaceutical companies that help with medical costs you can start to enquire about their no insurance prescription assistance programs.
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    If you are struggling with your medical bills then you may be eligible for financial assistance. If you need are on a low income or are disabled then you might be asking who can help me pay for my medicine and there are a number of places that you can turn to for financial assistance and if you meet the requirement you might be eligible for free medication, sometimes even doctors and hospitals can help.

    Medical Help No Insurance?

    The first thing that you have to do is check if you are eligible for any grants or benefits from the government. In the UK if you are under a certain age or are over the pension age then you can get free medication. You need to check with your local authority to see if you are eligible for any grants from the government, send them a email explaining your physical or financial situation and then see what kind of response you get.

    Medical Help With No Insurance - There are other ways

    You can also try charitable organisations such as The Salvation Army and Muslim Aid who regularly provide financial assistance to those who need medicine and vaccination. Again try to visit their website and check for any assistance that they provide; you can also send an email to them as discussed above to see if they are willing to help. It is all about asking as many organisations for help and assistance as you possibly can.

    You Can Get Financial Help For Medical Treatment

    You can also try contacting the drug companies direct to see if they are willing to help you. All big corporations have discretionary funds to help people; it is a way of shining up their public image. If you can email them and explain how the medication can help you lead a normal life then you might be considered for free medication.

    Get Aid For Medical Bills

    With medical bills surging it is very hard to get by if you require a lot of medication, in the UK there are many benefits available for those on low income however in other countries like the US you do not get the same level of protection. If you do have spiralling medical bills then you need to contact as many people, organisations and even millionaires for support, eventually you will get help if you stay determined.

    If you don’t have any success with your medical bills then you can try other ways to free up some income. If you do have savings then find the best savings account. You should also try other ways to bolster your income such as selling stuff on ebay.com or writing on sites like Infobarrel.com to create residual income that will help with your medical bills. On this site alone many writers are earning over $500 per month after a year’s hard work, such a sum would definitely pay for any medical expenses.

    Overall there are many strategies you can try to get help with your medical bills, whatever you do never give up and always strive to get some sort of help. With patience and perseverance you will succeed in getting financial assistance.
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