I need $100 dollars right now - does anyone have any ideas

Discussion in 'Free Money for People in Need' started by Eduardo, Dec 30, 2014.

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  1. Romario

    Romario Newbie

    Here's the site Home - ClinicalTrials.gov
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  2. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Admin Post
    This is a great idea, we all have more space than we need and sharing the space is a great way to supplement your income. One of my friends owns a rental property, to maximise the space he added two more bedrooms and offered a fast broadband service as well as multiple showers downstairs. He also used the space in the basement and attic as storage space to sell. He is now making a significant income. We can all apply this concept at home by offering a spare room to someone who needs space.
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  3. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

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    Good advice. I think calling your creditors is a must. If you inform them of your problems and explain that your looking for a way out your creditors could freeze the interest so you only repay capital. You can even negotiate a monthly payment plan. The effects of inflation will erode the capital amount so you'll end up paying less than you own. You could even make speculative offers from time to time as creditors offer huge discounts if you come across some money which you want to use to pay off your loans. Good luck
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  4. james oduor

    james oduor Newbie

    Just checked the site and it looks pretty credible. I've registered and I'm now waiting for my first clinical trial. Thanks for sharing and great ideas.
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  5. james oduor

    james oduor Newbie

    Credible creditors always look for ways to help their customers. When I was in grave financial difficulties I too called all my creditors and gave them a financial statement and as much proof as possible to support my circumstances. All my creditors agreed to stop the interest on my account and agreed to keep payments low. I later joined a credit counselling company and was able to negotiate lower payments which I continue to make to wipe out the debt. If you're willing to jump through creditor hoops they will help you to overcome the debt reasonably. Good advice.
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  6. james oduor

    james oduor Newbie

    Is it safe to sell plasma? How many donations can you actually make? Seems like a good idea as the blood is used for other people who really need it.
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  7. Rayhan

    Rayhan Newbie

    As long as your healthy you can donate your plasma a few times per month. When I needed the money I was able to donate 3 to 4 times per month as long as I felt up to it. You need to be very fit and you need to take a good multivitamin to replenish the lost substances. Donating plasma is a great way to make money if you're in a tight spot.
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  8. Rayhan

    Rayhan Newbie

    If you're facing grave hardship you could dispute the debt. If there is anything wrong with the account you could make a complaint which could turn into a dispute. When a dent goes into dispute you can legally stop the payments and all interest must be frozen until the dispute is resolved. At times your dispute could go to the ombudsman and this process could take anything between 12 to 24 months during which time you wont need to make a payment. This should give you enough breathing space to get yourself back on your feet.
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  9. Rayhan

    Rayhan Newbie

    I have just registered with the UK Government approved Clinical Trials company and already I've got an opportunity to make £2550..check it out. The company is called Quintiles.

    Expected Payment for participation:

    Participants must meet the following criteria:
    •Male between 18 and 55 years of age
    •You should weigh between 60-100kg
    •You should have a body-mass index of 18.5-29.9 (you can calculate your BMI in the pre-screening form)
    •You cannot have taken part in another clinical trial within the last 3 months
    •You must be in good health and not suffer from any medical conditions or require medication
    •You must be a non smoker or smoke less than 10 cigarettes per day

    Trial dates
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  10. Diego

    Diego Newbie

    Is the debt actually lawful? A Lot of banks take deposits and then multiply the amount by 10 and then lend out the fictitious money to make profit on the loan. If you're debt is from credit cards or bank loans you should consider challenging the debt on the basis that the money does not exist. If you ask for all the paperwork these institutions will be stomped and as long as the account is in dispute your could indefinitely continue by not paying the money. Also you could set a condition acceptance which means that you will continue paying the amount as long as the banks or credit cards show you the evidence that the debt exists.
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  11. I know a lot of people who tried this and had their debt wiped out, some have even had a substantial chunk wiped off their mortgage. IT is time consumers realised that they are using money conjured out of thin air to pay for their purchases and then working hard to pay off the fictitious money. Great post, bravo.
  12. Here is a great site where you can find out more if your interested in wiping out your debt. I am not affiliated to this site and I do not get any money for the referral.

    Get Out of Debt Free
  13. sabina

    sabina Newbie

  14. vớ vẩn bay lên cho anh em cùng xem nào giá tốt
  15. weighting-in-survey Loay hoay tìm giờ mới thấy. Cảm ơn bạn đã chia sẽ nhé! Chúc mua may bán đắt nha
  16. 아이스팝니다 nghe được đấy cái này có giao hàng tận nơi không nhỉ để em làm một cái
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