I Need 1000 Dollars in a Week! What Can I Do

Discussion in 'Asking Corporate Philanthropists for Money' started by Sadia, Sep 1, 2013.

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  1. FavellaMan

    FavellaMan Newbie

    You could try selling blood, I also hear selling sperms is quite profitable, if you're really desperate for money you could even sell your eggs. Don't mean to sound vulgar but people are making money selling these items.
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  2. OggyAnd

    OggyAnd Newbie

    Have you tried looking for scrap metal? a friend of mine bought a truck with the last few hundreds he had and then went looking for scrap metal. He knocked door to door and left fliers for customers. The response he's had has been amazing, a lot of people are ringing him to remove their unwanted metal items. Scrap metal prices are going up and he is starting to make a lot of money.
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  3. Father_Nature

    Father_Nature Newbie

    Have you tried babysitting for money. I know that some of my friends are making their mortgage payments every month just babysitting locally. It is a lot of hard work and you need to build trust however once you become established people start to recommend you and you start getting jobs really easily. There's a link below where you can register for babysitting jobs, there are lots of babysitting networks so you could register with the whole lot of them. If you charge $50 per day then you could make $1000 if you work just weekdays!

    Babysitting Network
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  4. Simrin

    Simrin Newbie

    If I wanted to make $1000 per week I would try looking at safe strategies that I could use on the stock market. I found a site called FullyInformed.com, this stock market trading site helps people to make money by selling puts. The amount you can lose is controlled and you can potentially make $1000 per week doing this if you pick the right stocks. I have bookmarked the site below.

    Fully Informed
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  5. Jason

    Jason Newbie

    If I needed $1000 in 7 days I would sell all the crap I have, I would also sell my jewelry and computer/laptop to raise the money. I did a quick calculation and I found that I could sell most of my stuff and generate about $2000. You'll be surprised at how much crap you have and by selling it you're doing yourself a favor.
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  6. FavellaMan

    FavellaMan Newbie

    Found this really cool article on how to make $1000 really quickly, if anyone is still in a similar position and needs $1000 in seven days then have a look at it. Some of the suggestions include having a garage sale and selling your mobile phone, every little helps.
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  7. Bizzy_Lizzy

    Bizzy_Lizzy Newbie

    This is a really high risk strategy however it could pay off. Open a CFD brokerage account and find a company that's about to report their earnings analyze which way the stock is going to head and then place a highly leveraged trade to make $1000 in one go. If the trade turns out to be successful then you're sorted if not you'll have to go into hiding. Cant think of anything else. Good Luck.
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  8. David

    David Newbie

    I like the eBay idea, but also what about just trying to find some extra work you can do in the evenings somewhere (assuming you work during the day) immediately- just go to a restaurant or some place and see if they need any help in the kitchen or something you could just hop into that wouldn't require any training. Maybe they'd even be able to pay you out in cash each night. There's also sites like taskrabbit.com which can help for this. Good luck!
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  9. Hide&Seek

    Hide&Seek Newbie

    This is crazy! Very high risk, it could make you a lot of money if you know what you are doing however you might end up losing more than you invested. Be careful with options and CFD's.
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  10. Shabba Ranks

    Shabba Ranks Newbie

    Odesk is pretty good if you want freelance work, if you've got a particular skill you could market yourself. There are people on Odesk charging $100 per hour. If you can command such an hourly rate all you have to do is work 10 hours to achieve $1000.

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  11. Tiplady

    Tiplady Newbie

    Another great freelancing site is Elance, worth checking out.
  12. LaughDontCry

    LaughDontCry Newbie

    To be honest I think you've got a debt problem which needs to come out. Concealing the truth from your family will only get you into more debt in the future, trust me I know. The best option in my opinion is to come clean with your family. Most likely they will help you pay off the debt and also offer you some sort of support or counselling. Some of the suggestions here seem far fetched. You could try and make the $1000 in a week but the chances are slim. I wish you well. Good Luck.
  13. Samuel

    Samuel Newbie

    This is the first common sense advice I've seen on this post. I've also had debt problems in the past and have tried to solve the problems without involving close friends and family. Unfortunately the debt kept on getting worse until it spiralled out of control. Looking back I wish I had informed my family when I had a $1000 debt, I only confessed to my problems when the debt spiralled all the way to $20,000. Seriously come clean to your family and let the debtor know you've got a problem but you've got every intention of paying it back. I've linked some debt help groups.

    Debtors Anonymous

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  14. james oduor

    james oduor Newbie

    This post really got my attention. After recovering from compulsive debt I can see many similarities here. I also wanted to cover up the truth from my family and I wanted quick ways of making money to solve my debt problems. Every time I solved my problems I created bigger ones until the debt became so big I had a nervous breakdown. I would implore you to get professional help because you do have a debt problem.
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  15. Alistair

    Alistair Newbie

    I have a suggestion however you might now make the $1000 in a week. If you have a vehicle you could rent it out for passive income. When I was short of money I rented out my car on peer to peer vehicle rental sites such as EasyCar.com. My car was less than 10 years and the running costs were low (Insurance and Fuel). I priced my car competitively and was able to rent out for the majority of the month. I was able to generate between $300 and $500 per month whenever I rented the car out. This is a great way of making money renting. If you've got a luxury car you'll be able to charge more but you'll rent it out less days. Hope this helps.
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  16. Simrin

    Simrin Newbie

    I needed $1000 dollars ASAP once so I offered my catering skills on line. I sold my services cheap to attract customers. Basically I was saying that I could offer them a bespoke buffet meal which would cost $3000 for $1000. I knew I was selling myself short but I needed the 1000 dollars ASAP. If you have a skill that you can sell do it for cheap if you want to raise the money really fast.
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  17. XenMoney

    XenMoney Newbie

    I've been going through this thread and there are some very credible suggestions to make 1000 dollars fast. What really annoys me is when people post messages on forum asking questions such as I need 1000 dollars now for free! I mean come on! Who in their right mind will offer another person 1000 dollars for free? I think these people need to realise that in the real world it takes effort to make money. Get a job, get creative, become industrious! Don't just expect someone to give you 1000 dollars for free. Grrrrrrrrrrrr
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  18. Rayhan

    Rayhan Newbie

    I wanted to share my story when I needed 1000 dollars by tomorrow. I borrowed money from the wrong people and they wanted it back. Eventually they gave me an ultimatum to have 1000 dollars by tomorrow or else. The only way I could get the money was by selling all my parents jewellery which broke their heart. They were willing to do it but I felt so bad about it. Never borrow money from loan sharks who pose as your friend. I was offered money, after I accepted these people became nasty - I guess that's how it works. Always live within your means and save when you want to buy something. Hopefully anyone reading this post can avoid all the problems I had.
  19. Romario

    Romario Newbie

    If you need 1000 dollars right now with no credit checks because you have bad credit you could consider buy now pay later catalogs. If you need the money to replace a household appliance this is a great way to access money. Sometimes catalogs offer 0 percent interest over a period of 12 months which means you payback exactly what you owe. This is a great way to avoid expensive payday loans. Some of the catalogs to consider include Sears, Fingerhut and Midnight Velvet. Hope this helps!
  20. Robert Brown1

    Robert Brown1 Newbie

    Well done girl. You did a great job. every one give good advice and you follow some good advices and got your target. I think, If any one has nay problem, we should share with other as they can give us a good advice and internet is a great teacher without any fee.
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