I need a car donation

Discussion in 'Free Cars' started by prameet, Sep 13, 2016.

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  1. prameet

    prameet Administrator

    Admin Post
    I need a car donation. My vehicle has just broken down and I cannot afford another car. Does anyone know how to apply for a donated car? Basically I need to find charities that give cars to needy families. We are on a very low income and my wife and I both work. Having a vehicle means we can do the school run and then drop each other off at our place of work making life just a bit easier. I have researched free cars for needy families on the internet but the information seems vague and ambiguous, I need a list of charities or organizations which give out free cars. Look forward to some suggestions....
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  2. Sadia

    Sadia Administrator

    Hi @prameet - Where are you located?
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  3. prameet

    prameet Administrator

    Admin Post
    I am in Minneapolis - Thanks for your help :)
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  4. Sadia

    Sadia Administrator

    Here is a list of Charities and Organization which might offer free cars for low income families. What you need to do is contact each of them direct and inquire. I really hope this helps.

    Free Cars for Low Income Families

    1: 1800-Charity Cars offers vehicles to low income families all over the U.S. To qualify you must be on a low income. The organization pays particular attention to Victims of domestic abuse, the medically needy, individuals and families in transition, veterans, the working poor and the military. Contact the charity and explain your circumstances and they may be able to help.

    2: Free Car from ATI - If you live in St Paul, Scott, Carver or Dakota Minnesota the ATI offers a program called the 'Getting There' Initiative to help locals with affordable and reliable vehicles. The organization receives vehicles which are donated for tax deduction purposes. These cars and trucks are then checked for defects and then passed on to low income families. The vehicles are then sold at very low prices and assistance is offered in the form of a low income loan. Its not completely free but its the next best thing.

    For more information contact the CAP Agency at 952-496-2125 if living in Carver or Scott Counties or 952-432-6699 if living in Dakota.

    3: The Auto Lease Program Minneapolis - This program is run by the Minneapolis Work Force Center and helps low income families with transport assistance. You can contact them on the details below. Inquire about the Auto Lease Program.

    Minneapolis Auto Lease Program
    777 East Lake Street
    Minneapolis MN 55407
    Tel: 612-821-4000

    4: Minneapolis Community Auto Repair & Redistribution Service
    This organization takes in old vehicles and trucks which are donated for a tax deduction. Like the other free car organization these cars are repaired and redistributed to needy families. Call them on TEL: 1-952-881-1115

    5: Newgate Education Center Minneapolis
    Another organization which redistributes vehicles to low income families. You can contact them on the details below.

    Newgate Education Center
    2900 East Hennepin Avenue
    Minneapolis MN
    Tel: (612) 378-0177
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