I need a free donated car for poor people on low income

Discussion in 'Free Money for People in Need' started by admin, Oct 6, 2015.

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    I was intrigued when I heard - I need a free donated car; I did a little research to find out that there are programs out there which offer cars to low income individuals and families to help improve the quality of life. Cars which are no longer wanted are given away to charities and non-profit organizations for a tax deduction; the tax deduction is more valuable than scrapping the car or selling it especially if it’s an old car. The car is then repaired and refurbished and given away to low income families and individuals, there are many people who are getting by using these free cars.

    Help with Getting a Car with Low Income
    - Car Programs for Low Income Families

    If you’re really struggling with money and need help with your finances then you can look for donated cars. There are plenty of non-profit organizations and donate your old car sites which offer donated cars to needy families. If you are shouting I need a donated car then you can go direct to these organizations and ask them for help.

    Organizations that Donate Cars
    - Help Getting Car with a Low Income

    Before you start inquiring about organizations which give away free cars you need to organize yourself as these non-profit companies need proof that you’re on a low income so that the free car can go to the right people. It’s important to get all your bank statements together, pay stubs, any letter from the government which enrols' you into public assistance programs.

    You also need to show how much you travel and give details of how your commute is putting a strain on your life and your family’s life. The ideal situation would be that you’re on Food Stamps, Rental Assistance, Weatherization Programs and you have to commute a long distance where public transport is very poor, the commute is taking away a large chunk of your time which means you’re spending less time with your family.

    Free Help for Low Income Families
    Help Getting a Car Low Income

    One of the best places to start your search is local charities, churches and community support groups. When people decide to donate their old car the first place they turn to are local charities and churches, you’ll be surprised at how many people got a free car through a charity, if you can make a list of all the charities and churches in your area and contact them one by one you’ll eventually get details of where you need to call or go to in order to get a free donated car.

    By having your paperwork and hardship letter ready you can contact these charities and churches and offer them all the information that you need to put yourself on the waiting list, the idea is the more waiting lists you put yourself in the quicker you can get access to a free donated car.

    Transportation for Low Income Families
    Free Cars for Low Income Families

    Another options is Working Cars for Working Families, this is a non profit organizations which specializes in taking in old donated cars, then sprucing them up so that they can to passed on to low income families and individuals, they check the engine, gearbox, and give the car a thorough service before passing the car on.

    The car is usually sold at a very low price just to recoup the maintenance cost. If you can put your name on the waiting list there is a good chance you’ll get a car, single parents, single mothers and people who are experiencing severe financial strain are prioritized so it’s very important that you have all your paperwork ready as well as your hardship letter.

    Free Money for Low Income Families
    - Donate Your Old Car and Then Donate to Needy Families

    Another great charity that you can turn to is 1-800-CHARITY-CARS; this is where most donated cars turn up so it’s very important that you contact them with all the relevant paperwork and information. The non profit organization and charity takes in the car which is usually donated for a tax deduction, the car is then serviced and spruced up and given a thorough servicing before it is passed onto someone on the waiting list.

    When you contact 1-800-CHARITY-CARS you need to explain your circumstances and really pinpoint the reason why you need the car, you need to offer all the paperwork which proves that you are on a low income and then submit your hardship letter to show that you’re serious about getting help, from time to time you could call all the organization and ask how your request is progressing.


    While You’re Waiting for a Free Car
    Transportation Assistance for Low Income Families

    While you’re waiting for a free car there are a number of options you have to make your life easier; you could research more into public transport and find routes and fares where you can save money and time. You could sign up to car share programs or even rent a car for a few hours a day to get all your weekly shopping done.

    You could really take the plunge and invest in a bicycle and commute everywhere with a bike, not only would this save you money it would also improve your health and wellbeing. Donated cars for needy families are a great way to get a free car however if you can survive without it then you really would be helping another low income family who really needs the car to improve the quality of their life.

    I Need a Free Donated Car

    Unfortunately shouting I need a free donated car won’t help; there is no application or public assistance in place to give away free vehicles. You really need to organize yourself and show that you are on a low income and a free car would really help you and your family to improve the quality of your life. Good Luck.
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