I need a small amount to sort things up

Discussion in 'Asking Millionaires for Help' started by FelixIpsa, Aug 3, 2017.

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  1. FelixIpsa

    FelixIpsa Newbie

    Hello, MY name is Felix and I am 26 years old,

    I am from Sweden I do have ADHD and have struggled with life since I started school.
    Many things in my life have gone pretty wrong. the school didn't go too well so I don't really can have a nice job. my education is not fulfilled.

    I have taken many wrong roads and I regret a lot of them.

    I did abuse alcohol and cannabis for a very long time but did stop and am happy that I could, I m trying to be happy after all but that hard, it feels like nothing can be happy anymore,
    I don't enjoy things anymore and that makes me sad, I'm trying to find a job but I really can't get any job. I do have a girlfriend but even that makes me not really happy.

    We have gone through a lot of crap together and we still trying, over the years it feels that I am sadder and sadder, thinking of life and what shall I do?

    I have a dream but I don't know how to come there! it feels like I am useless and all other old friends they have it all, they have house and wife, kids ... where am I? hmm, well I'm for the most a fun guy that has a sense of humor.

    I like to help people. For example, I had worked in a hospital once for a few months and there were old people with cancer and a lot of the time I speak to them and they really liked it.
    Because the nurses have no time for that.

    That made me happy that they were happy etc, am a social guy and love to talk. but not many like that I speak too much.

    Don't know what to say more, my dad passed away 2016 2 days before my birthday.
    It was after that I started with alcohol. I don't know why, but I didn't know what I was doing.

    I regret that and hope my dad is proud of me.

    However, I ended up with more poop and more bills. I have some boring Financial crisis and I want to take a driver license.

    I really hate to ask about money, I never win something, and I don't believe that I'm gonna get anything.

    I try because I am desperate. I don't ask for millions. I just want enough to sort things up in my life etc i don't know.

    I haven't pay my apartment bill for 2 months and I don't wanna lose it either. I did take some stupid loan before but:( that's like scam loans ... loan and pay 100x back ... etc

    PayPal.me/Felix Ipsa don't need much if someone just sends little its good

    Thank you if you read
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  2. Sophia Rush

    Sophia Rush Apprentice

  3. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Admin Post
    Hello, @FelixIpsa, and welcome to The Find Some Money Forum.

    I read your post and I am sorry to hear about your circumstances.

    You should never lose faith and always pray to God, you will find your path.

    I would recommend you inform your creditors about your financial hardship so you can get an extension on your deadlines or set up a payment plan for the arrears.

    I would also check the USA.Gov website to see if you are eligible for any welfare benefits.

    You can also contact the Salvation Army for help. This charity has advisors who are willing to help you get out of your financial despair.

    I would also recommend you set up a GoFundME.com fundraising page so you can share this with everyone online. The more you share the more money you could raise.

    I have shared your post on my Facebook and Twitter Page and I wish you all the best.

    Feel free to keep the conversation going.

    Many Thanks
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