I need cash fast what can i do right now?

Discussion in 'I Need Money Right NOW What Can I Do' started by Raymond, Nov 16, 2015.

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  1. Raymond

    Raymond Newbie

    I borrowed some money from a relative and promised to pay it back within 7 days. I am now already behind a week and my relative is getting really annoyed and wants the money back because he needs it to pay some of his bills. I need some cash fast, if anyone has any ideas or if anyone can advise me please let me know. Thanks
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  2. Alistair

    Alistair Newbie

    Here are my quick ideas to find $1000 dollars quickly! From time to time we all say I need $1000 now; whether it’s an emergency or a quick investment opportunity we’ve all been caught short. If you do need $1000 right now then there are a few options that you have to help you get that money. Before you start going through the list for getting together money really quickly you need to consider whether you really need the money fast as there might be a high cost in getting the cash together. If it really is a crisis then there is justification in place to find money fast however you should try and get provision in place in future to avoid such a crisis.

    I Need 1000 Dollars Now

    The first place that you should look is in your emergency fund savings account, if you’ve been sensible and created an emergency fund then you should use the money to get over the crisis. If you don’t have emergency money in place then you should check your savings account and checking account to see if there is any money available. Your aim should be to get $1000 together so that you can avoid paying interest.

    Where Can I Get $1000 Dollars Right Now?

    You should also try to approach your friends and family for help; if it’s a genuine crisis then they will be more than happy to help if they have the money or they might even point you in the right direction. Many people feel ashamed to ask their family and friends for money because they might be seen as a failure, you need to swallow your pride and let them know what the situation is and how the money would make a difference. By asking friends and family members for help you’ll be savings a lot on money by not paying interest on any money that you borrow.

    Need Money for a Crisis

    If you’ve lost your job through no fault of your own, don’t have a place to stay, don’t have any food or cannot pay for medical bills you can turn to the government for public assistance. If you’re unemployed you can apply for unemployment benefits; if you don’t have a place to stay the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development can help with subsidized emergency housing; if you don’t have food then you can apply for Food Stamps under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. You should check the public assistance programs that are available in your state and see whether you’re eligible.

    How to Get a Loan with Horrible Credit

    You’re next option would be apply for a personal loan, payday loan, 12 hour or 24 hour loan, depending on your credit history and credit record the better your score the quicker you can get the money on a lower interest rate. If you have bad credit then your option will be payday loans, car title loans. if you have steady income coming you could apply for a pay day loan, what you have to be aware of is the interest rates, these companies charge high rates and it’s important to know beforehand whether you can pay off the loan on your next payday without getting into more trouble, there is no use in getting out of trouble only to get back into deeper trouble the next month.

    Get Fast Cash with Bad credit

    If you’re unemployed and not eligible for unemployed benefits then you might need a valuable as security for your loan. If you have a car you could apply for a car title loan, again you have to remember that if you default on the loan your car will be sold for a profit. You could also try pawn shops or cash converter stores, if you have jewelry or valuables you can use them as security for the loan, the same principle applies about the item being sold if you fail to pay.

    I Need $1000 Now but I Don’t Want to Take a Loan Out

    If you’re not willing to take a loan out or are being refused credit and have no assets to secure a loan you could try more creative ways to make money. There are many cyber begging sites that you could use to let everyone know about your troubles, if you have a genuine need such as disaster recovery then people are willing to help, if your request goes viral you could make a lot of money in a very short space of time.

    You could post your hardship on sites like Vimeo.com and YouTube and offer your PayPal details. Many people have used the power of social media to get themselves out of trouble and if you can reach enough people and your need is genuine there is a good chance that you’ll get the money.

    I Need Financial Assistance Right Now

    If you’re in genuine need then there are charities, churches and community support groups that might be willing to help, make a list of all the organizations in your area and contact them one by one to see if they can offer you a donation. Churches, charities and community support groups all have discretionary funds to help people from time to time; if you are in trouble and the need is urgent then you can and should turn to them for help.

    I am in Trouble and Need Money Quickly

    If you don’t have anywhere to turn and you face serious trouble if you don’t come up with the money the last resort should be to get the authorities involved, you will get protection and might even be relocated to another area to help overcome your troubles, if you owe people money like a loan shark then getting the authorities involved will not only help you but also help future victims who fall into the loan sharks trap.

    I Want to Challenge Myself to Make $1000 Dollars Right Now

    If you just trying to really push yourself and achieve the goal of making $1000 really quickly then you could turn your attention to the stock market, while this is a very risky option the returns can be quick and big if you’re using leverage and margin. If you can make good decisions and have good analytic skills then this might be a viable option for you.
  3. Sadia

    Sadia Administrator

    Many people want to know what to do when you need cash fast, if you are desperate for money and you don’t have an emergency fund then you can raise cash fast using a few simple strategies. Emergencies crop up from time to time and rather than relying on your skills to raise the money you should have an emergency contingency fund available at times of need.

    The first place you can find cash fast is by selling things that you no longer need. Make a list of all your clutter and then put listings on Ebay.com and slash the prices to shift them quickly. Make sure you think carefully before you put something up for sale as you don’t want to regret it. You should be able to generate a few hundred dollars here depending on what kind of valuables you have.

    You should also consider asking other friends and families. If you have relatives that are willing to help you then you need to ask them for help. Do not be embarrassed, from time to time everybody needs help and if you can assure them that you are doing everything you can to raise the money to pay them back then normally they will lend you the money.

    You can also sell your gold and silver as well as other valuables at the pawn shop. Make sure you get the best prices and do not settle for these unscrupulous operators who try and con people who are desperate. Play one pawn broker off another and you will see that they will offer you a decent price. What you should do is make a list of all the valuables you want to pawn and then take the list to the different pawn shops to obtain a price, and then sell the items to the highest bidder.

    Check if you are eligible for any help from the government, usually most governments have discretionary funds to help destitute families and individuals and you should always put an application in to see if you can get the money. Government grants are also available for financial assistance and it is worth checking their website to see if there is any money you can grab.

    If you have a skill then you should sell that skill. If you can play the piano then give piano lessons, if you are good at teaching then provide tuition. The more skills you utilise the more income streams you will have of money coming in. Even if you don’t have any skills you can wash people’s car or mow their lawn for some extra cash. If you are willing to put the hard work in and are patient then the money will come to you.

    You should also consider selling your blood and plasma, if you are healthy and are willing to part with your blood for money then you can do this. By giving blood not only will you raise the extra cash you require but you will also be helping somebody get better or aide research and development.
  4. carolynbunch

    carolynbunch Newbie

    I'm poor and I need 10,000 dollars to pay my bills like my electronic bill my satellite bill my rent and my water bill too
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