I need financial help

Discussion in 'Asking Millionaires for Help' started by william m hoelscher, Jun 7, 2014.

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  1. Hello
    My Name Is Bill I Live In Springfield Ohio Im Looking For Someone To Help Me Financially
    To Pay Off All My Debts And To Start A Home Base Business I Have A Full Time Job At Ohio Stamping And Machine In Springfield My Son Lost His Job And Now I Have To Support Him And Make His Car Payments And Insurance Im Having Rough Time Paying My Bills Now .
    Theres Legal Action Being Taken Against Me Because I Cant Pay Them Im About To Lose
    Everything I Worked So Hard For I Have No Where Else To Go Please If Theres Someone
    Out There That Can Help I Would Be Soo Grateful

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  2. SueStanton

    SueStanton Newbie

    Hi Bill! I've just read your post and I have been in a similar position which is why I wanted to reply to your story. I also wanted to pay off my debts and start a home based business and fortunately thanks to God I have succeeded. The first step I took was to call all of my creditors to explain my financial situation and to let them know I was experiencing financial hardship. All the creditors stopped the interest on my loans and I was able to pay them a fixed amount according to what I was able to afford. This step tool a significant amount of pressure off my shoulders.

    With regards to your home based business I am pleased you are pursuing this as it could mean financial stability when the business begins to make a profit. To make things happen faster I sought the assistance of many business mentors who were able to give me invaluable advice to survive and ultimately thrive. I would definitely recommend you get a number of mentors to help you in this area.

    I'm also sorry to hear about your son who's lost his job. Rather than you having to support him could he not apply for welfare benefits in the form of unemployment benefits to contribute towards his car payments and insurance? Is your son actively looking for work? the reason I ask is when children become dependant upon their parents they sometimes lose their drive to actually get up and go find a job quickly? Maybe you could recruit him into your business and set him tasks to drive the business forward? This way he would be doing something positive with his time.

    You could also consider creating YouTube videos to ask for help. Craig Rowin was able to secure one million dollars just by asking for help on the internet. You could also make videos for specialist sites such as Fund Anything which has Donald Trump's backing.

    There are a lot of things you can do to improve your circumstances and they first thing you should embed in your mind NOT Giving UP.
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