I need low interest credit cards for bad credit - trying to fix my credit

Discussion in 'Borrow Money' started by Anne Marie, Jul 20, 2016.

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  1. Anne Marie

    Anne Marie Newbie

    I Need low interest credit cards for bad credit. One day I may want to purchase a home so I wanted to fix my credit once and for all. In the past I've missed payments on credit accounts and consequently my credit score has gone down the toilet. Can anyone give me some guidance on how to improve my credit score and also where can I find low interest credit cards for bad credit. Thanks in advance.........
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  2. Tiplady

    Tiplady Newbie

    Getting a low interest credit card involves having a good credit score. If you have a good credit score the chances are you will be rejected. Instead of looking for low interest credit card you should first of all get a copy of your credit report to see why your credit score is so low. It might be an old debt of maybe missing a payment or not closing a dormant account. You should fix everything on your credit report and then you should see a rise in your credit score. You could use credit repair services such as Credit RX America to audit your credit report and then they will help you make the changes, a typical correction on a credit report after valuation would cost 90 dollars.

    Once you've got your credit score to a satisfactory level you can apply for bad credit credit cards so you can rebuild your creditworthiness. You should spend on these bad credit credit cards and then pay the money off slowly. Be mindful to pay more than the minimum wage but do not pay in full. You should also pay a week before the due date to boost your credit score. By doing this over a period of time your credit score and ratings should improve.
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  3. Quentin

    Quentin Newbie

    Using a credit repair company such as Credit Rx America is an expensive way to repair your credit. Alternatively I would just audit the credit report myself and call the relevant department to make the correction or changes. You will save a lot of money.

    You should try and improve your credit score over a period of 6 months by making purchases on credit cards and then paying them off as Tiplady says..
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