I Only Wear Designer Clothes But Spend Less Than $200 Per Year on Them!

Discussion in 'Ways to Live Cheaper' started by Simrin, Oct 7, 2013.

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  1. Simrin

    Simrin Newbie

    I have a weakness for designer clothes, in the past this weakness has got me into trouble financially. There was a time when I had a mountain of debt on my credit card all thanks to Georgio Armani, Calvin Klein and Luis Vuitton. I've now grown financially and paid off all my debt but I still wear designer clothes but this time I don't pay designer prices.

    I purchase most of my clothes used from eBay. Many people might shy away after hearing the word used but just wait a second, would you prefer to buy a Louis Vuitton Bag for $300 or $5? would anyone know the difference? Does everyone you socialize with have a magnifying glass to check whether you bought your clothes new or used, doesn't your clothes eventually become used?

    This year I've bought some fantastic bags, dresses, clothes, shoes all of which are designer and I've spent less that $200 on them. I once calculated that if I bought all these items new I would have to spend over $3000! Some of the items include an Armani used dress which needed repair work. A Louis Vuitton dress which just needed some stitching. Designer shoes which needed a new heel.

    Most of the time I put alerts on eBay depending on the things I want. If I need a new work suit I'll put an alert for Designer Work Suites for Women. I put several alerts and then whenever someone wants to sell something I'm the first to know. I have a good grasp of what these items costs and have a limit to how much I want to spend and use automatic bidding to get what I want.

    This process of buying used clothes has helped me so much. Most people who I meet think I'm some sort of a millionaire! no one has noticed that the clothes I wear are used and who cares if they do? Seriously peeps, if you love designer wear and want to practice frugality this is something you should definitely do.
  2. Miles

    Miles Newbie

    I'm not too keen on the idea of wearing clothes that are used but I can see the benefits for someone like you who really likes designer clothes but wants to budget at the same time. I might give this tip a go and see what happens. Thanks for sharing.
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