I really need financial assistance soon

Discussion in 'About Us' started by Bonnie, Feb 12, 2016.

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  1. Bonnie

    Bonnie Newbie

    Hello If you asked me where you think I would be financially at this time, 10 years ago,, I would have projected at the top of my game.. I was a very successful Skin Specialist and had great strength in sales.. If you ask me now I am in terrible shock at the way my life is going.. I could never imagine myself at this time being in the situation I am in now.. I made 78 thousand a year in 2006 2007 after the bubble burst in the economy from the housing market I lost most of my customers who were real estate agents.. after that I made an average of 45 to 50k per year.. about 1.5 years ago.. my dad died unexpectedly of pnumonia and an intestinal bleed.. I had no idea he would die before I drove to visit him in 2014 for his birthday.. when he died I became the full time caregiver to my handicapped brother.. and helping my elderly mom.. We are losing the game,, not enough funds to keep this house going.. a mortgage, barely making ends meet.. no economy in this town.. no help,, we are isolated most of the time.. I have no way to get money or make money.. loss after loss.. we are drowning and have no way out.. at this point I think we just cannot hang on.. so we are just seeking funds to help us get a lawyer to get us a short sale, some extra money for food and travel we are most likely to leave this house and get an apartment in Florida where I am licensed to do my career.. we are in Georgia.. The need is high probably in the thousands but not all at once.. we are giving up on the house so we are not needing funds to help fix things.. If there is any help out there please contact us thank you As soon as possible if you can.. Thank You
  2. baby girl

    baby girl Specialist

    I haven't found any more than already has been found
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