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Discussion in 'Ask For Donation' started by Munda Pridyandaru, Jul 3, 2017.

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  1. Munda Pridyandaru

    Munda Pridyandaru Apprentice

    Good day for you. My name is Munda. I live in Tangerang, Indonesia, a city before Jakarta in Java Island. I appilogize if my message waste your time. I just want to tell story about me to you.

    I work as non permanent labour in small company. Before that, I was fired in my company before. In time I when search job again until I have non permanent job, I debt from loan shark for support my life. Right now, the debt was until $ 4000. I try everything, do more job, everything just for collect from pay all, bun until now it's still not enough. Every day I try, searching, in wherever place, internet too, search for more job and opportunity, for save me from debt, for change my live, but still not find. I'm depressed and frustated. I was tell to my family, friend , and many people, but still not help to much. My parents angry to me, they help, but not to much, because they was retired from their job. My brother so can't help me, because what he get just enough for his life. I try to tell my friend, and other family, so not help me. They just say "sorry, can't help". Every night I can't sleep, I not appetite, just think, " what should I do". I try contact everyone in internet, the stranger, wish they have golden heart to help me. I search and try everything, make a campaign in some fundraiser, beg to many people, but still no respon.

    I also was try to loan from bank, but because I don't have permanent job, bank can't approve it. My time is count down, I really depressed and frustated, don't know what should I do. Every night I pray to God, wish and hope find the way out from my problem, but maybe God not yet give that. But I still believe, if I never give up and always try, He will give me that way out. Right now, I really can't do anything, just hope and hope, because I sick, maybe because so tired, hard think and depressed.

    I also have a fiance too. She is a widowed. Her kife is so hard. She live with her old parents and caring than. She have 1 daughter. She work as low employee in small company with a little sallary. I will marry her in the end of year. we are mutual support between us. She also was help me, although she have hard life. So do I, always help her, support her life. My debt in loan shark also for help her too. It,s not just about relationship, but also truth, love. I relly love her. So please, from the bottom of my heart, I wish a little help from you all, help me to change my life, please, so I can proof I can do. So I also can help her more. So I can help an happy my parents.

    Right now I'm also sick, can't do anything, maybe I'm tired too many thing and work, for search money. I just take a rest, because I don't have anything again for go to medical. I beg to you all, just your little help, please help me.

    That's my story, maybe you laugh or think funny, maybe otherones think same too, or maybe you think I write fake story, but I tell it the truth. I just hope, from the bottom of my heart, just your little attention, help me, because I don't know again what should I do. I don't ask to you, but if you don't mind, I'll borrow from you. I'll work hard until I can give it back to you, soon. I pray, and pray, I can do it. Once again, I appologize to tell that, because I don't know to tell to who again. I really wish and hope, you read my meesage and wish to reply it. Just your little help, and it make all different for me. Please Visit my link, and help to share it. Thank you and God always with you. Help Me | Medical Expenses - YouCaring
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