I want to add value to my rental properties during recession how can i do this?

Discussion in 'Investing and Retirement Saving' started by Raymond, Dec 7, 2015.

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  1. Raymond

    Raymond Newbie

    I have a rental property which I bought in 2008 just before the recession and credit crunch started. My property did lose its value but fortunately the rent I received was enough to cover the buy to let mortgage payments. My valuation did suffer but as I was in it for the long run it did not concern me too much. Now that the economy is looking up and mortgage rates are set to rise I wanted to add value to my property so the debt to equity ratio could improve. If I can improve the debt the equity ratio then I'll be in a better position to get better mortgage deals should I choose the find another mortgage provider. Anyway if anyone has any suggestions I'm all ears.
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  2. Quentin

    Quentin Newbie

    Its definitely a good idea to add value to property just as it recovers from a recession because you'll be in a position to negotiate a better mortgage deal. The better your debt to equity ratio the better your mortgage deal will be and with mortgage rates set to rise you are making a smart decision just by thinking about this.

    Having a great home comes at a cost, but that cost does not have to be over the moon. During the recession there are many ways to take advantage of the cheap labor and cheap goods and service to improve your home and make it look great. The Key is to look around, the more you do the cheaper everything gets. Here are 5 steps to improving your house on a recession budget.


    During the recession construction usually grinds to a halt, construction workers and builders are the first to be dismissed as the cost cutting comes into play; this is the time where you need to find cheap builders who are looking for extra work. Remember to haggle and always drive the price down as it is not a labour market at the moment. Builders will cave in eventually as they have no other choice. Remember to clearly outline the work and always ensure the job is done to a satisfactory standard.

    Always try to extend the loft/attic or try to extend into the back garden to add more space. If you're thinking of adding a toilet or shower try to add a bathroom suite instead as it adds significantly more value. You should also consider upgrading your kitchen or at least try to modernize it.

    Interior Decorating

    Many interior decorating stores are being hit by the recession, these stores often charge for their consultation however during these troubled time some will give you a complete interior decorating plan for free. Make sure you find the best interior decorating store such as Moben or Sharpe and ask for a complete makeover of the house. You are not obliged to buy anything so after you get the plan you can just go home. In the future when your financial state improves you can use these blueprints and avoid expensive planning costs.

    Making the decor elegant and simple adds value to the property. Do not try and stamp your taste onto the property as it might actually reduce the valuation. Always keep decor simple and clean and it will add thousands to the value of your home.


    Companies such as GE have been hit hard due to the recession, GE have many business one being lighting, check their lighting products out which are both stylish and of great quality. The cost of these items has fallen drastically as GE starts to offload its products quicker to find more cash to stay solvent. This is the time to redo your entire house at the low cost; prices have fallen about 60% so expect to have a complete makeover at half the price. Google search GE lighting.

    Having spot lights on the kitchen and bathroom can uplift the rooms and add significant value to the property. Having a properly lit room allows surveyors to see the room in its full glory which adds to the valuation.


    As people re-prioritize their spending habits caring for their garden goes to the bottom of the list, as a result the price of flowers and exotic plants go south, if your garden is of need of a complete makeover this is the time. Go for plants that have longevity and need little maintenance and always make sure they germinate automatically so resoling won’t be necessary. Invest in a water sprinkler system so that the flowers look great and recycle your biodegradable waste as compost to save money.


    Furniture stores are being hit hard. They are now offering 0% interest and nothing to pay for the next 3 years. That means your payments begin after 3 years and you pay no interest. The furniture prices are also cheaper so you are winning on all counts. Make sure you go for a high quality long guarantee product so that the furniture will last a long time and can be replaced if anything goes wrong.
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