I'm so tired of being broke! - what can i do? i'm desperate

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    If you’re tired of looking at your checking account/savings account and seeing no money left over then you’re probably close to being broke or already broke.

    It’s not a very nice feeling not knowing where your next pay check will be coming from or how you’re going to pay your expenses. You might be thinking that you’re unlucky or everyone is conspiring against you and nothing is going for you at the moment.

    The reason for your demise isn’t luck; in fact luck has nothing to do with it. You are where you are because of the decisions that you made in the past five to ten years, most of the decisions were probably not financially motivated which is consequently why you’re in a financial mess.

    You Can Become Rich Starting from TODAY

    Being broke is not a permanent position you have to be stuck in, if you make a commitment to do all that you can to get yourself out of financial despair it can be done.

    I was in a very similar position and I started taking responsibility for my finances and six months later I am in a much better position that I would have otherwise been.

    I’ve read lots of personal development books and personal finance books and have created a road map or plan that I’m following to get rich and wealthy as listed below.


    #1: Raise Your Energy Levels
    How to Become Wealthy and Successful

    This might sound odd but overhauling your finances takes a lot of energy and discipline, if you’re fit with high levels of energy you have a better chance of pulling it off.

    If you’re tired and have negative energy inside you the chances of actually following through is very slim. You can start by going for a run every day and performing basic stretching and breathing exercises that will increase your fitness and remove any negativity inside you.

    After a week you should be in a better frame of mind with a positive outlook. Please do not underestimate how effective this step is as you’re likelihood to succeed with your finances depends on how much energy you have.


    #2: Change the Way You Think About Money
    Money Is Not the Root of All Evil

    Is money the route of all evil? Is money the cause of all the bad in the world today? Many people confuse money with greed and consequently have an interior subconscious dislike for it. It’s time to put the record straight! Money is not the cause of all evil; in fact money can help you to do good in the world today.

    Money is a source of happiness and offers financial security and independence; if you have more money than you need then you can help other people by giving your time or money. If you can change the way you think about money and have an appreciation for it more money will come to you.


    #3: Look at Your Spending
    Why Do I Spend All My Money?

    If you spend more than you earn then you’re heading for a meltdown, there’s only so much credit that’s going to be made available for you. If you’ve fallen into this deadly trap then it’s time you woke up about your finances and started thinking about everything you spend your money on.

    If you’re wasting money on things that you don’t really use or only use a few times then it’s time to stop. Every time you spend money pause for a moment and really think hard, are you prepared to throw away your financial future for instant gratification?

    #4: Create a Budget
    Most Effective Budget Plan

    Knowing how much you have coming in and how much you have going out is a monumental step you can take towards sorting your finances out. Try to radically overhaul your spending on food and other disposable pleasures that you really don’t need.

    If you can create daylight between your income and expenses you’ll be in a much better position to get rich quick. The formula for being rich is having a wide gaping gap between your income and your expenses and then saving and investing the difference for the future, it really is that easy.

    #5: Pay off Your Debt
    How Can I Pay Off My Credit Card Debt Faster?

    If you’ve got debt then this is holding you back financially and psychologically, pay the debt off quickly and make a commitment not to get into insurmountable debt. Call your credit card companies and insist on a lower monthly payment and insist they set the interest rate to zero as you’re having financial difficulties.

    Pay the minimum payment on all the debt and then with all the new surplus income that you’ve created you need to pay off the smallest debt. Once you’ve finished paying off the smallest debt you can go to the next one and make real progress.

    #6: Invest Like an Expert
    How to Become a Better Investor

    Once you’ve paid off your debt you’ll feel like a legend, you’ll have surplus income coming in every month that you need to invest. Find out what your tolerance to risk is and then find an investment strategy that you really believe in. Buy books and learn how to invest, become an expert by reading at least twenty books on a particular investment vehicle.

    Once your confident and know what you’re doing you can invest your money. There are so many ways to invest; you can save in a deposit account, the stock market, property real estate, franchises, business and many more.

    #7: Increase Your Creativity & Income
    I Need to Increase My Income

    Now that you’re doing all the right things you’re experience of being broke should be a distant memory. You’re next step is to take everything to the next level. You’ve become responsible with your money which means you can handle more money.

    Look at ways to increase you income so that you can produce multiple streams of income, your aim should be to eventually replace your salary so you can achieve financial independence which means the income from your assets can support your current lifestyle.

    This means that you no longer have to work and you can live your life rich and wealthy doing whatever you want to do. When most people achieve FI they turn their attentions to helping other people and becoming more charitable and generous, this is something that you should definitely consider.

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