In need of help, cant finish my last college year, please read my story

Discussion in 'Ask For Donation' started by Alen, Sep 23, 2017.

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  1. Alen

    Alen Newbie

    Hi there! I need help to finish my 6th and final year of my studies. I had to take a year off because of various health issues that showed up out of nowhere.

    I was diagnosed with a heart condition, some minor liver problems and soon after that, I had a huge, huge problem with Panic Disorder which showed up after those issues. It was a rough year for me, I was unable to leave my house for months, but finally, I am getting better.

    This year off has cost me a lot, though. I was actually supposed to be on the studies as all the issues appeared right at the start of this year studies (16/17). I have already paid everything and I had to quit soon, I couldn't bear it with the conditions I had. Now, I have to do it all over again, and with previous debts and me being unable to work at least to cover some parts of it, I am having a quite hard time getting the money I need.

    I would have asked my parents for help, but I just can't. I have a younger brother who has Cerebral Palsy and he needs more care than I do.

    I would really love to finish what I have started otherwise I have wasted all these years for nothing. If I don't rejoin this year, they will kick me out (some new silly rule they have). Even with all the needed medical papers to "freeze" the year, I still have to actually sign up for it and pay. Well, no wonder, there are no rules in Croatia, everything is flawed and corrupt to its roots.

    I have studied food technology and applied sciences for the first 3 years (there are few pics from my graduation on the campaign), and after finishing that I have gone for further education, 3 extra years studying agronomy. I have 2 of the last 3 already completed, just need to finish the last one. The only issue with that is that I don't have the money to do it.

    I would be really happy if I got the chance to finish it so I can finally finish the studies & start working and helping my parents and brother afterward.

    If you have time, please take a minute or two to share my story, maybe it attracts few extra kind souls to help me out. I don't ask for much. Anything is appreciated, but I do have a deadline to pay for this semester which is by the end of 2017.

    Thank you for your time!

    Help me finish my studies | Education & Schools - YouCaring

    That is the link for the crowdfunding page I am running. If you could at least share the campaign over your social networks that would help a lot, all I need is some starting momentum to get this campaign going, otherwise, it will just drown with so many others that need attention as well.
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  2. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Admin Post
    Hello, @Alen, and welcome to The Find Some Money Forum.

    I have read your post and will now share your fundraising page on my Facebook and Twitter Account.

    I wish you all the best.
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