In search of help so i can start my own family... my dream.

Discussion in 'Ask For Donation' started by Derek Swist, Dec 29, 2015.

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  1. Derek Swist

    Derek Swist Newbie

    Hello to everyone that is going to read this. My name is Derek, I'm 27 years old and have hit a point in my life where I really need financial some help. I have been through a lot of tough times as I'm sure a lot of other people have. I'm not here to say I'm in a worse situation or I need help more than someone else. I am here to simply seek any help I can get. Any money I can receive is going towards a future that I want more than anything.

    I want to start a family and be a dad and my one day wife to be a mom. I'm currently working on getting my CDL CLASS A license so I can provide for my future family. I am in a rut and need money to get out of it. My truck is in bad shape and I have some debt that I have racked up while trying to stay alive and pay bills. I can not get to school and to my road tests to finish getting my license. I'm almost there but life has me on hold due to no funds.

    I was born into this world while my mom was overdosing, 2 weeks later I was adopted by a lady, that later in life, at 14 I was emancipated from. She was not good and I had a very bad upbringing with beatings and psychological games. She adopted all kinds of kids and used the money she got for them to travel and see the world. I was then re-adopted at 14 and was used by my next "family" for any money I could get to them. I grew tired of working for nothing and not having a car in high school and always being the poor kid.

    Then I finally found someone that could be a good father to me, an attempt at family number 3. Started off great then he decided to go into business with me. He bought a restaurant and I was the head chef. I ran it well and turned the place into a success. He got obsessed with the money he was making and never gave me a day off, I worked 7 days a week at 12+ hrs a day. I did this for 8 months straight. I lost it. I lost it all. Yet again I was only money to someone and not a person.

    Despite all that has happened to me ( there is so so so much more, should really write a book) I have turned out ok and have stayed out of trouble and remained healthy. I'm an honest hard working guy. I have few close friends and a very special girl that some day I want to give the world to. I'm here asking for help. Please, I need the right person to see this and know my pain of feeling lost in this world. I want to be able to start my family. I want that feeling more than anything. I don't need a million dollars, I need some get ahead money and finish what I have started. I want to work for this!!!
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  2. admin

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    Admin Post
    Hello, @Derek Swist and Welcome to the Find Some Money Forum. My heart goes out to you, I read your post twice and hope and pray your circumstances improve soon. You've had a very tough life through no fault of your own and you have survived. Now it's time to Thrive! I'm happy that you're looking to start a family and I think the only thing standing in your way if more money.

    What I would advise you to do would be to stard a crowdfunding campaign to help you get back on your feet. Millions of people have raised money for their personal problems and to get out of poverty. You can set up an account at and then ask people to share your story. The money you recieve could go towards getting a licence which would make all the difference. I hope you do this and I am happy to share your Crowdfunding campaign on my Facebook and Twitter page. Good Luck.

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