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Discussion in 'Ask For Donation' started by Gorcey, Aug 26, 2013.

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  1. Gorcey

    Gorcey Administrator Staff Member

    Admin Post
    Take a minute to tell us a little about who you are and anything else you feel like sharing in this thread.
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  2. Leo Ostapiv

    Leo Ostapiv Apprentice

    Leo Ostapiv, CFO/Partner in the mobile development company Stanfy, Home Finances and Mobile apps expert, the Author of the book “Home Finances for Couples” and the blog

    I am from Kyiv, Ukraine, but during Sep-Nov 2013 I live in San-Francisco.
    USA is a great country, I love visiting once in a while.
  3. Gorcey

    Gorcey Administrator Staff Member

    Admin Post
    Leo, thanks for taking the time to register for the forum. It's small, but growing and we are fans of your site as well.

    P.S. I have been an SF resident for almost 10 years, so feel free to ping me if you have any questions about the city!
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  4. Gorcey

    Gorcey Administrator Staff Member

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    also wanted to say welcome to @james oduor who just joined. Welcome James!
  5. Leo Ostapiv

    Leo Ostapiv Apprentice

    George, thanks for appreciating my site. I'd like to make it more technology oriented in future instead of being personal finance only. SF is the city with best weather ever as my friends in Kyiv already experienced first snow ! (it's usually better then that)

    There are a lot of events and meetups to socialize in SF. But if you know anyone from digital agencies KNI, Traction, Heat, DuncanChannon, PropanesStudio, Cog1, please introduce me to them. thank you.
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  6. Joyce Earl

    Joyce Earl Newbie

  7. evone

    evone Newbie

    Hi Everyone, my name is Evone, and I am so hoping this site is going to be able to help me with my needs. I live in NE Arizona and love it here. The people are kind and basically good. I love to walk in the woods and take in as much nature as I can. I am very thankful to have found such a site and thank everyone who steered me toward it:) I Don't believe in chance or luck so I must have found this site for a great reason.
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  8. Nick

    Nick Administrator

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  9. nese

    nese Newbie

    Hello My name is Jeanise, I have 5 kids and I have one graduating this year. My husband and I are both working and not even making it to pay check to pay check. I'm trying to look for another job but no luck yet. I"m not sure how I'm going to celebrate Christmas this year. I have 3 girls and 2 boys. I live in New Mexico. All I do is pray and hope my luck this will turn around one of these days. Thank you
  10. Shobir

    Shobir Administrator Staff Member

    Admin Post
    @nese Welcome, hope you find the resources here useful.
  11. JustSteve

    JustSteve Newbie

    Hi, everyone. I'm Steve, from Kenya. I decided to join this site after seeing all the help several people have received. I turned 18 this year and have decided to seriously consider my future in the financial sense. I'm really glad to be joining this community!
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  12. Nick

    Nick Administrator

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  13. Shobir

    Shobir Administrator Staff Member

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    Hi @JustSteve and welcome to the Find Some Money Community. Look forward to your contribution.
  14. Charles

    Charles Newbie

    Hi - I'm Bessie Keegan. My husband and I are a private couple who take in and care for abandoned and abused black children in our community. They are either HIV+ or FAS affected and nobody else wants them. If they end up in the state "system" they don't live very long. We want to make a difference in some childrens' lives. There are very few people who have compassion for these innocent victims. There is very little support from the state and we are looking for help from other sources. If any can point us in the right direction we would be very grateful.
  15. Julie Sanchez

    Julie Sanchez Newbie

    My name is Julie, I am 48 and a mother three beautiful children. In 2007, at the age of 41, I was brutally beaten, held hostage for 7 hours, raped, sodomized through the night. Beaten to no recognition from my eldest daughter's biological father who has been in and out of prison all her life. I was in Exec Managment in Manufacturing and Distribution for many years. I started working at 15 1/2 and was never unemployed until these past 7 years and have been in and out of hospitals due to the extenst of my injuries. I am now facing a spinal surgery that I cannot afford. The cost is 15,ooo out of pocket as The Laser Spine Institute only takes medicare for clinical such as all my blood work, anthesia and the various little issues. The actual surgery is out of pocket. I am unable to finance anything as I lost my credit due to this heinous crime.

    I have been in online college and managed to obtain two degrees in Criminal Justice, I am now in my Master's program. I changed my career goal due to the system working in my favor and removing that monster off the street. He was sentenced in 2009 for Premeditated Homicide 29/Life.

    I am in desperate need to get this surgery done. Been through many specialists that say I a wreck a mess and a waste of their time. I am in severe pain everyday. My only last hope is the Laser Spine Institute. However, I am in Chicago, IL and must go to their facility in Scottsdale, AZ. I need funding for airfare, hotel expense for five days of monitoring after surgery and for expenses.

    I am unable to finance this. I also need some help to pay some of my tuition. I am asking for 45,000. I know this is steep but it's my livlihood and I am tryin to keep my two younger kids in college. I have two granddaughters that want their gramma to be able to ride bikes and take walks. I am unable to do so, due to the severe pain.

    I am at the end of my rope. I cannot live like this and the doctors will not help because of my being on Medicare. Please advise me as how to go about getting the funds needed to get this final surgery so I can feel like a person again. If proof of the assault is needed I have that, I have all my medical records and whatever else you may need to know that this is a legitimate request. I have prayed for many years and I keep going for the sake of my family.

    Please contact me via email that I provided and let me know if their is hope. I would be eternally grateful.

    Thank you for your time and consideration,

    Julie Sanchez
  16. Robert Brown1

    Robert Brown1 Newbie

    Hi my name is brown and I am working for 10 years with an austrailian financial services provider company.
  17. My name is john and my wife's name is sarah we are a young couple that is about to have our first baby. My wife is 7 months pregnant and we had money taken from our home. The money we had
    Been saving for our baby. We are in a financial crisis and need money for our rent to get back on our feet. My number is 9032270127 if you can help me please feel free to call I can give all documentation of our struggle. Please we really need your help.
  18. sunshine2015

    sunshine2015 Newbie

    I am a divorced service connected disabled veteran with an anxiety disorder, PTSD, domestic violence and rape survivor. I am a single parent of four with my eldest son who is special needs diagnosed with seperation anxiety and ADHD. Ive worked my entire life straight out of highschool joining the military and finished up grad school while homeless. I never thought I would be in the position I am in but after my medical issues of my own and to include my sons diagnosis which he had to be hospitalized for over 30 days, he also missed school so much school causing me to loose so much leave that when I was pregnant and was on maternity leave for three months (emergency C-section) I had to go on leave without pay. Ive lost so much trying to give my son a chance at life a sacrifice I had to make with no regrets but I find myself in a bottom lest pit and I need a little boost back on my feet. My sons medication can cost me anywhere between $300-$500 co pay. I find myself pay check to pay check owing daycare, driving to work on E, waiting for next pay day to buy groceries. Im not a looser, Im a hard worker, I'm a veteran serving veterans. If I can at least get help with my car note so I can continue to go to work which behind and had repossed once already and its up for repossession again. I pay $500.00 and I still owe about $4,900 on it. My loan is with credit acceptance account number 3150658, 18006341506.
  19. Hello my name is patrick im 26 im homeless and have been for 14 years. I have lived now in 36 states and have done a number of things most people couldnt imagine. I have never begged for money and always found work to survive but recently coming to florida i havent been able to work due to having no id. I have a borth certificate which was just received recently and i was helping a gentleman renovate his home to sell but he ran out of money and has to sell as is. I have to be out with in the next couple days and have nowhere to go nor any money to help. I have no family to turn to and im new to the area so i dont know anyone. Im just tired of being homeless i have so much potential just cant access it when im sleeping in a tent in the dessert or on a beach or in a abandoned house or factory starving and cold. Its winter time again and all i have to sustain is a hoody from an old job and recently came across a pair of shoes i found so i was able to ditch those terrible jail house shower sandals i was stuck wearing for 3 months. I just wish for a normal life which i consider to have an id a place to call home and a warm meal. Im humble and appreciate all that i do have which isnt much but a small duffle bag that holds a few sets of change of clothes and every day i wake up is a chance to show everyone i come in contact with that life is not that bad and even if they lost everything they still have the power of just believing it was for a great reason that they dont understand but theyll see the big picture at the end. I love life and people and chances. This weekend i met someone and they told me i have had such a hard life because i was the only one whom was able to bare such a heavy cross and i have pacted so many without realizing that in the end ill have a sea of ppl cheering for me who i inspired and made their lives that much more managable because i met them and talked with them. I tend to keep giving the shirt off my back to ppl who can use it leaving myself shirtless and ill go out and find another shirt to give away before i receive one for myself. Im not done with doing that either just i need something for myself to allow me to get by. I have a 6th grade education but thats never stopped me from learning. I have no home and many cold nights with no food and thats never stopped me from sharing a blanket i obtained or a sandwhich i earned. I just wish for once i can be not worrying about where im gonna sleep or how im gonna eat just figure out what being content and relaxed actually feels like
  20. Ramona

    Ramona Newbie

    Hi, my name is Mona and I need help. Real help for my kids and me
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