Is there any way that i could raise 10000

Discussion in 'Free Money for People in Need' started by JGiordano, Jun 8, 2015.

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  1. JGiordano

    JGiordano Newbie

    I am looking to hit a finanical reset button in my life. Looking if anyone could give me or show me how to raise 10000. I would like to be able pay down my debts and be able to actually save and have a buffer in my account if anyone should go wrong. Now i do pay all my bills but there is never anything to really to save as much as i would like to. Does anyone have 10000 dollars to give me out of good will and i swear i will pay it forward or is anyone able to teach me anything so i could make that 10000 dollars while still being able to work and take care of my house chores.
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    Hi @JGiordano and welcome to Find Some Money Forum. It is absolutely possible to make $10,000 dollars quickly. I have done it myself and I have seen many people do it. Before you even consider making $10,000 dollars you must get your financial principals in order so you can continually improve on your personal finance and build wealth for yourself and your family. I was in a very similar position years back and I followed some principals that helped me to get out of a poverty mentality (Not Enough) and into a abundance mentality (There's enough for everybody). Here are the principals before I share the money making ideas.

    Wealth Building Principals of Money

    1. Always Pay Yourself First
    2. Always Spend Less Than You Earn
    3. Avoid Bad Debt (Debt to Fund Lifestyle)
    4. Consider Good Debt (Mortgage to Buy a House to Rent Out for Passive Income)
    5. Always think outside the box to save money
    6. Always Hustle to Increase Your Income
    7. Invest Your Surplus Income into Assets That Pay Income (Rent, Dividend, Profit)
    8. Minimize Exchanging Time for Money (Salary Wages)
    9. Maximize Exchanging Time for Time (Passive Income)
    10. Think Long Term

    Now here are some money making Ideas

    $10,000 Dollar Money Making Ideas

    1. Offer Consultation
    2. Internet Marketing
    3. Workshop/ Training Seminars
    4. Sell Video Tutorials
    5. Create a software as a service
    6. Create a Web Agency
    7. Create a Membership Site
    8. Flip Websites
    9. Create Software
    10. Write eBooks
    11. Google Adsense
    12. Sell iPhone Applications
    13. Affiliate Marketing
    14. Amazon Associates Program
    15. YouTube Reviews
    16. Sell Popular Items on eBay
    17. Sell Options on the Stock Market
    18. Sublet Rental Properties
    19. Take Part in Clinical Trials
    20. Create Viral Videos

    Hope the list of links help. I have used a lot of these strategies to supplement my income. Eventually you'll find something you really enjoy and you'll become an expert at it therefore making large quantities of money.
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