Is there any way to make $1000 dollars per month donating blood and plasma?

Discussion in 'Get Rich Legally and Fast (No Scams Allowed)' started by Quentin, Nov 19, 2015.

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  1. Quentin

    Quentin Newbie

    I was talking to my friends about donating blood and plasma and it seems as though a lot of people are doing it to make money. I was thinking if there was any way of making $1000 dollars a month while donating blood and plasma and remaining healthy! is it legal to donate $1000 dollars worth of blood? I'm looking to supplement my income and going to the blood bank a few times a week would be something I'd consider.
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  2. Eduardo

    Eduardo Newbie

    You can make money donating blood during tough economic times. More and more people are looking to donate to supplement their income. Many people have turned to donating blood and plasma and they do make over a $1000 per month doing this. If you find the right clinic and you have the right blood type then you can make up to $50 per donation.

    There are two routes that you can take when you are giving blood. If you are fit and healthy then you can give plasma to help other people. If you are sick and have illnesses such as Hepatitis or HIV then you can give your sample to research. There is more money given if you are giving blood and plasma to research clinics and it is really worth considering, not only will you make money you will also help scientists find a cure on day.

    Once you decided which route you are going to take you need to increase the fitness and wellbeing of the body. Giving blood and plasma puts an incredible drain on your body and you need to learn how to cope with this. Increase your fitness level and improve your diet. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and take supplements to help your bones recreate and replenish the lost samples in your body.

    Once you have optimised your body you need to make a list of all the clinics that you have in the area. Call each of the donation clinics and ask them how much they pay and how much they take. What you need to do is find the clinic that pays the most while taking the least amount from your body. If one clinic pays $75 and takes 2 pints and another pays $50 and takes 1 pint then it is better to go with the second clinic.

    Once you have decided on the clinic you have to also decide how frequently you want to visit. Start by going once a weak then increase the frequency as your body becomes more and more strong. If you go 5 times a week for a month then you can expect to make $1000 per month. You must remember that giving so much blood will put enormous strain on your body which is why you need to increase your diet in iron rich food so that the blood is replenished quickly. Invest in Iron tablets or Haemoglobin supplements which will help your body produce more blood quickly.

    If you are donating your samples for research then you are paid differently because the samples are rare. Depending on the illness or disease you have you can earn up to $200 per donation because researchers are desperate to find a treatment and cure for these diseases. Enquire at your local clinic to see how much they pay. If you can get $200 per donation and you donate 3 times per week then you can expect to make $2400 a month.

    You have to consider a lot of things when you give blood and plasma. You need to find the right clinic and you need to find the amount your body can sustain when giving the plasma. The key to success here is to optimize your body and find ways to quickly replenish the body. With a little patience and perseverance you too can increase your income and help others. It is a win win situation.
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