Is there anyone giving away money?

Discussion in 'Asking Philanthropists for Help' started by admin, Nov 9, 2015.

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    A lot of people who I talk to ask is there anyone giving away money for free? The answer to the question is that there are many individuals, organizations, and charitable foundations who are offering financial assistance.

    There is usually a strict eligibility criterion when you’re asking someone for money, if you’ve got a hardship and have nowhere to turn to then you could try your luck. A legitimate hardship would include help with unpaid medical bills, urgent medical treatment, school fees, homelessness, poverty, financial despair and disaster recovery.

    People Who Are Giving Away Money

    You might be surprised to know that there are nearly one hundred millionaire/billionaires who have pledged more than half of their wealth away to help people in need.

    These people who are giving away their wealth are listed on the, the Giving Pledge is a non profit organization which was first started by Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, the organization invites billionaires and millionaires all over the world to give away more than half of their wealth. So far the signatories include George Soros, George Kaiser, Mark Zuckerberg, Eli Broad and Jeff Skoll just to name a few.

    How to Find People Who Are Giving Away Money

    There are three main sources where you can find the names of millionaires who are giving away money, these sources include as mentioned above the Giving Pledge, Business Week Philanthropy List and Forbes 400 Philanthropy list. By combining all these lists together you should be able to find a handful of charitable organizations which might just support your cause.

    Your next step is to look at all the programs that are available from the non profit charitable foundation and then contact them for help either by applying for the program or sending them a hardship letter. A hardship letter should contain details of your present circumstances along with your hardship; you should inquire about the program and explain in detail how the money would make a tremendous difference to your lives. It’s very important that you’re able to match your hardship with a program that the charitable foundation supports and send them a hardship letter that really gets the attention.

    Names of Millionaires Who Give Money Away

    As mentioned above there are more than hundred of millionaires giving money away, I have included the names and contact details of three millionaires who give money away. When contacting these charitable foundations you need to be patient as these requests could take up to eight weeks to process and you could be rejected. There is no guarantee that you’ll get any money so it’s important to have a handful of charities to contact at the same time so you can improve your chances.

    I’m Giving Away Free Money - Watch Out For Scams

    Another point worth mentioning is that there are many sites that say I’m giving away free money and want an initial administration payment upfront to release the grant money. These sites are there to con people experiencing hardship so that they can take the money away. Never ever transfer or hand any money over as administrative fees as you’ll probably never see it again.


    Alternative Ways to Get Money

    If you want to try alternative ways to get free money then you have a lot of options that you could explore. One of the popular options include creating a hardship post on a cyber begging site asking people for money, if you can write a post that genuine reflects your circumstance and you’ve got a genuine need then you will be able to raise money. If you can spread the word by using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube then you might even make your appeal go viral and raise a tonne of money.


    Corporate Philanthropy Departments

    You could also try corporate philanthropy departments, did you know that some of the biggest companies in America are giving away billions of dollars to help people in need. There are many patient assistance programs offered by GSK, Merck, Sanofi-Aventis and Abbotts Laboratories for people who are on a low income and can’t afford medical treatment or prescriptions. Other corporate foundations that help people are available from Coca Cola, Intel Inc, McDonalds and even Microsoft.


    Is There Anyone Giving Away Money?

    As you can see there are a handful or individuals, non profit organizations, large corporations which give away lots of money. You need to have a genuine need to be eligible for any assistance, it’s important that you are honest when you request financial assistance as these organization will check your background before they offer any help.
  2. I Have ran out of every option I am tired my feet are swelling and my eyes are getting worse! I am a C N A who has taken care of 9 children for 34 years i have been a drug addict a alcoholic and now I'm not, haven't been for 22 years I thought i would give this a try , I have worked most of my Adult life I guess I made my children my life and now i am tired, I have no Man that will put up with me! can you please help me! I have been homeless off and on because of my C O P D and Glaucoma, I am not supposed to work but how else will I keep a roof over my head, My car was reposed from non payment of a title loan,I missed one , and now i don't have that to get to work and i don't even have 25 dollars to get my CPR renewed I guess I am screwed! Well if anybody is reading this any help would be appreciated! Thank You and Good Day!o_O
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