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    Admin Post is a bespoke home shopping catalogue in the UK which offers buy now pay later payment flexibility. You get 12 months interest free credit when you spend over £200 after which you can spread the cost of your shopping further paying the minimum payment with interest. The typical APR representative is 34.9% which is equivalent to or much cheaper than bad credit credit-cards and payday loans.

    You can also avoid paying interest by making 3 payments interest free over 3 months. Another great feature of is that you get 10% off your first credit order when you spend more than £25; you also get free delivery on eligible items. If you need a quick cash injection and want to avoid expensive debt like credit cards and payday loans then BNPL is the perfect answer.

    These easy credit catalogues offer accounts to people with bad credit and on occasions don’t even bother doing a credit check (I noticed they did not do a credit check when I applied).

    What Does Offer offers every household item you could desire apart from groceries. You get to shop for women’s, men’s, child & baby clothes; sports, home & garden, electrical, gaming & DVD, beauty, gifts & jewellery, toys and the latest offers for Christmas. At the time of writing this review there was a 50% discount on children’s toys and 20% discount on women’s fashion. Other useful services offers include next day delivery, free returns, convenient collections and returns, and mobile shopping. You can also get the latest offers, by subscribing to their mailing list.


    How Does the Buy Now Pay Later 12 Months Interest Free Shopping Work?

    It’s incredibly easy to use the shop now pay later plan. Once you’re approved with your credit account you can start browsing and shopping around. After you’ve finished you can checkout, once you’re at the checkout you just simply click the buy now pay later button and enter the relevant code into the promo box.

    You can pay in full or you could take 12 months interest free where you can defer any payment for 12 months. If you don’t want to pay interest you can pay the full balance off before the BNPL period ends, you get a reminder from with this option. If you still want to spread the cost of your shopping you can use the options account which means you can pay the minimum payment whenever you get your statement.


    Example of Buy Now Pay Later

    Suppose you wanted to buy the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom Smartphone in black, the cost of the item is £479.00. You can pay for the item upfront or you can choose BNPL if you have a credit account. If you buy the item in Christmas December 2013 then the next payment is due in December 2014. You don’t have to pay anything in 12 months and no interest will accrue.

    If you want to avoid paying interest you can pay the entire balance off when you get a reminder from just before the BNPL period expires. If you don’t want to pay off the full balance you can spread the cost of your shopping by making the minimum payments of your account every 28 days. Alternatively you could pay the balance interest free in 3 equal installments of £159.66 for 3 months.


    Other Services Offered By offers a complete financial package when it comes to shopping, to start with they offer buy now pay later, 10% off your first order, an options account to spread the cost of your shopping, Take 3 Payment plan.

    You can also choose shopping insurance and life event plans, replacement guarantees, service guarantees, furniture insurance, mobile phone insurance, jewellery, bicycle & merchandise insurance. Finally, you can also check out the home& accident insurance, pet insurance, RAC breakdown cover, and unsecured personal loans offers.

    How to Use BNPL to Your Advantage

    You should open an credit account if you know you’ll be short of funds during the holiday season. Once you’re approved you can start shopping while taking advantage of the 10% introductory offers. Once you’ve finished all your shopping you can defer your payments for 12 months and start saving. If you’ve spent £600 you’ll need to save £50 per month, instead of saving £50 per month try to save £100 so you can pay the balance off after the 12 months interest free period and then have £600 left for Christmas 2014.
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