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Discussion in 'Asking Philanthropists for Help' started by Princezz Ashley, Sep 1, 2017.

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  1. Princezz Ashley

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    My name is Ashley Mosley and I am a 33 year old mother of two teenage children. I am here seeking finacial assistance. But before I get to the hard part let me first give you a little more details about myself, my family and our current situation.
    Four years ago I recieved my voucher for housing which was the biggest blessing it seemed at that time. We moved into an apartment and I began working to get on my own two feet completely. A year later I had saved enough money to pay a down payment for my families very first house. We moved in the month my apartment lease had ended. Things were okay for a little while before everything just fell apart. Around 4 months into moving in my mom was rushed to the ER with total organ failure. I being her only known next of kin and family was then in charge of all the decision making and medical say so pertaining to her and it was a 24/7 on call response issue as several things were taking action with her health and most required me to be at the hospital within minutes to sign papers stating what could or could not be done including three times of needing to resuscitate her, two times for surgey one lasting 4 hours another lasting 7 hours, two blood transfusions that the first time took me 48 hours to recover from and the second took me almost a week to recover from. I was forced to make a choice between my mother and hoping she would make it out her coma alive and working a 10 hour day job at dunes making $8.00 an hour 6 days a week. My boss determined that it ne best for both of us if I took some time off and because I had housing at that time still my rent would be taken care of. Without my mom I had no babysitter for my teenage children and no other known family. My mom finally did recover but then was required 24/7 round the clock full help assistance with everythinnincluding learning to walk, talk and use the restroom. She moved in with me and I was her full time care giver since her Medicaid only included paying for someone to take her back and fourth to doctors visits. It remained this way for almost 6 months and she paid me what little she could from her own pocket. This was usually enough to cover the minimum payments to keep my utilities on and sometimes gas to get her back and fourth to dialysis 3 times a week. We went to food banks and pantries for food and personal needs as with food stamps they now require you to work 30 hours a week if your child is over the age of 6 in order to recieve food assistance with NO EXCEPTIONS!. We made do the best we could and once my mom was able to do things on her own she made the choice to move back home with her husband. This left me now making no money for bills at the time they were all due and badly behind as I had only been able to afford making the minimum payments on the gas bill, water bill and electricity bills. I had no job and subway told me they were over staffed and could not take me back still. I have been applying for jobs online, in person, and threw job network services. I began in some courses in order to better assist in finding work with the work force in my area and after getting my resume and a few certifications my case worker and I decided I should go back to school as I wasnt legally qualified to get a job making enough money to live off of or get out of my current situation financially. I found a school to enroll in and was due to recieve some education grants to assist me. By this time all my utilities were begining to get shut off first the gas then the water then the electricity. I got the electric paid and back on first threw finacial assisting agencies in my area of churches, and the gas bill threw Atmos energy's finacial hardship program. The water would have to await until my grant assistance came in. I didnt get to make it to this point my landlord who I openly informed about my situation from bringing until now told the housing office that I was in violation of my voucher because my water was off, filed for eviction due to utility non payment, put a lien at the water company that no one can Turn on water services at the location on which I lived except for himself as the owner of the house I was renting.. Housing told me so long as I get the water on within 30 days my termination would be taken off and they would continue to assist m with rental payments until I could get on my feet. With the lien I could not make tis happen. On the 24th of August I had court for my eviction andbthe judge determined that because I could not deny the fact that my water was not yet activated then I had no room to try and deny the case of cause for eviction. Today the 1st of September 2017 a note was placed on my front door thag when I got home at 4pm stated by the Dallas constable I now as of 1:40pm have 24 hours to remove all my belonging and myself from the dwelling or I would be forced to do so by the constable tomorrow at the same time. I spent most of the time attempting to find work, find assistance to keep my housing on by getting my water on to no avail, finding places for my kids school clothes and supplies and calling everywhere I could think of to find a solution. I cant get a loan because I don't have a job and my credit is not good enough, the same for a credit card. I have $4,899 dollars of debt on my record. I have never had any loans, any credit cards and no financing of any kind. These are all from past due bills disconnection termination fees and one eviction I had almost 5 years ago before I recieved my housing voucher and was on my own struggle then. I am at a loss for what to do, I have no money, no place to go two children in high School who do not deserve this sort of embarrassment, no family, no friends to ask for help, and no way to move all of our belongings and no where to go. No one has any advise that I haven't already given a try except this one which I had once given a try in the beging to no avail and I am just stuck out. Someone suggested I prostitute myself here once to get the money, but I dont see how I could look my 15 year old daughter, my 14 year old son or myself in the face ever again if I did that. Which means now I will have to look in their faces as we are now to be homeless and on the streets tomorrow with no where to go and no food. I need help of any kind. If there is anyone out there that has a heart for a struggling mom who has tried only to provide for her family and over come the obstacles set before her day after day by using any and all available resources available please...please help me!!! I am not just some lazy bum who expects the world to take care of me, Im just a person who has been faced with some tough choices of following my heart to fo what's right and moral or only looking out for myself. And now I am faced with answering the question of did I do wrong by thinking to make sure my mom lived or should have not worried about her and made sure my kids had at least a roof over their heads by keeping my job at subway. I dont believe I made the wrong choice but everyone who I seek assistance from thinks otherwise. I am asking for any help immediate advise that maybe I haven't tried and have time to try, a loan, am agreement of any kind, a kindness. Anything please I am out of options and suffering mentally, emotionally and physically I do not know what else to do. I do have a paypal account a payoneer account, a we pay, a online banking account and a Compass bank account that I have acquired threw all the advises I have been following in the last month's of seeking assistance all of them do except wire transfers or pay to pay transfers. PLEASE IF ANYONE AT ALL OUT THERE IS WILLING TO HELP ME I PROMISE BY WORDS OF MY OWN MOUTH OR BY WRITTEN CONTRACT I WILL USE THE ASSISTANCE TO GET ON MY FEET AND EVEN PAY BACK THE MONEY IF THIS OFFER IS GIVEN. I JUST NEED EVEN A SMALL AMOUNT OF ASSISTANCE TO GIVE ME A LITTLE MORE TIME TO FIGURE SOMETHING OTHER THAN WHAT BRIDGE LOOKS SAFE ENOUGH FOR US TO SLEEP UNDER. Please my children do not deserve this no one deserves. I have lived by the book my whole life never been in trouble outside of minor traffic tickets i recently
    Recieved for no tags and insurance. I do not drink, I do not do drugs, I dont hang out, club or party. I do not even have a real social life outside of the internet as I am too busy trying to survive and live. Please if anyone is out there who can help me please help me. Someone on another site suggested I prostitute myself for the money I need. I dont feel that I could ever look my 14 year old daughter, my 15 year old son or myself in the face if I did this
    Which now means I am left to look them in the face and tell them I failed and that we have no where to go , no where to live and no food. I do not expect them to understand and so I have been speaking to some agencies about at least having my children placed in homes until I can figure out something. Please understand this option just the thought of it is breaking me in a unimaginable unexplainable and most unforgettable way possible. I have raised my kids on my own since I was 19 we have never been apart, never had ny kind of CPS cases, or problems with my children just them and me and my mom. I do not want to have to take this option. Death would seem easier than sending my children away to live with some strangers who say they will take care of them. They deserve to be at home with their mom and I deserve to not have to let go of my children.
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