Last chance are you it only if i hear me

Discussion in 'Asking Celebrities for Help' started by Ang, Dec 12, 2014.

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  1. Ang

    Ang Newbie

    Last Chance are you it only if I hear me

    I do not know how to begin, not are a good storyteller are overly desperate
    is a desperate cry
    do not ask for mercy is just an aid either in money or any type of donation.
    We are a family without children we live in Portugal we are 2 years
    without work
    I am 47 years old and he 54 healthy, pleasant appearance in good working
    physical and mental, I am a bartender and he driver daily respond with
    to all the jobs occurring but there was no answer (any work)
    I was operated in 2010 I had a complicated gynecological surgery
    I could not work for a while my husband was already in unemployment
    after 8 days after surgery I went back to work with an aspect of zombies
    soon I was back in hospital all expenses were paid by me I did not receive
    any salary because they do not work
    my recovery was slow and needed to relax and treatment during this time
    was paid rent rates from cars
    savings were spent I lost car I stayed homeless I abandoned all (clothes,
    and Household Objects)
    I went to Spain to start a new life,after several months has found the work
    international driver after 5 months
    gave up work because it was stolen received 700 euros a month for work
    (week 5 work truck in Europe)
    and because not found another job after 4 months we returned to Portugal,I
    asked a friend to receive us in his house for 3-4 days
    we had only 200 euros and I could not get an apartment rent was in
    September 2014, October 13 my mother died is in another country
    I have not been able to attend funeral which hurts, hurts and now.
    I hoped to find work at least one of us but nothing and we are in December
    2014 days ago our friend said that we need to go from his house that we
    can not keep
    has 3 children and only he works dramatic thing is that children sleeping
    on the floor space is small is a one-room apartment
    the received us for 3-4 days and now can not get rid of us. I tried to do a
    loan from individuals that banks do not even pays attention when you do
    not work
    I with my husband I wanted to rent a commercial space to open a pastry
    but I met only crooks I tried everything you can try all I can do but
    that gives me the impression that there is no chance as though earth is
    empty as if all that was human, everything has disappeared
    so I wrote my story, this is my last chance can still someone will want to
    hear my desperate cry, maybe.
    Thank you for reading
    Thank you for attention I have given this to me
    Thanks exist
    I really had to think I'm alone on the planet tera
    I will not give my data here If anybody would like to help me can be
    contacted on my email :
    yours sincerely
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