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Discussion in 'Asking Millionaires for Help' started by hamza, Feb 5, 2015.

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  1. hamza

    hamza Newbie

    I stumbled across a site which shares ideas to make money. The site is called Millionaires Giving Money and I thought it would be a good idea to share the posts as a lot of people come onto Find Some Money asking for financial assistance. Most of these ideas are doable and they are legal and legitimate which means that you will make money if you put maximum effort in. If you're in the US or UK you can implement all of these ideas.

    Make $5000 Dollars - Ideas include contacted local businesses and wealthy people for money.

    Make $2000 Dollars - Ideas include recycling other people's phones. (I've tried this and it works)

    Make $1000 Dollars - This is quite a list and is worth checking out.

    A lot of people in the UK also come to this and I have found a great site called Money Saving Expert which has some great ideas to help you make more money. Check out the following links.

    Boost Your Income - This is a great post which gives 60 ideas to boost your income.
  2. budi

    budi Newbie

    hello..maybe no one will read this but iam a desprate man,iam working at cambodia with low salary thats barely enough to feed my son and my self,and i have no one to turn to,maybe iam a fool for trying this but i have no other choice...iam on a dire situation,i owe a loanshark money just to pass the day with a proper food and education for my son now my loan is piling up and they are coming to collect but i have nothing more to pay them,please..i will beg on your knees for my son if thats is what it's going to take just help us
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  3. Kalpana

    Kalpana Newbie

    i need money for my family expenses please help me to over come . why i am asking i am single to handle the family my father died , my husband applied for divorce for his another girl friend in this bad situation i stayed with my mother and she suffered with sugar and b.p and i dont have any job and we dont have any other source to get money . i want to start the small business like cloths or travels so please help me
  4. Cioroiu

    Cioroiu Newbie

    I am writing to you!I had to write to you and to everyone that wants to help, because I am asking for help with some money, to be specific I need donations in the name of “Axy’s Organization” that I developed, and it helps souls in need, and I hope that with everyone' s help I will manage to collect for a good cause, for souls not having food on their table, not having medicines for health, not having shoes and clothes to wear. What I am saying exactly is that I am asking you and everyone if you can sponsor/help me with any amount of money, even it is a 2 euros, or a 5, or a 10, whatever. Maybe it sounds strange to ask everyone they can contribute, but I really hope I will get a feed-back from around the world, from anyone.
    If you decide to help, below you find information with the account of the bank opened in the name of the Organization,on my name, the person who developed the idea, the time and it’s beauty. Whatever you decide it is ok for me because I’ve done my part, thank you just for making time to read my message, thank you.
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  5. vera

    vera Newbie

    I need money for new tooth...i need 13000.please help me...if someone help me let me know
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  6. can someone please help, I am about to lose my car. Live in namibia, your $1 is worth $10 here. Please help me out. my paypal is: Every sent helps, even $1 would help towards saving my car. I have 3 children to support.
  7. Raidah

    Raidah Newbie

    Hi pls can someone please help,I need some money for my business,my school and my marriage preparation. I live in Nigerian. Am in need of $ 1,000 USD. This are my acct details. Account Name: Musa Raidah Etuaje. Account Number: 3038238207. My Bank: First Bank of Nigeria.I hope you read my message. Thank you very much. I also hope to receive the money also.
  8. avacha2000

    avacha2000 Newbie

    Broken Dentures and doctor bills

    In need of dentures, The ones I have now are worn down and broke.
    Eating mostly with front teeth. don't want to smile anymore.
    Owe around $1,000.oo in past due doctor bills. Please Help!
  9. tititata

    tititata Newbie

    pls i am duing of poverty help
  10. missy_2oo8

    missy_2oo8 Newbie

    I need to get teeth fixed ASAP. Two are broke off to the gum. Leaving roots and exposed. Front right tooth is broke off. So is the two beside of the right front. I do not smile,do not go out of my home because I am embarrassed cause of my teeth. I avoid ring around family and friends. I sit in my car while my children participate in sports. I do not grocery shop anymore. Please please help me to smile again. Your generosity will be. Greatly appreciated. Whom every helps can pay directly to the dentist. God bless you all thank you for taking time to read this . Please help. Me!!!
  11. Sinan Ramzi

    Sinan Ramzi Newbie

    Gentlemen ,


    My story is too long but I will shorten it to keep your valuable time.

    I'm an Iraqi refugee , I am the head of the family of four people, wife, and two daughters

    I escaped from Iraq on 15,Sep 2014 to Turkey , I was manager in many private companies which were specialized in Oil and Gas services and the general trading.

    Now , my financial circumstance is very bad and I need help for 8500 $ only .

    Can anyone helps me ???

    My telephone 00905060563941
    My email address :

    Thanks so much and kindness regards
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  12. sweet3

    sweet3 Newbie

    I need 350 for power bill water bill asap i am Pray i get assistance fast please help me
  13. Suzie Taylor

    Suzie Taylor Newbie

    I need some help getting Christmas gifts for my 6 grandchildren and I need to catch up on my bills. In June 2014 my son was delivering fuel at a service station. A drunk driver ran over him. He has had several surgeries and more to come. He can not work at all. My husband and I have been supporting this family for 17 months. We can not do anymore until our past due bills are paid due to supporting this family. My grandchildren are already sad all the time and I want to be able to give them a few gifts for Christmas but we will not have the money. I have never asked for help in 50 years but I am now. PLEASE can you help us?
  14. i need some financila help.... i am workign in Dubai and i was stuck with credit card and loan shark with high interest... please help me..
  15. Am a student doing my post graduation BT now am facing very difficulty to find finance for the completion of my study
    Please help me to find it.its my ever dream to complete my study. But now am confused.its urgent please this is for a study purpose so please help me
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  16. Benni

    Benni Newbie

    Hi there

    I am a desperate south african mother of 3 and i am in a financial need. i need money for uniform, books and fees for mynchildren. i am a self employed person who was involved in a project last year and it exhausted our finds. i only need a financial assistance now because the new year is on me and i have no money to provide for these kids. please help.
  17. Yurii

    Yurii Newbie

    WaveScore Social Media make money

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  18. Sergey

    Sergey Newbie

    Good afternoon. My name is Sergey, I live in Ukraine . In connection with the military actions I lost my job and can not find already half a year ! Parents I have so no one to help . Situatsyya such that money for a removable apartment there and soon I vysilyat . Kosha is also not . All filter can someone please help me a little ! Here IOM Z150291071085 WebMoney purse . I would be very yulagodaren !
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  19. baby girl

    baby girl Specialist

    Does any one have email address or web site I've went every channel but I haven't found a way to get ahold of any one It doesn't matter who as long as are willing to help I'll make payments or whatever I need to do thanks and evewryone have a wonderful day
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