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  1. Genien

    Genien Newbie

    Need Earnest Money in 6 days! You get it right Back within 30-60 days plus interest.

    So for those of you that have bought a house know how this works. My family and I have hit a roadblock. We got everything set to go, and didn't realize how much Earnest money we actually needed. I'm at my last resort, obviously, to figure out how to not lose this house that we put a bid on. We got the approval, great safe location for my girls. All we need is the good faith of $11,000 to put down until the closing and than you get the money right back, plus whatever interests we would decide on. It can be a win win for the both of us. You make money and get your money back within the 30-60 days of the closing. It's driving me nuts because it's right there I can taste it. If anyone can lend us the money I would be so grateful. I know in real estate you should
    Never get attached, but my heart has fallen in love with this house. I have showed the house to my girls and they already picked out which ones would be their bedrooms. I know, I know I made a mistake, but I'm a go-getter and will not dwell on that but do everything in my power to make this happen. Please if anyone can help me. I've tried personal loan, but my credit is poor. Thank you for your ear.
  2. Anwar

    Anwar Apprentice

    Could somebody help me ...? I need 10000 dollars in month, Please can someone help me, I need to pay someone off. I borrowed some money. I've got regular income but I don't have any savings or assets. I need to start new life without having any debt or loan. I'am trying build a new happy family.
  3. Tiara

    Tiara Newbie

    I need money for my father hospital fee n my family
    Please help me I need $60,000 hkd
    To this my bank account
    Bank of China Hongkong
    012 789 1 023618 6
    I will be very appreciated for someone that help me
    This my email
    Thank you so much for anyone who help me
  4. Bereza

    Bereza Newbie

    I want ask are wealthy people to help me acquire enough money for my plans. I have problems with work of public institutions, because I have a degree of disability. With this can live but there are difficulties, so I want to do my business in home conditions, that the would make money and be irrespective of the difficulties. Approximately I need 5000 euros,
    that to rent accommodation, buy a sewing machine, overlock machine, textiles, various accessories and other types for use work.
    Instead from yours generosity, I want from the profits of my "business" ( when my business will expand) - to help any needy old men and old women in my country, on the occasion to buying them the food, clothes and gifts for the holidays, that will some to relief and to please theirs a modest life

    LLOYDS BANK 4921 8185 0518 9236
  5. Shawna Buchanan

    Shawna Buchanan Apprentice

    I was in a drunk driving accident that left me a quadriplegic, sadly it was my fault, I was the drunk. I will pay for that the rest of my life. It left me in a powerchair with no use of my hands. My accident was a blessing and a curse. I had a long adjustment period. A few years ago I started speaking to teens and young adults about the dangers of drinking and driving. I talk about the true, raw consequences and what they could very easily face.

    However, It’s getting harder to get to my speaking engagements without a reliable handicapped accessible van. I sometimes travel 3 or 4 hours away, even overnight stays if it’s too far from home. Without such vehicle it’s hard to schedule events ahead of time. I just want to help teens and that dream is become harder and harder.

    I am trying to “give back” by spreading the word and trying to help the youth of today.

    My goal is to purchase a used van that has been converted for a wheelchair user. I don’t drive, but this is something that I don’t have funding for. A good used van can be found around $25,000. If I was able to purchase a wheelchair accessible van it would change many aspects of my life. I would be able to go to more speeches and get the word out to many more young people. I wouldn’t have to worry about getting stuck along the road in my power chair.

    I feel everything would fall into place and make me successful in helping more people teens especially.
  6. Ray Soucy

    Ray Soucy Newbie

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  7. Sammie j

    Sammie j Newbie

    I still need financial help I'm going to be made redundant, I can't afford my bills I'm so scared for the future, I'm in the uk is my PayPal account can anyone spare some money to help I beg you please help
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  8. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Admin Post
    Hello, @Sammie j and welcome to The Find Some Money Forum. I am sorry to hear about your present circumstances. If you are going to be made redundant then you will be eligible for Jobseeker's allowance in the UK. You will get a regular payment every week so long as you look for a job actively, you should apply for this benefit straight away as it takes a few weeks to process. The online claim form is linked below.

    Jobseeker's Allowance (JSA) - GOV.UK

    Also, as you've been made redundant you should be eligible for redundancy pay as long as you've been employed for a while. You should definitely bring this up with your employer.

    To save money you need to re-analyse your budget. You can make savings by cutting your grocery bills and contacting utility companies asking them to put you on a social tariff.

    You should also look at Food Banks for help. If you have a large family and are living on Jobseeker's allowance there is a good chance you'll be eligible for help. I really hope you can act on this advice and wish you all the best for the future, please feel free to PM me for more suggestions.
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  9. john prell

    john prell Newbie

    There is no one out there that will give money it's just these companies that suck you into their page so they are the ones that make their money!
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  10. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Admin Post
    Hi, @john prell and welcome to The Find Some Money Forum. I am sorry to hear your response. Have you tried asking people for money? If you don't mind me asking what are your circumstances? How have you tried asking people for money? There are many success stories about people who have asked rich people for money and have received invaluable help.

    The people that do not receive help are those who don't have a legitimate hardship, or they go about asking for help the wrong way. One of the most effective ways to ask for help is through a Crowdfunding Campaign through sites such as and Using these sites you can state your hardship and contact rich people such as millionaires and billionaires and ask them for help. I have included links to some very successful crowdfunding appeals to show you how effective these methods can be when asking for help. I wish you all the best and look forward to a response.

    Jamie harris' Funeral by Lauren Cole - GoFundMe

    I Need 1000 Dollars in a Week! What Can I Do | Find Some Money
  11. dhana

    dhana Newbie

    Hello Sir/Madam,

    First of all, I would like to say sorry for my bad English. I'm not so good In English. well.. I never thought in my life I will end up on this website. Frankly speaking, at first, I just felt a bit funny of this website, but later on, I just started to believe that maybe my words have the power to get your attention to solve my financial problem.

    Currently, I'm having a biggest financial problem. I owe money to bank. I ran away from Singapore because can't able to pay the debt. even having a financial problem from my own country Malaysia. I owe a lot of money from the bank. you might be asking, how I end up with this problem? why I owe so much money?

    I'm having a serious gambling problem. I'm addicted to the gambling problem. I spend thousands of dollars in gambling. now I don't have anything. I sell everything I've earned for past 10 years. I left my job from Singapore because can't able to pay the debt. currently, I'm jobless. I was working in the casino. my only skill is all about a casino. but currently, they have no hiring in the casino. what should I do?

    Even try other job but all unsuccessful due to no experience in another field. Sometimes I felt like wanna suicide myself. but suicide not going to solve my problem. It will hurt my family. I don't wanna give trouble to my family. even now I end up on this website because I have no other website to go. I feel like failed in my life. the total money I owe from 2 countries is $200000. I know this is the big amount of money. I hope someone or somebody will help to settle my problem. I already out from gambling but It's too late. now I have no choice rather pray to God and universe to help me. thanks for listening to my problem

    Take care
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  12. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Admin Post
    Dear @dhana, Welcome to The Find Some Money Forum.

    First of all, I am sorry to hear about your debt problems and hope as well as pray that you overcome this as debt can be very stressful.

    I'm also sorry to hear about your gambling problems which have led to this.

    Before you start asking for donations I think you need to address your addiction so this never happens again. You must stop all gambling as of today and make a commitment to yourself that you will not gamble another penny. You must rejoin with your family as you need support because the likelihood of a relapse is high. You must pray everyday so God keeps you strong and offers you solutions to your problems.

    You must not get a job at any Gambling organization as this is just asking for more trouble. You must get a job somewhere where you are surrounded by moral people who will support you. Once you've established a Gambling Free Life you can start to address your debt.

    Your debts are very high and its unlikely that Crowdfunding or asking for donations will help. I likelihood of paying this debt off using your income is low and even if you did do this it would take too long to pay off and your quality of life would suffer. I would try to ask for debt forgiveness. Explain to your credits the errors you've made and tell them you are a new person. If you can't persuade them the best option I can see is to just concentrate on your rehabilitation and hope the creditors will write the debt off because they can no longer find you. I'm sorry I can't offer better advice but I do wish you all the best in the future.

    I desperately need $100 dollars today what can i do | Find Some Money
  13. Hello since I am student I would like to get some technology materials like laptop I don't need such a lot of help since I am child who live with his parents only I need is to get $400 from you Thank you

    my email
  14. G
  15. Hello,

    To start off in the classic way my name is Joseph Johnson. I am writing to you today because I have been through some of the toughest things anyone has ever faced in life. Three years ago while I was swimming off an island of Costa Rica, in a designated swimming area, I was run over by a boat. The boat didn't have a spotter and was looking back at the banana tube it was towing; not ahead to the direction of the boat. I was extremely close to dying and if not from the quick actions of a doctor who was on the trip with me and my school I wouldn't be here writing to you today. I had to be given 12 units of blood, the human body has 10-12, and was life flighted to the biggest hospital in the country to have emergency surgery to stop the bleeding. If not for one female anesthesiologist they would have kept going with the surgery and tried to fix my broken bones but she was worried about brain damage and forced them to stop. Luckily it didn't do too much damage to my brain but the damage to my body and psyche was immense. Since the day of the accident, June 16th 2014, I have been through: 15 surgeries totaling close to 100 hours of total surgery time, Spent 4 months of total time in the hospital, Been on a feeding tube for 5 months straight, couldn't speak for the first 3 months, couldn't drink water or anything else for the first 3 months, and countless other painful experiences that still haunt me to this day. I often get the question "why don't I want to become a doctor?". Well because after all I have been through I can't even go into a hospital without going into a cold sweat remembering the awful things I have been through. Things I can't even tell my own mother because it would make her cry. Because of all of this stuff happening to me when I was 16 years old I suffered extreme mental damage from all the trauma. I was diagnosed with depression, anxiety, suicidal tendencies, PTSD, and many trauma induced things like ADHD and even trauma cataracts. There is no doubt I have been through some of the worst pain and awful experiences just about anyone can go through. I am not even close to done with it and it is just getting harder. Three years later I still am having surgeries and dealing with endless doctor's appointments and chronic pain. I have persevered through a terrible ordeal for 3 years but it is just getting harder. The accident happened between my Junior and senior year of high school. But somehow I maintained my 4.0 GPA and became my high school valedictorian. I scored 95th percentile on the ACT even though I was under the influence of narcotics while on the test due to a previous surgery. I maintain a 3.84 GPA going into my junior year of college in my chosen degree of chemical engineering. But it has been a constant struggle dealing with school, medical issues, and a less than ideal home life. I am racked with medical bills, student loans, and having to live in a place where people are terrible to me. I get made fun of because I have many scars on my face because of the accident. I get picked on because sometimes I have to skip doing a work job at my house because I am in so much pain I can't move. The people aren't understanding and it is a place where I am always in pain and uncomfortable. But it is cheap so I am forced to remain there. Even after all the agony I have been through I can't have anything nice because I am too poor to afford any of it due to my circumstances. I can't even take any legal action because of the different laws in Costa Rica involving personal injury settlements. I would have to put more money into it than I would get back. That is just a small bit of the things I have been through. I myself forget some of worst things because it hurts my mind to much to remember so I bury it deep down. And unfortunately that is part of the reason why I am struggling; I have so many unaddressed mental issues and I can't afford to hire a therapist who is experienced to help me. That is why I am coming to you. I am seriously struggling. I need a lot of help and I know this is a request for special treatment but I have had so many extra ordinarily bad things happen to me that I am hoping for once in my life I will get lucky and have someone show me the world isn't as bad of place as I have been lead to believe. I am hoping someone who reads this can actually help me. My life seems to have been going from one bad event to the next. I just wish more than anything that would change. As pathetic as it sounds I literally wish the Genie from Aladin would come to me so my luck could change and I could help all the other people in my position too. If you could send anything to help that would be so much appreciated. Even if it is just a kind encouraging word or a piece of advice or even just passing this along to someone else who can help I would appreciate it so much. I am at my wits end just trying to survive and I am struggling so much. Please help? If you have any damaged stuff or products or money or absolutely anything you can give me that would be amazing. I just could use some comforts to help distract me from all the pain I have been through and to help me get through college. You make amazing things. I would love to write a testimonial or do anything I can to thank you and help you. Just please I am desperate for help and I don't know how much longer I can last like this. I would happily send you any pictures or CT scans or doctors charts or anything to establish my credibility. I would do anything for someone to just please help me? My entire life has taught me that the only person I can rely on is myself. But I keep failing and I just don't know what to do anymore. I feel like I am drowning trying to handle college, doctors, surgeries, terrible people who hurt me so much more than the boat ever could, and just so many other things. I am constantly in pain and barely am able to get up in the morning. I don't know what else to do so I am making a moonshot hoping you can help. Please? Thanks for taking the time to read this. I really appreciate it. I hope you have a good day and a great life. Even if I never hear from you I wish you love, joy, and abounding blessings beyond your measure.

    Thank you,
  16. Tomas Tivi

    Tomas Tivi Newbie

    I sent letter for you asking money but I ask i fink too much but for me realy ned this money for start evherifink from zeroo .. i just get merred last sumer now i have baby nice geol .. i hard vorking but stell not inaf money too much ekspences now me need 5000 pound just gyve back sam money for people end just start new job i welder now vorking but have just 350 a week it not inaf renting flat cost me 850 plus bils a month 1300 ... I realy good vorker end just need start new job for much beter money but just needed monay for start If you vanted i kent pay you back this money when I be stronger of money ... not good on englisch rhiting .. I live in LOndon plyyz help me start new life ... acount number 50062068 sort code 30-96-17 or just borow for me for 2 yer time thanks
  17. Princezz Ashley

    Princezz Ashley Apprentice

    Please see my fundraiser link for a more descriptive understanding of myself and my situation. Thank you for your time and for considering my post to read. I pray for the blessings of all.
    Thank you,

    A Helping Hand Please by Ashley M. Mosley
  18. LoriH67

    LoriH67 Apprentice

    LoriH67 Newbie
    Hello, my name is Lori and I'm new to this. I hope I'm doing this right. I am not one to ask for help, but I am at the end of my rope. My financial situation has been in a downward spiral for the last 9 years. I took on the responsibility to raise my grand daughter when she was born so I had to cut back on work. Thing's got tight, but we managed. Then 4 years later my mother became ill and I had to quit working all together because she needed round the clock care. That's when thing's REALLY got tight. We tried to get help from the state to pay me for taking care of her, but for one reason or another we got turned down. She passed 2 year's ago and now I have some medical issues of my own. Between my medical issues, taking care of my special needs grand daughter, not having transportation (car got repoed) and a gap in work history I haven't had any luck in finding a job. If anyone that reads my post knows of a real work at home job with no start up, please let me know.
    Also I am in desperate need of some financial assistance. If anyone out there can help, I would deeply and sincerely appreciate it. I will post my Pay Pal address at the end of my post if anyone would like to help me get back on my feet. I am in jeopardy of getting my water shut off next week because I cant pay the bill, my grand daughter's bed is scheduled for repo this weekend unless I can come up with the payment I am behind. ($240.00). She doesn't deserve this. If you can please find it in your heart to help for her!! I have enough food for about 4 more day's and I don't get my food stamps until August 7th. I don't want her to go hungry. Most of the time I go day's without eating so she can have food. I NEVER lived like this before. I always worked 40+ hours a week until these life changing event's happened. I have no family I can ask for help as both parent's and my older brother have all passed. I have tried going to local churches and agencies for help, but again for one reason or another I get turned down. I get a very little bit of public assistance. Not even enough for 1 person to live on let alone two. And now I have the issue of trying to get my grand daughter new school clothes to start school next month. I am worried every morning that I wake that someone is going to come shut something off or take something away from us. I hate living like this and this beautiful little girl doesn't deserve this. I do the best I can with what we have, but what we have left isn't much. So PLEASE if you can find it in the kindness of your heart to help I would greatly appreciate it. I will accept any donation, big or small. Anonymous or you can e-mail me for more information or if you have any question's. I assure you I am IN NEED of this help. I am not just trying to sit back and get free money. I have alway's been the one that would help anyone that needed help. I would give my last dollar to help someone when I had a dollar to give. It really pain's me to have to ask and almost beg people to help me. And I can't stress enough that ANYTHING will be greatly appreciated. Now I would like to take this time to thank you for reading my post and thank you in advance for any donation you can spare. My e-mail is-- and that is also my Pay Pal address. Thanks again. Lori
  19. Fundraiser by Jason Williams : Need dental implants i need dental implants my insurance doesnt cover dental implants i really need help i cant work right now cause of some health issues so any help would be great i would be very great full for it thank you for your time
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