Lesbian young girl need money urgently

Discussion in 'Free Money for People in Need' started by hope2020, Nov 2, 2020.

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  1. hope2020

    hope2020 Newbie

    My name is Letizia, Lety is how friends call me. I'm a lesbian teen girl, living alone, in a very small and humble house. I'm unemployed and the period is bad for work. I'm very sweet and shy, and I have a few friends. I am orphan, and I have no family, no brothers or sisters. I'm totally alone.

    I live in Rome suburbs, and the zone is not safe, I fear walking alone and I often stay at home. And I often cry...

    My financial situation is very bad, I'm too poor, with no income, and I have also to pay the monthly rent for my "house", a humid room so void, that's like a prison...

    Someday I have problems to find something to eat, this message I can write only thanks to a friend of mine, a bit less poor than me, who allowed me to write with her computer.

    I'm so sad, sometimes I also have bad bad thoughts...You understand...

    But I would love life, and I love to love, I love friendship, good feelings, also sex, I like travelling (but only with fantasy...), music, nature...

    The situation is really bad...Now, with Covid, it's worse...Now I have also fear to get ill, it's too hard to go on for me...

    So my only hope is to find some Angel who could open her/his heart and give me a little little help, that for me is a gift so precious. I will wait for these Angels to come and help me, and every dollar or euro would be a ray of light in my dark life... I dream that a rainbow of human charity could enlight the deep night where I'm prisoner...

    Don't worry if your help seems to you too little, what is little for you may be so great and precious for me!

    And don't forget the other poor people who are suffering all around the world, always open your heart to poor people

    So the world, often so full of indifference and eghoism, would really better.

    Thank you for reading my story, excuse me if I've stolen too much time

    And also if you can't help me, thank you, too!

    Have a nice day, may all your dreams come true!

    Ciao, the sweetest kisses from your sweet Lety

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