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Discussion in 'My Story' started by Justice Rebel, Mar 16, 2018.

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  1. Justice Rebel

    Justice Rebel Newbie

    Howdy hi. I'm a 63 yr old woman, alone with just my dogs. I had a home n 5 acres ten yrs ago, but I was away for 3 weeks from my property, n druggies moved onto my property, n into my house. the guy was 34 n his girlfriend was 16! They wouldn't leave my property, when I got home, so I worked at getting rid of them n when I finally got rid of the last one, he came back, later that day, n set my house on fire! I didn't have insurance, cause, I lived alone, n I didn't smoke. The cops showed up, but wouldn't charge anyone. The fire marshal said, It was arson, but nothing was ever done, so I had to move, off my property temporarily. Then the bcspca sued me for $50,000 n took my property of 5 acres (valued at over $250,000 at the time) so, since then I've been displaced, homeless, living out of some folks tool shed, then a safe house, while my dogs were put in a filthy rundown kennel. I finally moved to be with family, who after a short time, kicked me out over a minor incident. I then bought a sml travel trailer, thinking, I could travel, but, gained stuff, n thought the new trailer was too heavy for my vehicle to pull anyway, so I just ended up staying in this rv park, but this last 1 1/2 yrs has been unbearable. The neighbor has threatened me with a bulldozer, has let off fireworks, bear bombs, n an air horn!!!!! This went on all day, everyday, most of the summer of 2016.

    Then some guy, came to stay with me to protect me from the nasty neighbor, with his grown up temper tantrums, his yelling at me n my dogs, n throwing things around inside my trailer. He lost his van, so I let him stay inside the trailer. That was where it got really ugly!! He broke my tools, broke garden furniture, shot up drugs with needles, in my trailer, n threatened me in order to rack up drugs, on my credit card, he threatened to hurt my dogs, n threatened to steal, n wreck, my vehicle, which I can't drive now. It's sitting with 3 flat tires, a dead battery, n no gasoline. I owe icbc $6000 for no insurance fines, that I can't pay. And, YES I phnd the cops, but they wouldn't charge this guy! I finally got rid of the drug guy, but, now this yr the nasty neighbor, is trying to have sex with me, n is trying different tactics, but still not a good situation! I have no family to help, so I'm trying something quite different in asking for help.

    Even the GOVERNMENT'S Idea of helping, is to offer subsidized housing,where yr stuffed into a building, where u don't know yr neighbor, can't have pets, n yr stuck with yr neighbors, while they shoot up, get drunk, or try to grope u in the hallway! And, the RULES, that the GOVERNMENT has in place, in order to get into this subsidized housing, is merely a control tactic, while they think they r doing us poor people a big favor!! There should be no interest on non-repayable grants/loans from the GOVERNMENT, so they help lower income people get into a home of their choice, n leave the the subsidized housing for the druggies, alcoholics. n prostitutes, who need to clean up before they can get into a real home, n be able to take care of it properly! And even, the GOVERNMENT, should know that u can't mix ordinary folks with troubled folks!! That would make more sense!

    So I'm asking for $300,000 to buy 160 acres, where I can have chickens, a horse, take in renters, for financial help, have money making ventures, like a sml tree farm, hay field for income, veggie garden, n a lot of other great ideas to help other people, besides myself. I would also, like to build a sml chapel on the property. I could do a lot of good, if I was only given the chance, but I've been told that I should FORGET MY DREAMS n just settle for any help, I would get from one of my relatives, who is a control freak. Tho I love them, I'm not ready for the broken down rockin chair, n certainly not the old age home! NNNNNNo sir, not on yr life, but if there's anyone who would be willing to take a chance on me.....I can make payments of up to $550.00 per month if I could get a private mortgage rate of 2.79 or less. I had my other property for over 20 yrs. I suffer from PTSD, n tho it's been ten yrs, since I lost my property, I can't seem to get back on my feet. If anyone cares to help me, n my dogs out, there r so many variables to be discussed, that I'm sure I could reach an amiable agreement, with someone. I just have to do this, without any help, from the controlling relative, or the GOVERNMENT, who doesn't want happy people, cause there's no money in happy, healthy, people!

    So, thankx, for taking the time to read, part of my story. Yes, there's a lot more ugly, but I'm concentrating on the positive. If there's anyone willing to at least talk to me, I would be truly grateful. And, pls, no SCAMMERS!!!!! I've had enough of them to last a lifetime too!! If yr honest n true, pls contact me, to verify yrself, n hopefully we can work out something,

    Thankx, again, for yr time.

    Happy Trails. God Bless all!
  2. victorpisk

    victorpisk Newbie

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