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    Make 10,000 Dollars per Month On Amazon Affiliates 2017

    - In this thread, I will share how I plan to make 10,000 dollars per month - It is hard work but it works.

    - I am not selling anything, I have found a free program on how to make money legally and legitimately on Amazon.

    - You can sign up for the free course from Dan Brock's Affiliate Programs and start making 100 dollars per day.

    - I am personally using this program to make money and highly recommend it to The Find Some Money Community.
    When I first started The Find Some Money Forum my aim was to help low-income individuals and families to boost their income. I've shared as much information as possible to help people and we now have over 1000 members helping each other. It's been an incredible experience.


    Recently in 2017, I've found a great way to make money online and I want to share this with The Find Some Money Community. I know it's hard to believe but there are so many people out there who are making 10,000 dollars per month through Amazon Affiliate commission. In this thread, I will be explaining the process where you could potentially make $10,000 dollars per month.

    Just imagine what a difference it could make.

    I'm not selling anything here, I'm just sharing some information which you might find valuable if you act on it.

    I acted on it and I am seeing results which could help me hit the $10,000 dollars per month mark. If you want to know how much a blogger makes or how much you can potentially make as an Amazon Affiliate read on, I would recommend you bookmark this thread as I plan to add more useful content and document my journey as In try to make 10,000 dollars per month.

    In a nutshell, it works like this. I will be sharing the full steps below, but, here's a taster.

    1. You find a niche on Amazon which has little competition

    2. Use the Google AdWord Tool to find keywords relating to this

    3. Build a website and write content to rank the product on Google

    4. Outsource the work so your income continues to grow

    I have followed this process and am close to making 1000 dollars per month on Amazon sales. I know that if I continue I will eventually hit the 10,000 dollars per month mark on Amazon Affiliate sales.

    Here is the video that inspired me to choose Amazon Affiliates.

    This is Dan Brock. He is one of the leading earners of Amazon Affiliate commission. He has been in the game for over 15 years now and has his own affiliate program which helps people make money through Amazon. I signed up to Dan Brock's Free Affiliate Program and now I'm reaping the benefits.

    If you're on a low-income just imagine what a difference this could make to your life. I would advise you not to quit your job, instead, learn the process and see what results you get. If you really stick to it you too could make 10,000 dollars a month on Amazon the same way I plan to.

    I have written a brief overview of the process below. I would recommend Dan Brocks Free Online Course which helps people make 100 dollars per day using this strategy. Dan is the funny guy on the video above and is one of the highest Amazon Affiliate Earners on the internet so he's worth following because he gives away a ton of useful information for free.

    Please, TAKE ACTION - This is a free course and it could help you boost your income and get out of poverty.
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    Make 10,000 Dollars Per Month on Amazon Sales
    Step 1 - Research Amazon Market Place

    Recap: Using this strategy you can make money with 100 dollars. All you need to invest is 100 dollars and you could potentially make 10,000 dollars. The 100 dollars is to set up the site and to have the content written by professionals.

    The first step is to create an Amazon Associates Affiliate Account. It's relatively straightforward to join and get approved. I joined in 2011 and failed to put any serious effort at the beginning. I recently started to use the account after being inspired by Dan Brock's Deadbeat Super Affiliate Program which inspired me to TAKE ACTION. I am now seeing serious results and I am confident I'll eventually earn $10,000 Dollars per month on Amazon.

    Once you've joined the Amazon Associates Affiliate program you need to find a product to promote. There are literally thousands of products which you can choose from which have little or no competition on Google Search Results.

    You need to find a good quality product which has extremely positive reviews and then promote the products. Some of the products which are making me serious money are Cystic Acne Treatment creams, Hyperpigmentation Creams, and Skin Whitening Creams. Once you've found a product to promote you need to do some research to see how much competition there is on the internet.

    I would recommend you check out Dan Brocks Super Affiliate Free Course which explains this in detail. Seriously, I'm not doing it justice here. Dan goes through exactly how he picks his Amazon Niche Products in his video so it's worth checking out.

    Check out some of the earnings potential below on the image. If you're clever and you put continuous effort this could be you.


    Take Action: Dan Brock's Super Affiliate Program is free. You get expert advice on how to research products on Amazon and how to use the Google Adwords key as well as the Moz bar to do your research. You also get advice on the settings to use to supercharge your earnings and how to outsource and promote your content to earn money. THIS IS A FREE COURSE and is worth signing up for.
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    Make 10,000 Dollars Per Month on Amazon Affiliate Sales
    Step 2 - Do Some Keyword Research

    Once you've found the product you want to promote you need to do some keyword research. You aim is to find out how competitive this keyword is and how hard it will be to get on the first page of Google. Once you get on the first page of Google you will almost certainly see money coming in. The difference between being on the first page and second page could be hundreds of dollars. The difference between being in the fourth position and first position is literally tens of thousands of dollars per month.

    You will need to join the Adwords Program which is free. You might need to enter your bank details but rest assured you won't be charged for using the free keyword tool.

    Using the keyword tool you'll be able to assess how competitive the keyword is and how much you could potentially make.

    Again, I won't be going into a tutorial here because I think with Dan Brock's Free Course he explains it better. If you haven't already joined his free program check it out now. TAKING ACTION now may make all the difference in the world. It's a free course and it's a stepping stone to making $100 dollars per day with a few hours work. This program is perfect for low-income families and individuals because you won't have to quit your job and you can do this in the background and build residual passive income.

    The image below shows the seasonal earnings potential. During the holidays Amazon Affiliate sales surge! Just imagine getting a bonus every holiday. It would be amazing and something I'm already looking forward to.


    Just imagine what a difference $10,000 dollars would make to your life. If you need $10000 fast this is one of the quickest methods I know of to make money through the internet, it's working for me and it could work for you.

    Take Action - Sign Up for Free Course on Dan Brocks Super Affiliate Site. This program is starting to change my life and it might just change yours so long as you put in the effort and graft at the beginning. It is possible, 10,000 dollars is possible so TAKE ACTION now and join the FREE COURSE. This is a completely free course and I won't make anything if you sign-up to the free course. I am recommending this because it's a GAME CHANGER.
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    Make 10,000 Dollars Per Month On Amazon Affiliate Sales
    Step 3 - Build a High-Converting Amazon Affiliate Sales Website

    I know it's hard to believe but 10000 monthly income is possible. You really need to believe in this if you want to make it work.

    Once you've done your keyword research to assess the competition you can move onto building a website.

    I recommend you use a Wordpress site which is clean and simple, this will help you convert visitors to sales. Using a complicated WordPress site will confuse users. Your aim is to provide brilliant content that compels the visitor to buy the product because it is useful and will help to improve the quality life.

    You can register your domain and get hosted on Hostgator. Both WordPress and Hostgator are recommended by Dan Brock Super Affiliate's Free Course to make 100 Dollars per Day. I would act on this information. In the past, I've made over elaborate websites which have scared the visitors away. Your aim to build a clean and concise website that offers incredible value and then recommends a product which will make your life easier. If you can implement this your life will change.

    Again, I don't want to get into the nitty gritty of building a website because I think the tutorial by Dan Brock is much better and its free through his super affiliate course. I followed this exact blueprint and I am on the road to making 10,000 dollars per day.

    Another recommendation that Dan Brock makes in his Free Super Affiliate Program is to outsource as much work as possible. He explains how you can get 10 quality articles written for around 200 dollars. Once these articles/reviews are on your site you should start to make about 100 dollars per month, once you start tweaking and promoting the content on your website you should start to see more money coming in.

    Take Action 1: I cannot stress enough how much of a GAME CHANGER this was for me and I urge you to sign up for the free course which will help you make 100 dollars per day. With some tweaking, you could earn more from each site or make more sites once you know the blueprint for success.

    Take Action 2: I would urge everyone in this community to take action because you can make a serious amount of money in a short space of time. This could change your life and lead you into prosperity. This program has made an impact on my life and I hope it makes an impact on yours too. At the very least sign up for the FREE PROGRAM and go through the content when you are feeling motivated and full of energy.
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