Mother looses son... 5 days later house burns down... no insurance...

Discussion in 'Asking Millionaires for Help' started by kelsey, Jul 4, 2015.

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  1. kelsey

    kelsey Newbie

    Well here is the story...

    My name is kelsey Johnson. I was the youngest of three. Even I was 2 my partners divorced and i grew up only seeing my dad on some holidays. My mom who is the most amazing woman some how made ends meet... She made sure we got to go to summercamps even even there was no money to pay... I honestly dont know how she did so much and not for just one of her children but for all three... I can honestly can't say I have ever seen her put herself before other people... She gives and gives and give past the point of exhaustion but that is what makes her so happy... Trust me I have seen it first hand.. I am so lucky that she made sure we has everything we needed and bent overbackwards to give is what we wanted with inreason... But most of all my mom was always there with love so strong and so was clear that she lived not for herself but for her children...

    In the last 30 days I have seriously questioned my faith... I really really don't understand how a god who is supposed to love every one could.put my mom through so much pain and suffering... May 22 was my mom's birthday... not even 2 weeks later on June 5, 2015 my family went through the most devastating event... my brother died... it breaks my heart seeing such a strong woman so week with sadness ... It never occurred to me that at any time some one I love dearly can be painfully ripped from my life... I have never really had to deal with death in my family other than my grandma... this is so much different because my grandma lived a very very long beautiful life and did so much, never having to bury any of her children... she lived longer than most and she is in a better place... she is missed dearly and has left by so many beautiful memories...
    When I found out my brother was at harbor view intensive care and that I needed to be there immediately so I could have a chance to see him and say good bye while he was still alive... that was the most unbelievably heartbreaking thing I have ever been told and I just could not accept that he might not make it... I kept thinking that he would wake.up and a.week from now we would joke about how much he scared the help out of every one... And being able to look back and remember what happened as a learning experience...
    I can't even imagine the pain my mom is feeling having to bury her only son... if I could take his place I would in a heart beat... I can sadly say that praying for a miracle with the little faith I have left died with my brother... ... ... And if my love could have saved his life then he would live forever... I wish I could have told him I loved him and wished I would have tried harder to just be there... I looked up to him so much and admired him... I still can't believe he is gone and don't know when this overwhelming pain will go away... the worst part is that while my mom flew to wa from alaska to see my brother in the hospital so she could hold his hand as they took him off life support... a wild fire burnt her house down leaving nothing but ashes behind and to mAke things even worse there is no house insurance... Everything and I mean everything has burned to ashes... ... my mom has not.only.lost her only.son but has now lost her home with everything she has spent her whole life saving... I would give anything to have money ... I would give every penny to help.her get her life back... I would build her a new house for her and her dogs so she can continue her passion of dog sledding the Iditarod every year... the beautiful thing is that she could have cared less about the house... the only.thing on her mind was that she could not loose any more loved ones and that she would give up her house or any materialistic items any day as long as she has her family...

    This is the article
    Veteran Iditarod dog mushers Bob Chlupach and Jan Steves recently lost their home and mushing supplies in the devastating Sockeye Fire in Willow, Alaska. Bob has raced and completed Iditarods in the last five decades, while Jan raced to fulfill a

    Bob was able to get all of the dogs out safely. Jan helplessly waited for phone calls, texts, Facebook postings as she was in Washington with family. Luckily she is with Bob and her dogs. Everyone is well and safe.

    Mentally drained and still trying to comprehend all of this, they remain positive.

    Any help is appreciated. Bob, Jan and their families are thankful for your kindnes.

    I just want to take the weight off my moms shoulders and for once give her a shoulder to lean on because it has always been the other way...
    I really prey that out of all this bad... That something good can happen...

    Thank you


    From everett wa
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