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Discussion in 'Ask For Donation' started by Ma.Victoria Sanchez, Aug 9, 2016.

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  1. My name is Ma. Victoria Sanchez.
    I grew up in Manila,Philippines and studying Music Education to follow my dreams of becoming a Professional Music Teacher.

    I started playing Guitar and Piano since 9years old. In the year 2003 I begun to performed with a Band or solo artist in wedding and birthday events.

    In 2015 I volunteered in our school to teach guitar to Special Child (Autism),to give them a chance to explore ,learn and helping them to create the talent that they have. While teaching them I learned that disability is not a hindrance to learning in playing musical instruments.Seeing them progress and grow as musicians and how changes them as human beings. They become more self-confident,more self-disciplined and they develop a good work ethic ,not only learning to play guitar but in many other aspects of their lives as well.
    Learning playing musical instruments and understand music,changes the way of a person looks at the world and possibly how the world looks at them.Knowing that I had something to do with that ,brings me great pleasure.

    All of these amazing opportunities and experienced I have had the honor of being a part of , would not be possible without my family and friends. They have gotten me where I am today and continue to give me the best support I could ask for.
    My parents are very hardworking and they have done everything they can to get my music education at this prestigious music school. My father is a carpenter and he also sells firewood in public while my mother is a rosary maker they only earned $500 per year and it's not enough to support my music education.

    I have 3 years more left studying Music Education at New Era University here in the Philippines. I am now in my 2nd year in college and plan to graduate in May 2019. My tuition fee per year cost $5,000 including my food, school uniform, school supplies,books, and transportation cost going to school.

    I have to raise $15,000 to be able to continue my music education If I don’t raise enough money I will not be able to finish my 3years in New Era University.

    I know that you have a generous heart helping ordinary people like me. All of the funds that you will contribute will go for a good cause.
    Thank you so much for the support and God bless you.
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    Hello. @Ma.Victoria Sanchez and welcome to The Find Some Money Forum. I'm happy that you want to get an education in Music to help improve your quality of life and standard of living.

    There are ways that you could raise $15,000 dollars. The first option is to find a corporate philanthropist who will offer you grant money or even a scholarship to help you complete your studies. The link below gives many Music Scholarship Programs you can apply for.

    Scholarships for Music Majors

    You should also consider a Student Loan. Your parents are on a very low income which means you should be eligible for student loans. Check out the following Student Aid website to check if you qualify.

    Basic Eligibility Criteria | Federal Student Aid

    You could also set up a Crowdfunding page through to raise money for your studies.

    I really hope you find a way forward, please update up soon to let is know.

    I desperately need $500 dollars right now! | Find Some Money
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