My story - part 2

Discussion in 'My Story' started by Munda Pridyandaru, Jul 3, 2017.

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  1. Munda Pridyandaru

    Munda Pridyandaru Apprentice

    Hello, My name Munda

    In the latest of my story, I was tell about my life. Just a little, but it can be share. Let me continued the story.

    My life just focus in work, because in my country, find a good job is verry difficult. For get a good job, people must have something different, smart, and maybe must have a something specialist. If you don't have a good ability, you just can become a labour, with a small sallary, or just have a temporary job. You must ready for fired, if anyone have something better than you. So, you must be fight, try for defend in your possition. So do I, I always fight, for deffend my job, althought, hard, but I always try, and must be survive.

    My fiance, is one of my supporter, in my life. That's why I choice her. I learn a hard life from her, How she can survive from her hard life. How she can keep strong ang believe in faith. How she always pray and never surrender. When I wah fall, she always pray for me, she always give me strenght again, so I can stand up again, fight and try with another way. I collect money, besides for mine, just only for her, for us in the future. Eventhought many people disagree with our relationshio, I don't care, because I believe, we believe, we can do it. Until we proof to everone, if we can, if my choice is not wrong. I called her "LIGHT", why? Because she can give me a light in my darkness. Because her smile can make me happy. Because her spirit can chance verything of me. Just one word i can say to her, I love you "LIGHT".
  2. MonMon

    MonMon Apprentice

    Wwe can all learn from our experiences and hardships. God bless you both
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