Need help please

Discussion in 'My Story' started by Kelly Lewis, Jan 28, 2016.

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  1. Kelly Lewis

    Kelly Lewis Newbie

    I feel lost i this world. Naked in GODS eyes. I read my bible, pray and trying my hardest to keep my faith. Wishing for a miracle from GOD. My son and 4 yr old grandson live in a 2 bedroom trailer.
    My husband and I got married but shortly I had a thyroid storm, I almost went into a coma. 2 months later I had a thyroidectomy. I thought I was dying. I was having issues with anxieties and my blood pressure. I wasn't able to work. I tried but I got fired because of my anxieties. I also have Agoraphobia. My husband was on Disabilities, but then he decided to work so we had to move out in the country. My husband didn't think he needed his meds anymore and started to drink. I was so upset. I was working on my Disability.
    You see my 1st husband was mentally abusive. Married 4 years and had 3 children. He took the children away, then I had a nervous breakdown, and was homeless.
    My second husband I was married to for 10 yrs, he was mentally and physically abusive. We had our son Kelley.
    So I ended up in Texas, Growing up my father was mentally and physically abusive. My parents divorced.
    When my husband and I were living on the farm. I was watching my grandson and had just put him to sleep. When my chest started hurting real bad. I was having a severe heart attack. I layed on the bed and called 911. I layed there for 2 hours. I thank God my grandson never woke up till his papaw showed up, gave me an aspirin and then Jesse woke up from his nap. The Ambulance got lost so my husband's boss went to find it. By the time the EMC got there I was out. Thought I was dying. Then felt someone hit my chest which jolted me. I ended up with stent in my heart. 6 months later I had to get more stents, then a yr later I ended up with 8 stents.
    Well we moved into the trailer were in now. My husband left. I take alot of medication. But, in not able to go because I have no car. If I could have $100,00.00, I could pay off this trailer. Get the title, buy some land with a well. Have our trailer mover. Have new floors and ceiling put in. New roof, new siding, new windows. A car. Make a home for my kids. Maybe someday I will be able to get all my disability. Need an extra room added. Fence in the back yard and build a chicken pen so we get our own eggs At this point my doctor knows I'm very stressed and raised my medication. If I had a car I would be able have my mammogram and colonoskopy done, a full physically. Have my throat stretched so I don't get choked all the time. I need my bottom teeth pulled and new plates made. I have upper plates but there 25 yrs old. My son needs his teeth fixed as well, they keep breaking off. Please in the name of GOD help me my son and grandson. I really don't know what else to say. My life is full of lies and abuse. I can't go into all of it. I would be writing a book. I'm also an MHMR patient and have diabetes, and get heart palpitations. You can look do a back ground check on me I don't care. My SS# 458-41-0902, DL#00303005, DOB 06-23-1962.
    My life has always been stressful. I've been abused most my life. At this point in my life I don't have alot of energy. I do read alot. I would rather be left alone. But, I love my son and grandson. I use to love to cook, sew, paint, gardening and building. After everything I've been thru, and what little I have. It feels I have let my son down in every way. It was a cold winter with only 3 space heaters., very little on groceries and cold air coming thru every little Nook and cranny of the house. Part of the ceiling fell in this winter. I will keep reading my bible, praying, and having faith for a miracle.

    Mrs. Kelly Lewis
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  2. Darlene Henry

    Darlene Henry Newbie

    I know how it is to have things happening when really needing help I am needing help with needing a three bed room house do I
  3. baby girl

    baby girl Specialist

    we just have to keep praying hopefully someone can and will help us keeping our faith and hope
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