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Discussion in 'Free Money for People in Need' started by Raymond, May 20, 2014.

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  1. Raymond

    Raymond Newbie

    I need to make money fast, after reading several personal finance books and following personal finance blogs like Daily Finance I realised that I have a shortfall on my emergency fund, savings account and retirements account. This shortfall has really got me worried and I'm now looking at ways to make money. I am willing to work now from home and I am willing to make money fast and legally. Some of my friends tell me that I can make money fast online for free, I am not sure if this is possible however I am a patient person so I am willing to try out long term online money making businesses. If anyone has any suggestions please share them ASAP today as I am eager to make a start right now. Please post videos, resources and links to speed things up.

    Thank You
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  2. Sadia

    Sadia Administrator

    If you need to make money fast I have a few suggestions.

    If you want to work from home you could try to open an eBay store. One strategy is to find out all the hottest selling products and then place a large order with offshore companies such as Alibaba. You need to do a lot of research finding the best selling products. I don't really have any ideas as to products but finding the right ones is the key to your eBay business success. Once you've found a handful of products you should find a supplier from places like China where cost per unit is low. Make sure you factor all the shipping costs into the price. Look at the competition and see how they are pricing their products. Once you do the maths you should have a 30 to 40% profit margin after all costs to make it worthwhile. There are a lot of successful eBay businesses in the USA and UK however it takes time to build a reputation. Avoid any illegally traded items as your eBay account will be banned immediately. There are millions of men, women, teenage boys and girls who are making great income on eBay so it's definitely worth considering. I've found a great video to get you started if you're interested.

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  3. Shobir

    Shobir Administrator Staff Member

    Admin Post
    You need to be passionate and obsessed about something if you want to build wealth. I've seen so many people who say they need to make money urgently or quickly only to get burnt out after the first few months. There are a handful of entrepreneurs who who make money on the side quickly however this is rare. It doesn't matter if you're in the USA or UK or anywhere in the world you can make money if you have the right mentality and attitude. If you want to work from home have you considered blogging on a personal subject with passion?

    There are millions of bloggers who make money online blogging about an area where they have expertise in. A lot of online marketers also fail because they try to blog about subjects where they have no knowledge in only writing generic posts which do not receive a high ranking. Avoid blogging about loans, credit checks, and federal student aid. These areas are highly competitive.

    First find a subject your passionate about and then create a wordpress blog. If you can I would recommend you buy the domain and pay someone to set the blog up for you professionally. A lot of successful bloggers are stuck with mediocre blogs because they had no intention of going professional.

    Once you've set up your blog you need to monetise the content with adverts. You can either go with Google Adsense, Yahoo! or Bing Ads. Once you've monetized you site it's just a matter of writing amazing content which serves a purpose. Making money by Blogging takes time and effort, if you need the money urgently then avoid this. You can make money quickly blogging however these blogs are often penalised by search engines thus losing their traffic and income. If you are interested then this video will show you how to create an amazing blog. Bloggers can earn anything between $100 per month to $100,000 per month and it all depends on how passionate and committed you are on the subject.

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  4. Tiplady

    Tiplady Newbie

    I feel your pain. I also realised a shortfall in my savings and started to look for ways to make money. This is very much a long term process, if you make statements such as I need money right now fast and free then you'll become desperate and fail.

    After reading an excellent personal finance book called The Millionaire Fast Lane I realised that the only real way to get rich and wealthy was by building a business from scratch. I had a similar mentality to your where I needed the money desperately and got into some bad deals! I eventually lost money and now have bad credit. After learning my lesson I turned my attention to creating a product which I could sell online. There was demand for the product and there was little competition. I did my homework and launched the site and worked very hard at promoting it. Eventually after 9 months it started to take off. Seriously try to build or create something and become a producer as opposed to a consumer and you'll see your wealth build up quickly. You should definitely read or listen to the Millionaire Fast Lane and visit his forum where you'll be inspired to become rich and wealthy.

    Fast Lane Forum

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  5. XenMoney

    XenMoney Newbie

    Do you have any sort of skills? If you do have skills such as accountancy, book keeping, search engine optimising, or designing you could monetise your skills on freelance sites such as eLance an ODesk. These sites are full of technical people who sell their time for money. The higher level your skills are the more people are willing to pay for your time. There are freelance workers who are commanding more than $200 per hour for their consultancy work. There are also unskilled people who are building their skills by learning about subjects which are highly paid such as Search Engine Optimisation. Check the sites out and see how you could add value and then open an account and monetize you skills. There are some really helpful videos here with legitimate and unusual ways of making money, I have also added a great video which shows the potential of some of these freelance sites if you really put your mind to it.

    Elance and ODesk

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  6. Father_Nature

    Father_Nature Newbie

    Whenever I need to make money I go to sites like Fiverr and Tenerr for extra income. I like to design logos and offer prospective clients a full service for website logos, Facebook landing pages and even Twitter logos. I also offer ongoing support and maintenance for additional graphics webmasters may need. Anyway, if you've got a skill that you can monetize for $5 or $10 per shot you should go on these sites. There are many people making over $100 per day. There are even some top notch designers who earn up to $300 per day.

    If you don't really have a skill find a service which has high demand and then learn the skill and monetize it. You wanted some videos so here are some useful ones I found.


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  7. SueStanton

    SueStanton Newbie

    Hi Raymond, it's always nice to see people take their retirement retirement, savings and emergency fund seriously. It's never to late to save money. When I needed to make money in the past I always tutored student. I have a degree in Mathematics and this has helped me get casual tutoring opportunities. You can advertise your service online on places like Gumtree or at your local community board. You can either work from home or you could travel short distances to make some fast money. This is definitely something that you can do on the side on weekends or after work. If you don't really have any expertise in a particular field you could learn a subject from scratch and then offer a tutoring service. You could create a full blown business out of this if you can offer an effective service which helps students get the results they want. The better your service the more you could charge.
  8. If you need to make money on the side then you could try participating in research study and surveys for medical research. At the moment the Harvard School of Computer Science is offering participants $20 to $50 on insite research and surveys. These research studies and survey participants take about half an hour and you receive electronic gift certificate you can use for your expenses so you end up saving money. If you are interested in research studies you should contact all the major colleges and universities and inform them that you're interested in taking part in research studies. You could definitely make $1000 to £2000 per year if you are actively involved in the studies. This is not really a fast way to to make money and you cant work from home however this is definitely worth considering if you're really committed to making money for the future.

    Research Study for Harvard Business School
  9. Ammo_Ram

    Ammo_Ram Newbie

    My brother makes a lot of money cabbing after work and at weekends. There are a lot of hours involved and he has no social life however he's paying off his debt and saving money for a down payment. Cabbing as a second job is very hard and you need to have a good knowledge of all the popular routes. If you can pick up 5 fares every day paying £20 or more you could end up making £100 per day after paying the cab office, insurance and petrol. Cabbing for money is quite risky however if you need to make money fast this is a completely legal and legitimate way of doing it. I have included some helpful resources for UK and US cabbing.

    PCO Licence for Cabs in UK

    Be A Taxi Driver in the USA
  10. LaughDontCry

    LaughDontCry Newbie

    Do you have good credit? the only reason I ask is because you could make some money through credit card stoozing. This is where you make efforts to improve your credit score and then apply for credit cards which offer interest free credit. You can find credit cards offering 24 months interest free. Once you're approved for the credit account you need to find out what the fees are. Normally these are about 1 and 3%. You then transfer the credit amount into your savings account and make money using the interest.

    I have recently stoozed a credit account and then transferred the money into a savings account and I'm making money from free money. I've found an excellent guide and video from the money saving expert which explains it much better than I have.

    Credit Card Stoozing Guide

  11. Shobir

    Shobir Administrator Staff Member

    Admin Post
    If you do some savings you need to make it work as hard as possible. At the moment interest rates are really low which means getting a return from savings is virtually non existent especially when you factor in inflation. One way that I've combated the effects of low interest and inflation is by using Peer to Peer lending to lend money to other people and get a return. I am using where I am receiving 4.8%, at 5.7% and @ 12%. Obviously my entire portfolio is not devoted to these investment vehicles however a proportion is and its earning me a lot of money. Certainly worth considering.

  12. Juan

    Juan Newbie

    Hey Reymond! Long time no see. It's sobering when you finally find out that you don't have any Savings for retirement or emergency. Thinking about the situation and having a plan is the first step so well done. When I need to make money I try to write eBooks and then sell them on Amazon Kindle. The book store is rapidly expanding and if you can choose a subject which is in demand you could make a lot of money. Publishers are making anything between $100 per month to $10,000 per month depending on how many downloads their actually getting. If you really are interested in making money by writing an eBook go to Amazon Kindle and find out the top 10 topics which sell well. Then find the top 10 titles that sell well. Try to relate one of the high impact titles to another topic and then write a quality eBook which gives the reader $1000 worth of advice and resources. You really need to go the extra mile and give quality as this will give you the reviews you need to make this a long term success. When I need a way to make money fast I write an eBook and learn tonnes in the process. I can write the book online for free and from the comfort of my own home. I've attached some resources as you've asked for it. Good Luck.

    Earn $5000 Using Amazon Kindle

  13. Simrin

    Simrin Newbie

    Hey Raymond! It's been a while - How have you been?
    When I need a way to make money fast I try to fill out as many paid surveys as I can. This might not be the quickest way to generate extra income however you could make between $50 and $100 per month if you devote your spare time to it. If you really put your mind to it there are people who make a substantial income $500+ just from filling out surveys on a full time basis. If you've got time you want to use and don't have anything better to do I would devote some time to survey filling. You should check out sites such as:



    Good Luck

  14. Mike Baggaley

    Mike Baggaley Newbie

    Hey Ray long time no see. Nice to see you're finally thinking about saving money for retirement and the occasional rainy day. I'm no expert at making money online however I do get paid for shopping online and this helps me when I need money fast and free. I use sites such as Swagbucks, Ebates and Mypoints to get rewards every time I spend. I usually spend using cash back credit cards to make even more money. You wont get filthy rich using this method but you can generate between $500 and $1000 per year if you devote some serious time to it. Here are the links if you're interested. Found a video that might be relevant:


  15. Miles

    Miles Newbie

    You can try generating some extra cash by trying out new products and services. Whenever I need to make money ASAP where everything is from home I try trials which pay. I recently opened a Betterment account and received $25. If you have several people in your household who are prepared to lend you their details then you could make anything between $1000 to $5000 a year depending on the amount of offers you take up and the number of people in your household. Here are some offers I found that could generate $100 quickly. Good Luck on your retirement and saving efforts.

    $50 for Opening Capital One 360 Account
    Free Money For Tasks at InboxDollars
    $20 for Opening NetSpend Money Account
    $25 for Free When Opening Betterment Account
    $50 for Opening Account at Serve

  16. Alistair

    Alistair Newbie

    Have you tried looking for grants and scholarships. I know a number of people who were able to lift themselves out of poverty by securing a grant to help them with a business or education. If you were to further educate yourself or start a business on the side you income would increase thereby allowing you to make more money and save more. There are a number of grants which pay for research If you are quite knowledgeable in a field you could try to contribute a paper and see if they pay for it. Anyway, here is a list of sites which are devoted to finding grants. Hope this helps.

    The Foundation Center
    BIG Online
    Foundation Search America
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  17. Father_Nature

    Father_Nature Newbie

    I forgot to mention selling body parts. Not sure if it's already listed! You could always sell your blood, plasma, eggs, and hair. You might be surprised however there is an insatiable appetite for these body parts. I can imagine plasma, eggs, and blood will have a high demand but hair?!!! Guess the balding people want it. Anyway, did some research to find the following places to give blood for money. If I need to make money fast then this is something I would really consider. I guess I could optimise my health and then donate on a weekly basis to avoid too much loss of blood. Hope it helps!

    Los Angeles Biomat USA Florence Donor Center
    1715 E. Florence Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90001
    (323) 586-0100

    Van Nuys Biomat USA Van Nuys
    14435 Sherman Way, Suite 115
    Van Nuys, CA 91405
    (818) 989-0611

    Texas BioLife Austin
    14415 Owen Tech Blvd.
    Austin, TX 78728
    (512) 251-8855

    Texas DCI Biologicals Austin
    5789 Airport Blvd
    Austin, Texas 78752
    (512) 380-9226

    Austin Biomat USA Austin Laboratory
    4401 Freidrich Lane, B1 Suite 105
    Austin, TX 78744
    (512) 441-7372

    Illinois BioLife DeKalb
    1455 County Farm Road
    DeKalb, IL 60115
    (815) 754-5777

    Chicago Interstate Blood Bank
    3324 West Lawrence Avenue
    Chicago, IL 60625

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  18. Romario

    Romario Newbie

    If you're looking for a way to generate life changing money then you should consider clinical trials. You can get paid anything between $50 to $200 per day to take part in clinical trials. If you can contribute in bigger clinical trials that last for a period of time you could be compensated anything between $1000 to $5000 just for keep a record of how your body reacts to certain medication. I know people who make a substantial income just taking part in clinical trials. If I need a way to make money fast then this is something I would consider. I have attached a link from a Government website which will help you locate clinical trials in your area.

    How to find Clinical studies
    See studies by Subject and Topic
    Learn how to make money using clinical studies

    Hope this helps
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  19. JamWithMe

    JamWithMe Newbie

    Contributing in focus groups is another way to make money. I've contributed myself and generated anything between $25 to $100 for a days work. Focus groups require using a product or service and then talking about the experience with other people or answering questions set in questionnaires. Even if you could do 5 to 10 focus group events per month you could generate anything between $100 to $400 on a monthly basis. Nearly all businesses understand the power of focus groups which is why they are willing to repeatedly ask customers for feedback as they want to perfect their product.

    At the time of replying to your message the following focus groups were available:

    1. Feedback on Video Tagging App for iPad - $15 for 15 minutes
    2. Recent Home Buyer and Seller $150 focus group
    3. $80 Mobile Game PlayTest from VGMarket

    You can see the full list on Find Focus Groups
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  20. Tiplady

    Tiplady Newbie

    Hey Raymond. I found some more resources on selling body parts. If you're in America or Canada you can sell your plasma for money. I read somewhere that you can sell it at $50 per donation so If you can donate twice a week that's $4800 per year if my maths is correct. For anyone else who finds this thread interesting I've included links to how to sell hair, eggs and plasma legitimately.

    Blood Banker – Database of clinics which pay for plasma in USA
    Give Plasma Canada – Database of clinics which pay for Plasma in Canada
    Egg Donor America – Clinics which offer $4000 to $10,000 for eggs
    Buy & Sell Hair – Sell your hair for anything between $100 to $1000

    Good Luck
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