Need to save my home from being sold on may 22

Discussion in 'Ask For Donation' started by Lucie, Apr 29, 2017.

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  1. Lucie

    Lucie Newbie

    For the past six years I have been trying to get a loan modification on our hone . It stated in 2009 when my late uncle had his bank account frozen for a hospital bill he had thought his insure ce had taken care of . Needless to say the collection agency had the court freeze his checking account . Three months down the road I wondered why no money was leaving his checking account . To make a long story short I went to,the bank and asked the branch manager . She stated she froze the account when the court ordered it. I explained to her all that he had in his account was his Social Security checks every month and. By law she coukd t freeze them. She stated it was incone and unless. He lad the $1670.00 of the hospital bill the account would remain frozen
    I ( since I had POA ) paid the money plus the $400 for unsufficent fees the bank tacked on
    It took another three months for the bank to contact there credit dept tomreleas the money. By now we were six months behind in the mortgage. I spoke to the lender explained the problem and they said I could pay them as soon as tbe funds were available. I first sent them $3500.00 which they accepted in Feb of 2010 I sent them a check for $2500.00 they returned the check stating they wanted the full amount of the loan at the time the payoff was $78,000. I tried to reason with them by phone and git nowhere and they stated they would proceed with forclosuer ( mind you before this we were excellent payers. Even at times paid double the amount)
    I went to HUD and they tried to help me Each time it looked as though we were going get some kind of answer they declined the modification stating they saw no hardship . I enlisted the help of my Congresswoma both Senators,the Govenor, Vice President, and President and still the lender refused to give a modification
    . In 2012 my uncle passed.on and Th monthly income was lowered considetably( my husband has CP and is on a fixed incone and I a. On Social Security since I had a heart attack Five years ago due to all this stress. Six months after my uncles passing the lender sent by mail foreclosuer papers in his name the man was dead and intel weeks after his death sent them the death certificate and a letter stating we were a hardship,case right now . No response. I went through a. Parade of law firms stating they coukd help and yet after $25,000 none did anything
    The lender has now gone to court and has got a sale date on this property May 22 I need help
    The lender wants $214,000 for the mortgage and another $92,000 for other costs. So it's $306,000
    I understand it is slot of money and too much for one person to give but I have been taken to the cleaners but this lender and the various lawyers .
    I have sent up a pay pal account in my email address for donations it's
    I'm trying to see if I can get the court to hold up the sale date but I still need something to show I. Trying to save the home
    Thank you in advance for your help and kindness
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