Northern california fire victim

Discussion in 'Asking Celebrities for Help' started by Derbygirl, Nov 14, 2018.

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  1. Derbygirl

    Derbygirl Newbie

    Hello and good day to all. My name is Athena Sutton . I live in butte county and was evacuated a week ago from my home due to the paradise fire. I spent 3 days prior with no power and ran out of food and water on my 2nd day. Im a single mom with young child who has some development issues ive been unable to get help for because of were i lived and no transportation. Even the welfare social worker is having issues trying to find away for over a year to help my situation out. Any close relatives all lost their homes and some are missing. I have no vehicle. Very little food now , barely any clothing to keep me and children warm . I had to leave it all behind. I learned 2 days ago that maybe next week ill get to go home and see if its still there. And if it stands im still looking at a month before power will be restored to it. Its a rental home .im not insured on anything . My well runs on power. Theres no generator or anything. My apoligies for my typing. Im using a very damaged crack screen on a tablet used by my roommates cell service. I cant even afford a taxi fair to take me to resources around town for help. Shelters are overloaded and i managed to find a place with my roommate in a tiny 1 bed motorhome thats moldy and air leak cold parked behind his bosses shop in the city were thousands of us are evacuated. I literally am seeking help for us please. Its cold and were cramped due to bad air quality. Im not sure if being in this moldy place is any better. I have 5$ left to my name. I have applied online with FEMA for help but that can take up to weeks and im really running out of options, i have no outside help like i havent for past 3 years being stuck and isolated in those hills. Please if anyone can help me id appreciate it . Thank you and God bless.
    Athena Sutton 5192 pine way. Forest Ranch ,CA 95942 v2FIRE.paradise.sunday.11.11.18_5942.jpeg

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